La estrategia del caracol (1993) [Pelicula MultiSub]

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Come on! Get a move on!
Where should we go?
How should I know?
I have no idea.
We'll see.
Come on! Get that stuff out of here!
Faster! Keep moving!
Stand by to record.
Ready. Rolling.
This is a special report by José Antonio
Samper Pupo for the 7-o'clock news.
Sir. - Yes?
Can you tell us what's going on here?
What's going on? These assholes
are throwing us in the street...
Sir, let me explain.
My friend is a little too confused
to explain what's happening to us.
The situation is critical for us.
I've had experience with television
and with evictions.
Another take, with the background.
Ready. Rolling.
This is a special report by José Antonio
Samper Pupo for the 7-o'clock news.
Can you tell us what's going on here?
What's happening here, as in all evictions
that leave people grieving and homeless,
is the result of two causes.
First : the injustice ofjustice.
Second : the lack of a strategy
on the part of the tenants.
I beg your pardon?
As I said, the lack of a strategy.
Do you know who I am?
I'm the famous Gustavo Calle Isasa
who took part in the legendary eviction
of the Casa Uribe. A brilliant feat that
did not receive the recognition it deserved.
If you know the story, you'll agree.
Casa Uribe was next to an apartment house
called La Pajarera, the birdhouse.
According to the available documents
these two buildings contained
48 rooms, 2 water tanks, 6 bathrooms,
5 courtyards, 84 windows,
41 doors, 1260 meters of wood
and 14,565 French tiles.
The owner was a certain Dr. Holguin,
a guy who had never lived there.
The injustice began
one fateful morning 6 years ago, when
attorneys and incompetent lawyers
arrived outside La Pajarera,
sent by Holguin's front man:
a certain Victor Honorio Mosquera,
a shithead.
To represent the interested party
and act as attorney for the landlord,
I ask if a man by the name of
Dr. Victor Honorio Mosquera is present.
Present, Your Honor.
In accordance with this court order
we will proceed with the eviction
of the tenants of house
No. 8-34, Eighth Street.
We're not criminals.
The child !
Hello, Headquarters?
What's wrong?
I'll fix it, Lieutenant.
Hurry up, you idiot!
Headquarters? Here Falcon 10.
Notify Condor 4
that the units are insufficient,
because the tenants are resisting.
All the occupants of this building
are to vacate the premises immediately,
or they will be subject to legal consequences.
Come and get us, you sons of bitches!
Those bastards!
We'll proceed. Ready?
Reinforcements are on the way.
We can't tolerate any delay.
Where were we?
"Come and get us, you sons of bitches!"
To continue : This action is legal and
does not constitute an invasion of privacy.
The occupants must vacate
the premises.
After reading the injunction,
we will knock.
If there is no reaction,
the court orders
that there be insistent knocking.
Let him through.
If there is still no reaction,
the doors will be forced,
in keeping with articles 1 13 and 1 14
of the Civil Procedure Code.
We will call on a locksmith.
Your I.D.?
Armed citizens!
You're being exploited, too!
Don Mauro?
Dona Concepcion?
Here's something for you.
Where's the secretary?
At an eviction.
Really? Where?
I think it's
the building next to yours.
The corner of 8th and 9th Street.
What day is today? - Friday.
Oh my God!
The locksmith has been
legally appointed,
and has promised to do his job
conscientiously. He has declared
that his name is Henry Rodriguez.
Locksmith, carry out your instructions!
The lock is open. I swear it.
But not the door.
Finish the job!
Lieutenant, you take over.
Police action is indispensable
in this case.
Tenants! Charge!
Tenants of La Pajarera!
United we are strong!
We'll take this damn house!
Surround it! Even numbers in front,
odd numbers at the corners. Gas!
The window!
Tenants of La Pajarera!
Together we are strong!
To the front door, quick!
The child!
My child!
They've killed my child! Oh my God!
Run, fast!
We surrender!
If you're surrounded,
you can't defend yourself.
You know, Romero, I had a dream.
Dr. Romero,
what'll happen to us now?
It'll be our turn next.
Will we have to leave?
No, our legal position is good.
I'm preparing a petition.
What'll that get us?
Time, Senora Trinidad, we win time.
What matters now
is that we stick together.
Yes, but how? Like this?
Any way we can, Gloria.
Today they killed the son
of Dona Trina's godmother.
Do you remember him?
I told you about him,
always alone, talking to himself,
always alone.
Suddenly I noticed
I was talking to a dead child.
I never spoke to him when he was alive,
and now he's dead, I'm talking to him.
Without a home, the wake
will be held in the street.
That's the medicine for tomorrow,
but today is already tomorrow.
La Pajarera was evacuated.
If they come here,
we grab the pillows first.
Open your mouth wide, Lázaro.
I tell you it's possible.
That's not the point!
If you don't trust yourself,
then you certainly won't trust me.
You know we can't win
if we go the legal route.
Listen, I'm a lawyer.
