Repeal Obama Nobel Prize

Uploaded by lecnpi on 19.11.2011

My name is Joe Fallisi.
I am an Italian tenor and activist for human and universal rights.
I appeal to all men and women of good will
And lovers of justice to sign the petition for Justice and Peace
Launched by Action Liberté 20
In collaboration with the Ivorian National People's Congress (CNPI)
Calling for the restitution of the Nobel Prize for peace
Given to Barack Obama and
The arrest by the International Criminal Court of Obama, Mrs Hillary Clinton, Cameron and Sarkozy.
They are war criminals
And the main responsible people for the assault against Lybian sovereignty
Against the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.
a coalition of "willing" assassins created
and propagated enormous lies by Al-Jazeera
and other Zionist embedded media and false "humanitarian" motivations.
They fell upon the jugular vein of Libya and
bombed,poisoned, destroyed and invaded an advanced
fair and independent country
a true gem among the Arab and African states
Its local agents were (are) the racist and reactionary “rebels”
Who defamed the name of Islam: torturers, murderers
and thieves which the population abhors
Without the support of their foreign masters, would (will) be swept out by the Libyan patriots.
Both Obama and Clinton, among others things,
are the instigators of the lynching and murder
of the hero-martyr Muammar Gaddafi.
And both obscenely claimed praise.
Enough is enough!
The same criminals in power who attacked the Ivory Coast and Libya
are now preparing new genocides against Syria, against Iran.
Meanwhile the terrible persecution of the Palestinian people continues with the cowardly,
complicit silence of the world. It's time to stand up, to say ENOUGH.
On October 27, 2011, I denounced my country for its participation in the ongoing war in Libya
to the criminal court of Rome.
I invite the citizens of all states involved
-USA, Great Britain, France, Qatar, -United Arab Emirates, Canada, -Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Turkey, Spain
to do the same.
Wake up from the nightmare
And come out of voluntary servitude
We are the majority
the robber leaders of the West
and the clan of usurocrats and exploiters
who are their masters only represent themselves
and the past.
Why don't they go and fight and die
Their cause is NOT ours
Long lives the Jamahiryia’s resistance!
Africa free from predators!
Long lives justice Petition address