Wegmans Grilled Pineapples and Bananas

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 11.05.2012


In the summer, I really love to grill fruit
because it brings out the natural sugars, it caramelizes them,
and makes it really sweet and delicious.
So today I'm grilling pineapple and bananas.
One of the most common questions I get
is how do you pick a ripe pineapple.
The key is the color and let me show you what that looks like.
You'll find pineapple that are green almost throughout like this
and that's okay, but they need a little bit more time to mature.
And if you want to use this in a few days, then pick this one.
But if you want to use it tonight,
then what you want to look for is one like this.
This has a green background,
but it also has this beautiful golden amber color throughout.
So this one is ready to eat.
A finishing touch for grilled fruit are these wonderful dessert sauces.
They come in lots of different varieties.
I'm using Triple Chocolate and Creamy Caramel today.
The important thing to remember with these
is that you have to preheat them in order to soften them up a little bit
to make it easier to drizzle on the fruit.
So, let's go grill.
Okay our fruit's prepped and ready to be grilled.
Before we do that, I want to add some seasoning to them
before we grill them.
So, um, we're going to combine some sugar here with some cinnamon.
So, add that to the sugar and just give that a little bit of toss.
You just want to toss that together so that it's even, so that's good.
It doesn't take very long.
And then we're gonna spread that out on a, um, on a flat, um, bowl or plate,
something so that it's evenly coated on the top of the plate.
Okay, we have the pineapple cut, again, into halves, but we left the core in.
We're just patting it dry very lightly,
and then we're going to dip that right in, um, the cinnamon sugar mixture.
And then transfer that over to our prep plate.
Do the same thing with this one and do that on the other side.
If you don't have it evenly coated, just toss it like that.
Okay, banana cut in half.
Leave the peel on the banana and why we're doing that
is just so that it helps the banana hold together while it is cooking,
otherwise it will easily fall apart on the grill
and you don't want that to happen.
Now, we're gonna coat this with a little bit of honey.
And, um, if you just take the honey, you can do this with a spoon
or do it right out of the jar like that and, um, if you want to take a little spoon
and spread that around a little bit.
If you let that sit a couple minutes, it will just naturally
just sort of spread all over the banana.
We can speed that up just a little bit.
So, take, again, the banana.
Add that to the sugar and cinnamon mixture.
And we just need to do that on one side, not both.
All right, same thing on the other one.
All right.
Okay, let's take these over to the grill.
The grill's already been cleaned and preheated on high
and then turned down to medium.
Let's take the pineapple first and set that down.
And the bananas, of course, cut side down on the--right next to them like that.
That'll be fine.
Flip that over.
Now, this is going to take about three to four minutes
for the bananas to cook and about three to four minutes
for the pineapple on each side.
So you'll have to flip the pineapple and we'll come back to that in a little bit,
but watch it carefully the whole time that it's cooking
so that it doesn't burn.
Okay, it's been about three minutes, so let's remove the bananas.
Those look perfect.
All right, to our platter.
And at the same time, let's flip the pineapple over and let that go
for another three minutes or so.
Okay, let's see how the pineapple's looking.
Well, that's nicely caramelized on both sides,
so I'm gonna take that right off onto our platter.
Oh, that looks great.
Okay and back here.
Now for the finishing touch.
Let's add some chocolate sauce, which has been warmed slightly,
to the bananas.
So we're gonna just mix that up a little bit and drizzle that
on top of the bananas.
Add as little or as much as you like.
Oh, that looks good and smells wonderful.
A little bit on the other side.
And, um, toss some--sprinkle some walnuts on top of that.
That looks good.
And on the other side for the pineapple,
gonna give that a quick stir.
And we've got some caramel sauce on that one.
There we go.
And maybe some almonds on this one.
It really doesn't matter, you can mix and match
and do whatever you like best.
This is just our recommendation,
but either way it's gonna be delicious
It makes a great end to any grilled meal.