A lawyer?
You haven't even graduated!
All I need is my dissertation,
but I was already trained
to think like a lawyer.
Excuse me, Dr. Romero,
may I ask you something?
Yes, just a moment.
Let's find another place.
They're sure to kick us out.
And why are we doing this here?
For our dignity.
Your strategy has no precedent.
That's what I like about it.
You see, Romero,
I do my job and you do yours.
If your way doesn't work, tough luck!
Have some faith in people,
notjust in the law.
All right, Jacinto,
but I believe in the law.
Dr. Romero, just a few words?
Do lawyers sign death certificates?
No, only doctors ...
medical examiners.
I've been afraid recently
that he'll die
and I won't realize it.
For several days now, I can't tell
how he is.
I look at him and
don't know if he's dead or alive.
Really? - Yes.
Paisa! - Yes, Doctor?
Come. You know about these things.
What's wrong with him? Let's see.
His pulse is weak,
but I can still feel it.
Why did you call me?
Tell him what I want,
but not here.
Has he gotten worse?
I'll explain to you ...
I'll show you exactly
where to put your ear.
Count four ribs. One,
two, three, and four.
Now put your ear
between these two ribs.
You hear it?
Yes, I hear it.
Could you give me a pencil?
There's no need.
It works like this.
Good morning, Gabriela. - Good morning.
You look calmer today.
Be nice, all right?
Hi, Lazarito, how are you?
Good morning, Chavita.
Good morning, Justo. How are things looking?
Cut it out, or there'll be trouble!
I'll help you.
Get that snake out of here
before Lucero shits in the courtyard.
I rented a room for two.
Pirula is entitled to live here.
Don't contradict me! Take it away!
It's staying!
I need my sleep! So thoughtless!
1670 and a few centavos.
It's the going price.
You're crazy, you faggot!
Crazy, yes. Faggot, no.
Wait, I have to take care of something.
Congratulations, Mosquera!
I'm not interested in La Pajarera.
It's Casa Uribe I've had offers for.
La Pajarera is a dump. But Casa Uribe
is a historical monument.
My great-great uncle, the bishop, was
born there. Mosquera, help me with this.
La Pajarera's only value is the land,
but with Casa Uribe I can make a profit.
But I got La Pajarera back for you first!
That was our deal!
Don't talk back to me. It irritates me.
You screwed up the whole business
with the Casa Uribe.
From the legal standpoint, they're 2 cases.
But they're on the same block.
Now this kid has died,
and they're all against us.
Yes, but on the other hand, with the
Pajarera crowd out of the game,
we're facing the lesser enemy.
The Uribe tenants are a peaceful lot.
Stop talking. You're an idiot.
Forewarned is forearmed.
You tipped them off
and blew the whole deal.
Who, me?
No, me.
I know I'm asking the impossible,
but I'm giving you one more chance.
The eviction will be a month from now.
You evict three days from now!
We'll have to talk to the judge.
Good. Arrange a lunch date or something.
Remember: time is money.
What is it?
I have news.
Not now.
Don Mauro. - Not now.
Shoe-shine, Sir?
You want to earn a few pesos?
No. I'll look somewhere else.
Thank you, I'll wait.
Who is Don Mauro?
What are you doing here? Beat it!
I have a message for Don Mauro.
Which one's Don Mauro? - Me.
A man said to tell you a blond
is waiting for you at the Roma.
If you're not there soon, she'll be gone.
All right. Now get lost!
Coffee, Doctor? - Yes, thanks, Yolandita.
I'm the blond.
You lousy cur,
you've tricked me again.
What else could I do?
Mosquera wants an earlier eviction.
Right now they're
setting a date.
For when?
Tomorrow they'll ask us to get out.
We could all leave,
but it wouldn't be good for you.
And you, Lázaro,
whether you believe it or not,
you're our only legal recourse.
They won't kick us out?
At least not tomorrow.
Thank you, Dr. Romero.
I know Lázaro always thinks of tomorrow.
Once the boundaries are set ...
Then what? proceed with the case, the
court will ask the following question:
Do you,
the legal representatives,
have any objections?
May it please the Court, I beg to speak.
In accordance with paragraph 8
of article 434,
I would like to point out,
with all due respect, that a person
whose papers I have here, resides on
this property, is gravely ill,
and would be in acute
danger of dying if he is evicted.
Judge Diaz, the name.
Name, I.D. number and place of birth.
Lázaro Eccehomo Mora Blanco,
I.D. no. 7435,
born in Filandia.
In Finland? A foreigner?
Quindio, Colombia.
The appeal is legitimate
and will be verified.
The owner's attorney
is familiar with this ruse.
Put that on record. The plaintiff's
counsel has accused an ill citizen of
trickery. Verify the case yourself,
Your Honor, or appoint
a qualified physician. Please.
Does he live here?
You can see for yourself.
I'll pay hospital costs if he leaves.
Does his wife agree?
No, Your Honor. We have
lived here ever since we were married.
