Footloose (4/7) Movie CLIP - Defending Dancing (1984) HD

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I think mr. Maccormack has a right to be heard.
( cheers, applause )
( gavel pounds, crowd grows quiet )
Well, I just...
I just wanted to say a few words about this motion
So that, uh...
You wouldn't think that we were encouraging destruction...
With this idea.
"from the oldest of times,
"people danced for a number of reasons.
"they danced in prayer
"or so that their crops would be plentiful
"or so their hunt would be good.
"and they danced to stay physically fit
"and show their community spirit.
And they danced to celebrate."
And that-- that is the dancing that we're talking about.
Boy: Yeah.
Aren't we told... In...?
In psalm 149?
"praise ye the lord.
"sing unto the lord a new song.
Let them praise his name in the dance."
Man: Amen. Man 2: Amen.
( crowd chattering )
It was king david...
King david, who we read about in... In samuel.
And... And... And what did david do?
What did david do?
What did david do? ( laughter )
"david danced before the lord, with all his might.
Leaping and dancing before the lord."
Leaping... And dancing.