Interview with Na`Vi.Edward @ Copenhagen Games

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Apr 6, 2012

Hello, everybody.
We have an interview with a real Viking,
who has arrived to his motherland, Denmark.
Denmark is your motherland, isn’t it?
No, my motherland is Urals. How could you get it wrong
In fact we have an interview with Ioann Edward,
after the first game on the tournament Copenhagen Games.
You have just won SemXorah... is that the right name of the team?
The first map was a bit of a hassle for you
Did you expect them to be in such shape or not?
Of course, imagine – this team has flown
thousands of kilometers to get to this tournament.
They came very seriously into this game and
they gave us a battle on the first map,
but were overthrown on the second map.
You arrived to Denmark yesterday.
How do you like the city overall?
Do you think it’s expensive… Did it have an impact on your wallet?
No, not much. I generally like Scandinavian countries –
cities, architecture, streets. By the way, there is the
longest pedestrian street in Europe in Copenhagen.
Yesterday we got on to a very unordinary action, outrage, I would say.
There was a football game and after the game all the fans decided
to walk along the central street and wander into different pubs and bars.
Police were following and watching them and at the same time
policemen could come up and chat with fans, joke, drink beer together…
It was completely weird for me.
Weird and at the same time very unordinary for me.
In short, I liked what I’d seen.
Nevertheless there was outrage in the street –
they were throwing firecrackers,
it seemed that some kind of terrorist act was going on…
some kind of adrenalin …it was exciting
Judging by the participants line-up it reminds kind of a world championship,
how do you like the tournament atmosphere, conditions?
you play on notebooks and mostly all the strong teams – on computers.
How do you like the game on…
Notebook is rather good; I don’t feel any discomfort at all.
Comparing to other players, do you consider this to be
a kind of world championship?
Regarding the line-up of other participants, I do.
The atmosphere, of course, falls short to be called
a kind of enchanting championship
Everything is rather simple in here,
but I like that it is quiet here, not many people,
you are concentrated on your game, nothing bothers you –
this is the most important.
What would you say about the format of the game –
to play best of 3 (Bo3) in groups and then Bo3 in double
if you come out from a high place, how do you like this rating system?
It’s unusual. This rarely happens.
Plus if you are losing in double in Bo3,
you fall into losers and play best of one there.
it means there will be a lot of games to play in this tournament.
I think we are ready to play a lot of maps.
Recently it was considered that best of 3 is a format for Na`Vi,
So it’s comfortable for you to play in this format
as you prepare certain maps…
Yes, of course, it is this way.
Ok. Who are you playing with now?
We’ll play with Danes, I just don’t know exactly with whom –
with SharkGaming or with other team, less powerful.
Ok, Ioann. Thank you for the short interview.
Thanks, see you.