He wants to die here in peace.
My hands are tied.
All right, Senor Romero.
Your appeal is upheld.
The eviction is postponed.
I'll put him on. One moment.
Victor Honorio Mosquera.
Put him through.
The evistion is unfortunately postponed.
They used a legal measure ...
This idiot!
It's inhuman how they're
making use of the invalid.
Incredible! - That's just the beginning.
It's a secret.
Tell him Ill have lunch with him after
the eviction. I'd rather eat with him
as a friend, not an official.
You've always been above all his friend.
Dr. Diaz, Dr. Romero is asking for news
about Casa Uribe.
Give him the information!
Pleased to see you. - The pleasure is mine.
The court order.
10 days?
But that's impossible!
It doesn't make sense!
Oh yes, you cur! The Casa Uribe is
private property. Don't forget that!
And don't forget, Mosquera, your
mother was never private property.
And if you call me a dog
once more, I'll sue you.
Shut up, damn it!
Let the doctor eat in peace.
He's earned it.
They'll never get me out of here.
I was born here,
and I'll die here.
I must tell the assembly that
Dona Trinidad is absolutely right.
She has legal rights to her apartment.
We were unable to prove her claim on the
basis of positive prescription.
Mosquera came with bribed witnesses
and phony evidence.
What is this legal claim?
The right of a tenant to claim ownership
of his apartment
after living in it for 20 years.
I've been living here more than 50 years.
And now they're claiming
it's less.
My only weapon is the law.
And here,
in this court injunction,
they give us 10 days.
Don Jacinto has a plan
that we should consider.
Plans must be defended with one's life.
Let Jacinto defend them himself.
Exactly. He's at work, then he'll come.
Jacinto, we've been waiting for you.
10 days!
This paper is a piece of shit!
All that counts is what
we do from now on.
I never knew you had hidden talents!
What's that?
What's it for?
What is that thing?
A strategy.
A veritable strategy.
Of course, it couldn't be carried
out in 10 days. Impossible.
Romero promised us an extension.
But we had no faith in Romero,
nor in the strategy.
Prisoners of our past,
our egotism and our ignorance,
we wavered
between confusion and doubt.
What do you think? - If Trina isn't
convinced, nobody will be.
Are you convinced?
I agree with the others that it's
a somewhat unorthodox solution,
because it's a bourgeois attitude
with obvious anarchistic tendencies,
more individualistic
than progressive.
I'll talk to Jacinto.
He's the only one entirely convinced.
So that he'll convince you?
So that he'll convince all of us.
But Jacinto,
how can we build all that in the house?
We only need two towers, a bridge,
and a double pulley system.
Yes, but ...
made of what material?
Wooden planks.
They'd hold up?
Lift this.
It's heavy. - Exactly.
Now lift it with this.
And that's nothing.
Don Jacinto,
the 2 ladies you were expecting are here.
what would the world be without accomplices?
1, 2, 3, 4!
What do you think of that?
Okay, but what's it all about?
Dona Trina, these are the temples
of music and the theater.
In them, art and civilization find
their most sublime form,
arousing emotions of generosity
and hope.
Victor Red.
I like my house better.
We all live in the same house.
I wanted to show you how it works.
You know what, Jacinto?
Let me consult the souls in purgatory.
Tell them it's urgent.
This is our street,
our house, next to La Pajarera.
No one has noticed
that these two deserted houses
share a single watchman.
We'll get to them on a suspension bridge.
You have to give up your
risky business for a while. We don't
want the cops coming here.
How long will this secret operation last?
We don't know yet, Dimas.
I'm with you.
And you, Justo?
Not a word to your comrades. - Hell no!
We'll use the rig
for the large pieces
that might blow our cover.
We'll deposit them here
in the courtyard of the corner house
which is empty.
All the moving will have to be done in
stages and at irregular intervals.
Diogenes wants to set up mirrors so
that we can keep an eye on the street.
We knock on his door,
he'll check the mirrors
and signal us.
It's an old rebublican tactic,
so you don't need to look around in
the street. That would look suspicious.
I like that republican tactic!
I'm tired, Papito.
Yes, Mamita, but we're making plans.
So am I.
A miracle!
We'll store all the conspicuous things
over there and take them in
a flash the last day.
A move like that in one day?
That's crazy, Jacinto.
I suggest several moves at night.
Justo, moving at night
is against the law.
We have to be careful.
The more moves, the more risks we run.
A miracle!
Dr. Romero, a miracle!
What's going on here?
Any idea?
No, none.
But if this becomes a shrine for pilgrims,
we'll all end up in hell.
That's just a humid spot.
For me it's a message,
a very clear message!
The Lord sent me his Holy Mother
in answer to my question.
God does not want me to leave here.
Dona Trina, I beg you to use
the utmost discretion.
This phenomenon and everything
about our plan must remain secret.
No one must hear about them.
But I must tell my confessor.
It will remain secret.
