Spygirl (그녀를 모르면 간첩) Part 1 (Eng Subs)

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Landmines DMZ, Southern Limit Line Feb 14, 2004, 02:00 A.M.
KIM Jung-hwa
BAEKIl-sup, KIM Ae-kyung
NAM Sang-mi, CHO Dal-hwan
It's been exactly 100 days since I met Hyo-jin
What is she doing now?
At this very moment I miss her so much
Spy Girl
I met her when I was studying for college at an institute
Answer the phone
Okay, I'll ring until you answer the phone
Answer the...
What perfect timing!
Are you coming tonight?
- I told you I was - You know what?
Those without partners aren't welcomed
That's bullshit!
There's no way
I'm taking one of these girls
- Go-bong - Hey
- Let's go shoot some pool - Come on
- I'm not in the mood - Why not?
What's wrong?
Guys from high school expect me to bring a partner tonight
Your friends are bad!
- What are they thinking? - You tell me
'Those who don't know them are N. Korean spies'
What's this?
He opened up this website
Check them out!
Pick one, Go-bong
We'll hook you up
This one!
NAM Jin-ah it is!
She's not available Hyo-gook's working on her
- I'll pick another one - It's okay
What are friends for?
Let's go ask her
NAM Jin-ah... Let's go
We call the prettiest one Angel
- So Jin-ah is? - You bet!
The prettiest Angel!
Here she comes!
Oh God!
Don't you feel like kissing her?
- She's the bomb - I told you
Say hi to Go-bong
His parents are loaded
What are you doing tonight?
I'm pretty sure I'm booked
No, I'm not
That's great Do him a favor then
What favor?
There's this gathering
And my friends expect me to bring a girlfriend
So you wanna take me?
For nothing?
There's this eye shadow I've been eyeing
Okay, I'll buy it for you
Answer the phone
Okay, I'll ring until you answer...
Be patient, man
She's hot with huge jugs
We'll be right there Bye
There's a message
I'm bleeding like a pig Sorry I can't make it
Where is she?
The hottie with huge jugs!
Let me ask you
I heard he was a good student How come he failed the SAT?
Looking like a woodpecker she had to rub it in
Two years ago...
He couldn't hold his shit
Last year...
He got high on calmative and fell asleep on the test
Isn't that whack or what?
Stop teasing him
Let's make a toast to him
Come on
Bastards! I asked them to take me home
And this isn't my home!
This is great
- Do it right - Keep them up!
What a stench!
What are you, making pizza?
- Who are you? - Who the fuck are you? Bastard!
He has completely lost it
Who says you can puke here?
- I'm a drunkard walking by - Fuck
What are you, a comedian?
We're having dinner
Who the fuck are you?
Wearing a raincoat
she appeared out of nowhere and rescued me
Due to my many bruises
I skipped my classes for days
I can't believe Jin-ah completely lost it!
A new Angel has come along!
Jin-ah is history!
Hey, how are you?
We have a new Angel with a bright smile
What's going on?
Go-bong, you don't know?
Those who don't know her are N. Korean spies
Are you?
What spy?
What the heck is he saying?
Time, distance, and velocity
This formula is also used in physics
The only difference is...
The speed and distance in Physics...
She's a fox, man
Your heart might stop beating when you see her
If she's like Jin-ah I'm not interested
Let's make a bet
If yourjaw drops as you see her you're buying me beer
Am I selling poisonous burgers?
Make your orders!
The Angel is up!
I won! Yourjaw dropped!
Can I take your order?
Line up please
Can I take your order?
How nice would it be if I could buy her heart?
I'll take your order
Haven't we met before?
- Pardon? - He's working her!
- Kill him! - Kill!
Oh God!
Are you okay?
Her dark black eyes are like black holes
Hey, greenhorn!
Look, Where do you think you are on a talk show?
Arrogant bitch!
Go wash this
'She's gone'
'Oh, my sweetheart is gone'
Since the day I saw her...
I've been lovesick which no medicine can cure
Those who don't know her are N. Korean spies.
Therefore, I am a spy?
I'm James Bond... ' Come to your senses!
You should be studying, not daydreaming!
By the way...
Why do you keep peeking outside?
Look over there
- Who's been to the corner Burger King? - Me, I have
I was there today
during lunch break
and saw a really cute girl working there
I saw here too, sir!
- She's the hot new Angel - Right, she's the Angel
The other day
my hand touched hers when she gave me my change
and there was this electricity...
I took a picture of here
Let me see
- Sit down, sit... - She looks good in a picture, too
Boys, she's my ideal girl
Sir, aren't you going to teach?
The ugly ones are always obssessed with studying
Our grades aren't good because of your ugly faces
What did you say?
Go-bong I am sorry about before
I bought a digital camera on easy payments
So I could take her pictures and put them on the net
Following the incident they gave me a red card
A red card...
It was a military draft notice for me
Why'd you give me this now?
It's only 10 days away!
I need time to wrap things up
What do you have to wrap up?
Say goodbye to your friends and put away some things
The army will help you grow up
I have a crush on this girl!
This is why you couldn't make it to college!
Grow up in the military!
No way!
No way I'm enlisting now I have things to do
Like what?
