Edit Konqueror

Uploaded by LivTechnology on 17.05.2010

Welcome to LivingTech!
In this tutorial, I will show you how to use Konqueror to navigate to your Samba globals and other settings.
In the bottom left hand menu in the search box, type in “kon”, which would be Konqueror.
It is an easier way to navigate and find it.
Click on this and this will open up Konqueror.
A little bit about Konqueror; this is a file browser and internet browser;
and it allows you to see Sambas’ global settings and be able to change these settings within a browser,
which makes the user interface a lot easier to navigate through.
Once this loads you will go ahead and type in “localhost:901.”
As you can see, I have typed it in a few times.
Therefore, when I hit the drop down menu it will come up.
Click this; you will be prompted with a user
Make sure you type in root and your administrative password
This will allow you to change settings as the administrator and not just the user that is currently logged in.
This will take a few moments and once you are actually in the Samba settings user interface you will see a ton of tabs.
You will see home; you will see shares, globals, printers, wizard status, view password.
And all of these settings will be able to be changed within this Samba configuration user interface.
Now what I would like you to do is click on globals, and in your netbios name it should be filled in with
the computer name that you had originally set, or it can be predefined.
Type in a name that you want your Samba share to have for other users to see.
I typed in Living.
Then you hit the commit changes tab.
This will write this to the Samba configuration file.
Scroll down to make sure this was written correctly.
Perfect, it was; and through here you will be able to manipulate any of your settings.
Thank you for listening to LivingTech.