I don't know what to say.
All right, tell the priest.
On your knees!
On your knees, all of you!
Holy Mother of God in heaven,
send comfort to my heart.
May we pray to the Virgin?
Of course.
Was it a miracle?
The apparition.
I don't know. I'm not sure.
I'll send a sketch to the Vatican.
God knows, I'm not a believer,
but this is a miracle.
I know.
The Virgin appeared
to Holguin and Mosquera.
I'm serious! - So am I.
Just think about
why the Virgin appeared.
To annoy us, Jacinto. That's all.
No, to test our rig.
If the Virgin appeared here,
it's a sign that we're under her
protection and have her approval.
Isn't that so?
Senora Trinidad? - What is it?
We were wondering if
the Virgin didn't appear to you.
Meaning what?
Who'll get this house?
Dr. Holguin.
So she appeared to Dr. Holguin.
Certainly not!
Thank You!
Thank You, Mother of God.
Comfort to the sad of heart.
I impose two conditions:
1 . The Virgin leaves the house first.
So be it!
We agree to use Jacinto's invention
and thus commit ourselves
to serve the Holy Virgin.
I'd even commit myself
to serve the devil.
With all due respect to rank, of course.
Dona Trina's decision
inspired the indifferent,
encouraged the fearful
and decided the undecided.
And so the strategy took shape.
"Everyone must participate," said Jacinto.
He organized them into teams, brigades,
and committees, even for food.
And this movement of planks, scaffolding,
pickaxes, spades was a veritable symphony!
People rushed back and forth.
Even the pessimists forgot the darkness
in their hearts and the strategy glowed
with their enthusiasm and love.
A true strategy!
Attach it well.
Watch your hands!
We need wire.
Where would we find any? - Use nails.
How can we hold the rig
together with nails?
I'm not going to risk my life with nails!
We need more
boards. - Without money?
If we can't finance ourselves,
it's the end of our strategy!
Senora Trinidad!
Would you like some coffee, Father?
Thank you.
What's happening in the courtyard?
If you only knew!
It's a strategy.
What kind of strategy?
I can't tell you ...
I promised my friends.
You have many friends?
At work.
What do you do?
I work. What else can someone like me do?
What sort of work?
At night.
I always wanted to have a girlfriend.
Really? What for?
I don't know. To talk.
All right, let's talk.
About what? - I don't know.
About your life, your friends.
I don't have any friends
except a few neighbors.
Can I talk to you as a friend?
If you want.
I'm ashamed.
I've never "known" a woman.
Why ashamed? You're a priest, aren't you?
But I'm also a man.
I'm no angel. - But I am.
May I touch you?
I'm a big sinner.
I'm someone who forgives sins.
No, God does that.
May God forgive me.
Oh my God!
I can't love either,
just like you.
How well I understand you!
We're both so alone!
The coffee is ready.
Tell me what's going on in the courtyard.
As I said, a strategy.
Let's go see.
Father Luis is coming!
Father Luis is coming!
Hurry! Hurry!
Cover it up! Use anything!
Watch out!
Where can I find wire?
What's going on here?
Minor improvements.
A platform. - A solar dryer.
We're carrying out
the Holy Virgin's wishes.
With this scaffolding?
What are you building?
A temple?
No, Father, it's not a temple.
Open Thy servant's eyes, oh Lord!
Will someone tell me what's going on?
Father Luis
is appointed treasurer.
You do the accounting.
Look, Father.
How do I enter this?
Second prize in the Villeta bicycle race.
What can we do with it?
Melt it down, of course!
We should take it to the pawnbroker.
Bye. I'm late. - All right, you ...
Who's there?
Are you the watchman?
Who wants to know?
I'm the lawyer for the tenants
of Casa Uribe.
I have to speak to you.
You're the "dog"?
The dog Romero?
I've come to ask permission
to use your air space.
Gabriela, Jacinto said to tell you
everything is ready for a test run.
Watch out!
Holy shit! The rig works!
This is just the beginning!
Are the property deeds in order?
All in order and a good price.
Good. We'll buy it.
You're in the picture,
Hermes, we'll use the street.
Me? - Sure.
Diogenes, how does it look?
The coast is clear, Don Jacinto.
May I?
Yeah, sure. Go ahead
Here, Zorro.
Make way, I'm about to land!
How did this get here?
By air.
And where does this go?
To the courtyard next door.
The stuff lands here
and we move it over there.
Of course! Am I stupid!
All our efforts might have been futile.
But fate was kind to us.
But I must say,
if Romero hadn't figured out
how to get us an extension,
we'd have been mercilessly evicted.
My dear sir, how are you?
Here Victor Honorio Mosquera.
Yes, exactly.
Tomorrow? Very good.
So early?
Good. See you there.
Good luck. All the best.
Only the dog Romero and Don Jacinto
fully realized the risks they were
taking and that they might fail.
The others were used to Romero's successes
and continued working devotedly,
untouched by any scruples.
