Alfredo Arredondo Entwine Honoree

Uploaded by wwccmedia on 11.10.2012

There were so many significant experiences in the Enology & Viticulture program.
I count myself as
one of the lucky few that was able to have Stan Clark
uh... and Mike Moyer too, who's not there anymore. but
they're both definitely mentors.
Stan Clark
not enough words obviously.
The biggest impactful statement that I think Stan Clark made was
you can't make good wine from
bad fruit
so when you get good fruit your job is to not screw it up.
And those words have stuck with me and and
and that its i mean it's get good fruit
don't mess it up.
This is Hector. He's my cellar master. He's
my arms and legs my eyes and ears. He is the man.
The community college helped me get to where i am
by building that base knowledge that base knowledge that has a really broad
spectrum and introduce you to so many facets of the industry
without base knowledge you're able to build up pretty quickly and move in the direction
of the type of facility that you're going to work at... so i think
to me the education at the Enology & Viticulture program was essential to be able to be
where I am now
in such a short period time.
And obvious I work in a gorgeous place, gorgeous setting
and hopefully making some some great wine in other people's opinions not only
my own.
But yeah it's a great
and i'm just looking forward to
see where the future goes.