Stories from Syria leave Sheikh Al-Arifi speechless (English)

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I must evoke some images, as what is happening in my country
No human being has ever heard of.
A few days ago, I saw one of the brothers
and there were signs of contentment on his face
after he listened to news on Syria.
When I asked him the reason for this contentment,
he answered me: the number of martyrs decreased that day.
Sheikh Al-Arifi: Strange. That today fewer people were killed than yesterday..
that's all (that made him content).
Young man: Yes. Is Syrian blood cheap to this extent?
More than that...
A European minister was saying to journalists,
the number of those killed in Syria is more than 7000 killed,
among them a French journalist. So the journalists responded by asking,
"Who killed the French journalist?"
At this, the minister laughed and said to his assistant
"Didn't I tell you that they wouldn't be interested in 7000 killed Syrians?"
Sheikh Al-Arifi: Laa ilaaha il Allah.
These are "the callers to civilization". These are "the callers to humanity".
But by Allah, I do not reproach them. I reproach those about whom the Messenger of Allah
(peace be upon him) said: "The example of the believers
in their mutual love and mercy is like the example of a body.
If one limb of the body complains of pain, then the whole body
responds to it by sleeplessness and fever."
Syrians are complaining their affair to Allah everyday.
Who (of the Muslims) responded to them?
Syrians are complaining their affair to Allah everyday.
Who (of the Muslims) helped them?
We are a nation who do not cry over our martyrs.
For our martyrs are "alive with their Lord, receiving provision.
Rejoicing in what Allah has given them out of His grace,
and they rejoice for those [to be martyred] after them
who have not yet joined them - that there will be no fear over them,
nor will they grieve." --Quran 3:169-170
But what about the blood of the martyrs?
What do I say to a child who could not stand the hunger,
so he insisted to his father to bring him some bread
I say bread, and I do not say delicious varieties of foods.
At this, the father went out in the shadow of the blockade,
to fetch this precious treasure (bread).
But there is no happy ending...
because a criminal sniper shot him dead!
What do I say to his child? And he has seen his father's blood,
and the blood has mixed with the bread.
He says, "Dad! I am not hungry anymore! Please come back!"
And his father is in Heaven, God willing.
More than that...
A mother weeps over her daughter who was killed
not for anything except that she found her
in front of the window of their house.
After a few days, her husband
wanted to take his wife out of this situation.
So he decided to take her to her parent's home.
There, the wife's mother and father try to comfort her
with the loss of her daughter.
But far away it is that they would be successful.
For it was not even minutes before loud screams were heard on the roof,
and the mother knew that she lost her other daughter.
Before I came here, I asked one of the brothers in Syria,
what should I say to the people tomorrow about Syria?
He said to me, "Tell them simply: Syria is a martyr, who is aided by a martyr,
whose wounds are treated by a martyr,
who is mourned by a martyr, over whom a martyr prays,
who is buried by a martyr. This is Syria, the martyr."
But where are the billion Muslims? By Allah, I do not know.
And if - as I said - we do not cry over the martyrs
what about the prisoners?
What about those who wish for death every hour
from the intense torture in the prisons of oppression?
Even... in Syria, one of the imprisoned, who is a Christian
In the events of the 1980s (as the injustice in Syria is
not only in the modern time, as you know)
They detained him immediately after he entered Syria
And the charge? Belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood!
Only in Syria, a Christian is imprisoned for belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood.
And after 12 years, he got out of prison without any apology.
They said "this is a mistake that we do not take responsibility for."
He wrote his famous novel, Al-Qawqa'a ("the Shell")
And one of the situations in it states that
One day, a prison officer came to tell an elderly prisoner
who was detained with three of his children
that they have decided to execute three of them
and they must decide who of them will remain (they are four).
Imagine this psychological torment that they practice on the prisoners!
At this, the father rose above his wounds
And he said to the officer: "Leave my youngest son"
- who was in his 20s, he had already spent 10 years in prison.
After a few days, the appointment came to carry out the execution.
Then to the surprise of the father,
the officers dragged all three of his children to the gallows!
Yes...he is behind bars, and his children are in the gallows.
In only minutes, he heard them say "Allahu Akbar" (God is Greater!)
Then his screams were raised loud!
By Allah, I hear his screams now. They could tear the clouds of the sky!
While he laments himself, and converses intimately with his Lord!
So where are the Muslims? This is Syria...
This is the oppression that we are living under in Syria.
Go ahead..
(No words from Sheikh Al-Arifi... he goes to the next report)