I was aware of the danger when I noticed
that Jacinto had no intention of
being kicked out alive.
If we don't get a raise, we'll starve.
They're almost finished.
I'm afraid so.
Dr. Romero, can't we use Lázaro again?
He could do it.
Thanks a lot, Senora Eulalia,
but we can't do it.
The deadline is tomorrow,
and we have to move the invalid out.
So it won't work with Lázaro?
Well ...
not really.
Where are those guys going?
They always lose their way.
We'll get started anyway.
Yes, can I help you?
We're proceeding with the eviction.
Is your attorney there?
Just a moment, I'll ask.
Dark storms whip up the air,
black clouds obscure the view.
Even though death is approaching ...
Are there any objections? - No sir.
Is the secretary ready? - Ready, Your Honor.
There's something fishy going on here!
Any objections to the eviction?
Ah... senhor juiz, com todo respeito,
I request a reading of the eviction
proceedings to date.
Read the court record!
"At 8:24 A.M., on November 12
of the current year ... "
Lieutenant. - The same house?
No, the one next door.
Let's begin. We've been waiting for this.
We must crush
the reactionaries.
To the barricades!
To the barricades !
"To be enacted
in Bogota on the 12th of ... "
Objection, Your Honor!
On what grounds? - Yes, Your Honor.
Against the court order. It is based on
factual, procedural and legal errors.
What are you holding?
Everything is in order.
I request a verification.
The address does not correspond to the
building to which, illegitimately,
the eviction notice refers.
I request that the verification
be entered into the record.
Enough bullshit!
Lieutenant, proceed to verify.
In fact, the address does not correspond.
Therefore, in my capacity
as attorney, I beg Your Honor
to irrevocably and completely
suspend this unjustifiable
and unfounded action,
according to the law.
Your Honor!
Officially, the building doesn't even exist.
The eviction is suspended.
It's a trick!
Wait for the statement of defense.
You'll pay for this!
I'll show
you, you mangey cur!
Calm down! - Put that on record!
He called me a dog.
I'll smash that shithead's kisser!
Thank you, Doctor.
What courage! Really great!
Like in the movies!
It was incredible!
A little money for our project. I followed
your advice and now get my pension.
That deserves a toast!
Congratulations, Romero. A big thank you.
Tonight we'll have to start with the
heavy stuff and move a lot out.
Well, Jacinto, now what?
Watch out, everyone! I'll count to 3!
If all goes well, tomorrow ...
or the next day, the Holy Virgin will be
moved first, as promised. - Day after tomorrow?
Mary is the white dove,
Mary is the white dove,
who came to America,
who came to America
to bring peace.
That's why we Colombians call her ...
They've cut the electricity.
That's outrageous!
Keep on working, my friends!
Keep on! Now more than ever!
It's unbelievable.
Believing is succeeding.
shall we pray?
When we're finished.
There's more dignity in washing away dirt
than in washing away sins.
I also like warm water.
That's not what I mean.
It's hard, changing one's life overnight.
You have to try.
And go back there?
You have to start somewhere.
It's more than I can deal with.
Always filthy fingernails
and grease all over.
Cleansing the soul is hard and takes time.
Try it.
Very nice, your town
planning, you cur.
Be so kind as to come along with us.
You feeling lonely or something?
Get moving, you shithead!
You'll learn your lesson,
Let him have it!
Hit harder! Give it to him!
Again! Harder!
How are you, Don Jacobo?
We're waiting for you, Gabriel. - Thank you.
Thanks for giving me back my job.
It's okay.
Forget it all and get back to work.
Let's hurry!
We've gotta get rid of him!
He weighs a ton!
Once and for all!
On the garbage dump!
At your service, sir. - Hi, Napo.
Quick wash?
Give it the works.
Where was it, sir?
Keep your mouth shut, Napo!
Look what I found. - And that?
Get rid of it! Throw it away!
It's a corpus delicti.
That's how to do it, Matatigres.
No one wants to be responsible.
They won't even send an ambulance.
What should I do?
I don't read you. Over.
This thing doesn't work.
Move the antenna.
What can I do? Everything's ... negative.
Terrible 10, I repeat:
I can't stay here forever!
Yes, Terrible, continue!
He's moving!
Go on, Terrible 10!
He can't hear me.
What's that?
The devil's work
or that of the Holy Virgin.
You've got guts!
I don't steal now,
until our project is over.
Yes, Senor Holguin, he deserved it.
The eviction date for Casa Uribe is set.
I gave Judge Diaz your message.
That he's an idiot? - No, no!
About the invitation to lunch.
Once this business is finally over.
Will it be over soon?
I guarantee it. - You guarantee it?
Don't worry. - I'll see.
Okay, till later then. Thank you
Very nice.
Doris, I'm not in, for anybody.
Open up! Police!
Where do you want him?
What did they do to him?
Where shall we put him?
Let's take him to Eulalia! To Eulalia!
Put this on record!
This has to be on record!
