BTS#24 - Double XP Weekend Tips

Uploaded by runescape on 26.10.2012

BTS - Double XP Weekend
Scary bonus XP hits runescape this weekend,
so Behind the Scenes went in search of Bonus XP tips from the J-mods
and spoke to Mod Mark to find out what's new this time around.
Double XP weekend starts this Saturday.
It starts at 12 o'clock British Standard Time, so that's the UK time,
the time that we use on the forums,
and will end at 12 o'clock, midday on Monday the 29th of October.
To make sure you've got yourself nice and ready for Double XP weekend,
we've got a whole bunch of suggestions and tips
from the people who make the game and also from some of our loyal fans on the forums.
Hi, Mod Steve W here with my top tips for the Bonus XP weekend.
For those people training combat and using degradable items such as Barrows Sets,
make sure to repair them well ahead of the weekend,
so you know they're good to go for the whole period.
Before Bonus XP weekend, know what you want to train.
That way you won't be wasting time gathering resources then you could be busy training.
My tip for herblore - Make sure you add your herbs to the vials before the event
and that way you'll only have to add the secondary so you'll maximise on your XP.
This time we've tried to include as many things as we possibly can,
we've managed to include things like Summoning
so all of the pouch creation that you do
training your Summoning skill, all the XP will get doubled.
My top tip for Summoning. Get Spirit Kyatt pouches now in advance.
Use these to quickly access the Piscatoris Summoning Obelisk.
This will save you much valuable time and maximise your XP gain per hour
For dungeoneering this weekend, make sure you've done all of your smaller floors
and that you've only got your larger floors left to do.
This will allow to use all your bonus XP on your large floors,
reset and go straight back to large floors again, maximising your bonus XP.
If you're not bothered by cost of profit over the weekend,
try dropping or alching your resources as you go.
That way you save time running from the bank
and you gain additional XP in skills such as magic.
Members can look forward to receiving double XP for the entirety of the weekend
and free players will receive 1.2x their normal XP,
so it's a 20% increase to the XP they get for all their standard activities.
Player tip from First Knight,
don't forget to get all of your resources from the citadel as they count as double XP.
My top tip is about farming.
Make sure that you've filled all of your tree patches and fruit tree patches well before the weekend,
so they're at the point where they're ready to check their health to get the XP.
If you do it beforehand then the first thing you can do is log in to Double XP Weekend,
check your trees and you'll get loads of XP.
If you time it right, you should be able to get two or three sets of trees before the weekend is up.
Make use of cannons,
I know they can be annoying sometimes but they certainly do speed up training.
There's a link that appears on the bottom of the screen now
If you follow that link you'll find an FAQ that answers all the questions about
what things do and don't work in the Double XP weekend.
Luke Plank on the forums suggests -
Buy the Aura you want or reclaim it before the weekend.
Remember if you reclaim it has a cool down timer so it won't work straight away.
My tip is for Slayer, you want to use the NPC contact spell
to access Slayer Masters from within the Slayer Dungeon.
This will help you increase your experience rates by cutting down your travel time.
The NPC contact spell can be got from finishing quests on the Lunar Isle.
My tip for Slayer this weekend (and it might sound obvious)
is have plenty of resources before you start.
This will save you lots of money on pouches, pots and scrolls in the Grand Exchange.
Tears of Guthix has long been a great source of XP
and is the latest area to undergo the full makeover treatment.
Check out the update first and find out why we're calling it the "SuperBowl" in next week's Behind the Scenes.