Qayamat (2003) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 1

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Ever since the terrorists have started using mobile phones...
We have developed a neW softWare, from the security point of vieW
It has been fed into this system
Whenever Words like murder, rape, RDX or bombs are associated...
With the names of VIPs, their number Will be flashed on this immediately
I've noticed objectionable Words being used several times since this morning...
on this number. On Whose name is the number registered?
We've checked the records of the cell-phone operator
The name and address are fakes. - Naturally
The cell-phone company Wants to sell its services...
Whether it's a tourist or a terrorist
SWitch on the location identification system
Tell me Where the cell-phone user is right noW
The caller is at the poolside of Hotel Sunshine
Keep me posted on every movement of his
Your cell-phone Was out of range, sir. - I'm at the poolside noW. Go on
That cell-phone is noW out of range, sir
He's in room number 204 of the same hotel
There's no one in the room, Mike. - Our system still shoWs...
that the cellphone is in room 204
Akram Shaikh, you Will alWays lag behind
So they kneW We've been folloWing them
I found this map of Mumbai from the bedroom
This looks like L sir. - L...? Could also be 7
What's With L or 7 that the terrorists could target in Mumbai?
7-Ways, 7-bungaloWs...?
Lamington Road, LokhandWala, Linking Road...?
Which means, one of the three Is a Woman
Mr DarĂ¡, they're here
Only We brothers have the right to search her
Many happy returns of the day, Mr DarĂ¡
You turn 60 today and there Will be a grand party this evening
But We regret, We Will not be able to attend
So We thought of personally Wishing you on your birthday
You are a father-figure to us
The Godfather in the business of arms-running
Please accept your birthday gift
You're the one Who has it, right? - Strange!
HoW Would it be With me? It's With you!
But you Were supposed to carry it! - Rubbish. It Was you...
No, no. It's not okay. - We must give you the gift