Relax, Eulalia. It's all over.
Have we left our house,
or did I dream it?
We're working on it.
Can't you hear the noise?
I thought I was dreaming that, too.
Finished, Paisa?
Can you relieve me for 5 minutes?
Who was it, Romero?
The days of the week are ...
Jacinto, is it spring?
No, autumn. In Spain it's autumn.
Is it September?
No, September's over.
The days of the week are ...
gray ...
Jacinto, help me.
What day is today?
In Spain ...
it's autumn.
Is today Saturday?
No, today's Friday.
Here and in Spain.
Who was it?
Captain Montoya?
No, the man
who beat you up.
I don't know.
I don't remember.
Sometimes it's better that way.
I dreamt we found a treasure.
We already have plans with it.
Rest now, Doctor Romero.
From sushi to microelectronics, the
Japanese are geniuses, aren't they?
All these houses, all these houses ...
All these houses, my dear Judge Diaz?
Do you know since when they've
been going downhill? - No idea.
Since April 9, 1948,
when Jorge Eliécer Gaitán
was murdered.
Don't interrupt me.
Excuse me.
Since that day,
the decent people who lived here and
wanted to move further north took advantage
of the confusion and chaos
to abandon these houses.
Those who stayed turned them
into criminal hangouts.
You want to evict them
to get your houses back?
Frankly, Diaz,
I don't know if the Casa Uribe can be
restored as an architectural work,
a national landmark or a historical
monument of our former Bogotá.
I really don't care.
What matters to me, without discussion,
is that I have every right to dispose
of my family estate as I see fit, and the
house's fate should be decided by
the rightful owner and not by these
usurpers. Do you understand?
Dr. Holguin is a real expert
in town planning.
Has the bank made an offer?
No, but if they did, I'd consider it.
After all, the banks are part of our nation.
Everything is prepared for the eviction.
No further appeal is possible.
I've informed the police
and the press.
This is delicious.
That? It's sashimi.
Fish ... raw.
Want some more? - No thanks.
Not so modest!
Bring him a fork
or we'll be here forever.
Let us pray.
Almighty God ...
I'll tell you what we need,
and you figure the amounts.
My people are reliable.
They do whatever they're told.
We'll get the money, for sure.
I'd do it free, out of love,
but you know we cart-drivers
are like condors.
Why? - We're a dying breed.
Go in peace. - Thanks be to God.
Don Jacinto, it's your turn.
Let me remind all of you
that the court has set a date
for turning over the house.
In spite of his condition,
Dr. Romero and I are trying
to get an extension.
But we can't count on it, so tomorrow
we do whatever was planned
for day after tomorrow.
But why?
I'm standing up.
I'm standing! Aren't I?
Wait, where are you going?
To turn myself in.
Wait outside.
I have to talk to the judge.
Let go.
Excuse me, Dr. Diaz. No!
What's wrong? - I don't know.
I can't remember.
Did you receive the notification?
Yes, Senor. With the eviction date.
Yes, that's why I'm here!
It's difficult for us.
No more extensions. Absolutely not.
Well, too bad.
Why too bad?
Because we wanted to vacate the house
in a peaceful and friendly manner.
And? - We haven't found
homes for everyone yet.
It's difficult. - There are rumors ...
What sort of rumors?
You know, like what happened in La Pajarera.
Too bad about the house!
What do you propose?
Until Friday.
Impossible, you dog!
We'll hand over the house, freshly painted.
And call me
On October 31 , at 8:00 A.M.
Final extension. And no tricks, Romero!
All right.
The house doesn't need to be repainted!
Why did the judge agree?
As a precaution. They're extremists.
But don't worry, this time ...
Does it work?
Does it work now? - No.
Each mirror has to reflect
a different door.
No, Doctor. Not like that.
They must be set up
at a fixed point.
Otherwise we have to
create a triangular effect.
Like a kaleidoscope? - Exactly.
And how many do we need?
I can't say
But it'll be a finite number.
Good luck, Dr. Romero.
Forgive me for not being
more helpful. But believe me,
it's not so easy
to create a mirage.
And don't any of you fuck up!
I need all 20 next week.
Is that clear?
Goodbye, custodians of the law.
At 7:00. - I'll be there.
For sure! Come.
We'll rent a couple more trucks.
As a priest, you'll get a discount.
A discount on earth, debts in heaven.
A discount is a discount. Come on.
We're ready.
Ready to go!
Today we start with the moving.
I'd like so much to know
what's going through your head right now.
I can't ask the doctor.
He's been befuddled
ever since he was beaten up.
We've come for the firecrackers.
Who are you?
Dimas, the "middleman".
This is Don Jacinto.
You brought the dough?
Come along. - Thanks.
Swedish? - Yes, and good quality.
We'll take it.
I've got something else.
That's war material, Don Jacinto.
Come, the next shift.
I haven't finished yet.
The two minutes are up.
That's it, Romero!
We have the dynamite!
