Testing 1...2...3.

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RESEARCHERS: Alright, bring him out
… hold him down
…let’s just get it over with.
MAN: Testing. One. WOMAN: Two. GIRL: Three.
Come here.
MAN: I want to take you on a trip.
It won’t be pretty.
GIRL: Look.
What do we see?
RESEARCHERS: Testing. Testing. Testing.
WOMAN: Animal testing.
MAN: They get hurt. Bad.
GIRL: Bad.
WOMAN: The kind of burning, GIRL: bleeding, MAN: fear producing WOMAN: cage circling MAN:
screaming, GIRL: screaming, WOMAN: screaming hurt that we shudder to even image.
MAN: All in the name of research.
GIRL: Testing. One. MAN: Two. WOMAN: Three.
WOMAN: Does a rabbit wear mascara in the wild?
GIRL: Do you hop around laying pellets in your pad? Hope not.
MAN: Animals react to drugs differently than we do. WOMAN: Because mice are not little
GIRL: Because mice are not little men.
MAN: Because they can’t tell you how much it hurts.
WOMAN: Bottom line: Their systems are different than ours.
GIRL: Remember: it hurts.
MAN: They bleed just like we do. WOMAN: They suffer just as we do. GIRL: They feel lonely
and sad just like we do. MAN: They want to live WOMAN: just like we do. MAN: Because
when it comes to pain, hunger and thirst, WOMAN: and not wanting to die… MAN: we’re
all basically the same.
WOMAN: All this, while more sophisticated, non-animal test methods exist!
MAN: Because testing on animals gives faulty results.
WOMAN: Because it was wrong when we did it to orphans, blacks, G.I.s, and gypsies.
GIRL: And it’s wrong when we do it to animals.
WOMAN: Because we can’t explain what we’re doing to them. And if we could, what would
we say?
MAN: It is unscientific.
WOMAN: Unscientific. MAN: You can’t accurately apply the results to humans. Because life
in a steel cage is no life at all.
Because after all this, WOMAN: you know GIRL: it’s just MAN: plain WOMAN: wrong.
RESEARCHERS: Testing. One. Two. Three. Testing. Testing.