That's terrorism, Jacinto!
Plotting on your own, behind our backs!
Such things must be decided collectively.
We spoke about it to Romero.
Didn't you know, Justo?
Nothing, since you lost your memory.
Do you remember what day that was?
Not exactly.
Then leave me alone, Justo!
Everyone has his own memory.
Back to work!
The next shift!
My darling,
We have to finish packing.
Our last Sunday here.
Look at that babe!
Attention: motorized transport,
grade B!
Today's already Wednesday, Romero!
Yes, I know!
And the deadline is Friday.
I just don't know
how to tell him.
We'll do it together.
Gabriel, we have to talk to you.
We should have spoken to you sooner.
It's about a risky assignment, but ...
Let me explain it.
Go ahead!
Look, Gabriel,
it's not easy to ask
you to do something that seems to you
a step backwards.
We do it with great respect,
and no matter what you decide,
we consider you
a member of the family.
The fact is, we need ...
we need Gabriela,
yes, Senor, Gabriela.
I've decided.
I'll do it.
This is yours, isn't it?
Keep it.
It probably saved my life.
Right now, you need it.
At 7:43: arrival at the court.
Then we proceed to the building site.
We arrive there at exactly 8:00.
The usual deployment:
two police units
on the east side
and two police units
on the west side,
at strategic points.
The TV van with the
reporters can drive through here.
One meter further on
the police patrol can be stationed,
as well as a truckload of reinforcements.
My car will be at the southeast corner,
just in case.
Dr. Holguin can park his car here.
And at 10:00 in the morning, the Casa Uribe
will again be yours, Dr. Holguin.
Any additional information is in
the documentation I gave you.
I'm just opening an export firm.
With the U.S.?
No, with the whole world.
If your plan succeeds
you'll be my legal consultant.
An excellent presentation.
Thank you, Sir.
Somewhat out of focus, but very good.
It's 1 1 :43 and 40 seconds.
If we begin at 7:00, zero hour will
be at 12:00. By that time we
should have cleared the premises and
secured the piece of property.
Remember that
precision and the unexpected
are decisive factors.
It seems to me best if we all
retire before midnight and get enough
rest to be awake and alert tomorrow,
which will certainly
be a difficult day.
But there is still ...
You see how fast time passes?
We have to leave soon.
...what united us and learn to love.
If anyone has the least doubt,
I'd like to hear it now.
This is a last chance
to discuss it.
We've always suffered.
But you'll never suffer again ...
never again.
I want us to start immediately!
We'll move protected by the nighttime.
We can't do that, Justo!
Let's obey the minor laws
in order to carry out our big project.
What happened?
What was that?
We can't hold
another wake in the street.
But look, Jacinto.
We'll take him along.
You hear me?
We're taking him with us.
There were no more
extensions and "D" day arrived.
D as in "day".
There were feverish, dramatic moments.
Everything was synchronized to the second.
And everyone, including myself,
had to do his part without hesitation.
The die was cast.
Ready, Zorro.
The dynamite must
lie flat so that
the shock wave goes inside.
It's time.
Yes, I'm coming.
Good luck.
What floor? - 17, please.
What's wrong, Senorita?
We never know if we're digging
a trench or a grave.
Come, my office is right here.
I'm better. - Are you sure?
Careful, Senorita.
I'll get you somethin to drink.
No, I'm all right.
But could you do me a little favor?
And ...
We'll meet there.
Will you wait a little?
Okay, fine.
How do you feel? Any better?
I keep seeing yellow stars.
Maybe a shot of liquor?
Oh sure. A bit of brandy will ...
revive you.
Would you massage my back a little?
Of course.
I'm feeling better.
What did you say your name was?
Victor Honorio?
Such a distinguished name!
Don't leave me alone!
No, I'm just getting your cognac.
We've gotjust enough time.
Looks like today's the day. - I hope so.
Have you called Mosquera? - No.
He said the tenants want a peaceful
eviction and he'll come later.
He said the same to me.
He told me to order reinforcements.
I have 50 men.
keep moving. Drive on!
Will this be delayed much longer?
Until the plaintiff arrives.
Is that a real snake?
Yes, Pirulita is a victim of the eviction.
We'll start here.
Is this for TV?
What's your line of work? - Public relations.
Do you work hard?
Do you have more brandy?
Of course, princess!
Senor Calle, what are you doing here?
Pirulita and I are waiting
to be made homeless.
Isn't it dangerous to have
that animal in an apartment house?
In this street
there are much more dangerous animals.
You see, real predators!
All right, Sir?
Have you started?
Mosquera isn't here yet.
Is that a problem?
The judge says there might be.
Where is that idiot?
Matatigres, call his office.
It's a miserable fate.
We never had an easy life.
When I left Santa Sofia del Darien, the
place was already dead. - Who killed it?
A rumor killed it!
In 1956
that city produced the best coffee
in all of Colombia. The best!
One day Marduqueo,
the hairdresser, came and announced that
the merciless peacemaker Captain
Montoya was coming.
It seems to me
I've seen you before.
Then you wouldn't have forgotten me.
The news spread like wildfire that
Montoya would order everyone
into the square and relentlessly divide
them, the liberals on one side,
conservatives on the other.
No one answers at Mosquera's office.
Fucking hell. - Yes, Senor.
Come, my dear. Come.
I feel tense, right here.
You don't want to?
Yes, but not here.
If the explosion goes off too early,
drop to the ground.
Support yourself on your knees and elbows.
Your stomach mustn't touch the ground.
Montoya just simply disappeared!
Mosquera isn't here yet. That's good.
If you love me, we'll go
together to the Paipa hot springs,
frolicking like little fish.
All right, When?
For today it's too late.
The eviction! I have to leave! Excuse me!
I really have to leave!
The conservatives thought Montoya was
a liberal, packed up and left.
The liberals thought he was
a conservative and also left.
Those were days of doubt,
profound incertitude
and terror.
Shit, I'm terribly late.
With you, time flies.
Montoya never came to Santa Sofia
del Darien, but the rumor announcing
his ominous arrival
drove the inhabitants away.
I was the last one
to leave the murdered town.
And who was the murderer? Fear.
That's why I don't like fate.
I repeat again,
I'm against terrorist tactics.
We should have had a collective
discussion and decision.
Drop it, Justo!
The house belongs to us or nobody.
It'll just take a minute.
Aren't we going to say goodbye?
Later we'll go to Paipa.
Just a kiss.
Oh shit!
I have to go.
I'll help you. You're divine.
Wipe it off well!
To make us leave here, the same story:
threats, cutting electricity
and water, blackmail, attempts
at bribery, false witnesses.
Make him shut up!
Fear, once again fear and terror!
Thank you, Senorita.
You'll hear this again sooner or later:
You live your destiny wherever you want!
I live here!
Go away!
Go away!
Oh incorruptibla glory ...
The signal.
The signal.
What's going on?
The signal. You remember it?
Ah yes, damn it! I'm coming!
My apologies, Dr. Holguin.
A crisis in the family!
Victor Honorio, I want to stay with you!
Don't leave me alone!
I'm not an imbecile!
Get this brute off me!
I feel faint again.
Come, we'll go to Paipa.
Get back in the car, you bitch!
A bit of respect!
You know very well I'm no bitch!
I'm Gabriel. - What?
Yes, Gabriel Alfonso Camacho Ortiz.
And Victor Honorio was with me.
Fuck off!
See you in Paipa!
How embarrassing ...
A fool and gay! - I swear ...
Don't get familiar!
I can explain ... - Get your hands off me!
You've just worked on your last case.
What happened, Dr. Mosquera?
Let's get started.
Is the secretary ready? - Yes.
In the city of Bogotá ...
This Gabriel is really something!
Will this take long?
No, no! We'll proceed as usual.
Hurry up!
I don't have all day.
Yes? - Is Romero there?
Wait, I'll go get him.
They're painting.
They're keeping their word. - I hope so.
Doctor, they're already waiting.
It's our turn, Archimedes. Good luck.
Damn it! At last, Romero!
We continue.
In the presence
of the attorney ... - Your Honor!
For your information:
I no longer represent anyone.
As I said,
I no longer represent anyone.
Do with this whatever
you want.
Please take note:
I nevertheless demand that the eviction
be carried out.
The eviction will proceed.
We must have a locksmith come.
Why? The door's bolted inside!
The police shall intervene!
Men! Ready for the attack!
Break down the door!
Here is your fucking house.
May we have your opinion?
Here is your fucking house.
What now?
I don't know. Ask Mosquera.
We'll draw up the document at the office.
We'll have to consult the law books.
Thus Mosquera's arrogance came to an end
and these people's epic came to a close.
Could you repeat that?
Could you explain what it was all about?
Do you know what dignity is?
Or don't you use that word
in a TV studio?
I'll tell you about what.
It was about dignity! Our dignity!
About what? What a question!
The chief of the bomb squad issued
a statement saying that the explosion
was carried out by experts, because only
the building owned by the finance company
Holguin and Smith
was destroyed.
Jacinto? - Yes, Dr. Romero?
We must put up the roof before dawn to
claim legal ownership of the property.
The law on this is very strict.
The property isn't paid for yet.
We have to begin rapidly with the roof,
but not because of the law, dog,
not because of the law,
but because we need it, dog.
For the last time:
Don't call me dog!
But you can'tjust be thinking
about laws right now.
About what then?
For months we've been working
like crazy on a project to make
all our dreams come true.
And this is just the beginning.
For Sylvia Duzán, our friend and
colleague, who will never see this film.
"Friendship meant everything to her
and her commitment seemed superhuman."
"Her laughter met a brutal end
on February 26 in Cimitarra.
She did not return home."
After this movie was made, Sylvia was
killed by paramilitaries while
working on a documentary film.