You know what!
I wanna go out with Hyo-jin
I can help you with that
- Can you? - How on earth...
You pick up the tab instead
Nothing's free with him He's like a snake
But if it's for Hyo-jin money isn't the issue
I want smoked chicken
Then, a few days later...
Answer the phone
Okay, I'll ring until you answer the phone
- Anser the... - Hello?
Get your ass out now
I'm completely broke
Hyo-jin's waiting for you at a cafe
- Really? - Of course! Shake a leg
It really is her!
Then again, what made her agree to see me?
Wow, she's hot
- Come here, Go-bong - Sir!
Looking at your chick's picture on the job?
- What are you, an officer? - Sorry, sir!
I will confiscate this for you
Why can't I meet a cute girl like this?
Who's there?
Out of sheer coincidence
It's been a week since I started working here
It's physically hard but I enjoy serving people
Why am I working here?
I'm waiting for this man
But I have no idea when he will show up
There you go Enjoy it
As the manager told me
I try to smile at customers
Welcome to Burger King But there's...
But there's this weird girl here
- She took my title? - Right
I checked it on the website
and she's the Angel now
It bends!
They must've used good materials
Is that right?
Sing us the latest song
The latest song?
Go ahead before I kick your ass!
# Roll it well
# Press it well
# Just like the rice stuck # on the dried laver
What the fuck are you doing?
Rolling sushi in a hamburger store?
try to pick up boys here because you're the Angel now
What are you talking about? What Angel?
Get on my nerves again
You will be sorry you even thought about working here
This can kill you
Got it?
Watch it, bitch!
So I decided
Once I meet the guy I've been waiting for...
I'll give them a lesson
A few days later...
The unthinkable happened
There you go Enjoy it
Look! It's that spy girl!
- Really? - Yeah, that's her!
Excuse me
You're that spy girl, right?
What... A spy?
You're so pretty, Hyo-jin
I was trying to be as normal as possible
But my identity has been exposed on the Internet!
A spy...
I can't believe this
What am I gonna do?
all the memories flashed before my eyes
I'm really a spy
36-1004 Pyong Yang
20 Miles north of DMZ October 10, 2003, 01:47 A. M
Comrade, all set?
Your mission in S. Korea?
Track down Comrade KIM who embezzled the operational funds
And check on other agents
Hail the Republic!
Comrade LIM?
Comrade LIM?
Are you okay?
I'm fine
Comrade LIM
Good luck!
My flippers!
I swam across the river without flippers
It was so hard
You could never imagine
It was so hard that I almost turned myself in
to live a peaceful life
You ruined my appetite!
Frisk him
- He's fucking broke! - What, brok?
Sons of bitches!
Where did you pop out from? What the fuck is going on!
Who the fuck are you?
Grab him, grab him Hold on a second
Who is it?
'Red azalea blooms on Peony Peak.'
'Red azalea blooms on Peony Peak.'
So what?
Red azalea... '
Why do they keep sending agents here?
Why didn't you eat before you came?
Damn, there's nothing to eat
I made a fortune selling this
Can't you be nice?
Press a shape if you want another one
What's that?
A poison stinger
That's cheating
Can I use my saliva then?
That's okay
How old are you?
I'm 21
Why the hell did you get into this espionage thing?
Espionage thing?
Comrade PARK!
Watch your mouth
'Comrade PARK'? Am I your freaking friend?
What should I address you by?
By my name
Can I?
Excuse me, sir
Mu-soon no word from Comrade KIM?
I don't even know if he's alive
Oh, I forgot I left my wallet at home
- You pay for this - Me?
I don't have any shots
If you say so
What are you doing?
You told me to shoot
Who told you to shoot a gun?
You said you don't have a shot and told me to shoot
When did I tell you to make a hole in the head
I meant to pay money, okay?
Are you from another planet or something?
Put that thing away!
Let me tell you
This is pretty good
It's junk food
I sell them for a living now
- I don't want it - It won't kill you
I ate nothing butjunk food when I was your age
By the way...
How much did KIM run with?
A good 50 thousand won
I'm meeting the family tomorrow
They might know something
You have another family?
Not that family!
I meant agents, fool
Oh, okay
What a picture!
Now you bring chicks home?
Who's this?
- A spy - A spy?
Stop lying!
Why would a hottie like this be a freaking spy?
Have you gone insane?
You think she's my lover then?
Tell her who you are
'Red azalea blooms on Peony Peak.'
Shut up
I miss the old days
Tell me about it
We were better-off back then
Now we don't have any fringe benefits
All I got left over the years is...
arthritis that hurts like hell when it rains
Mu-soon, aren't we climbing?
We will Where's the fire?
The mountain will still be there
Everybody feels down
Why don't you sing for us?
I can tell you're a good singer from your fat lips
- Yeah, go ahead - Come on
# From Mt. Baekdu to Mr. Halla
# We are one country
# Divided in half
# How much we have wept
# Take care, my friend
# Goodbye, my friend
# Voices carrying tears
# We will meet again
You saw him?
He had a black suit on carrying a briefcase
I didn't recognize him at first
But it was KIM, all right
I think he's gone sour
So I decided to stake out a building
where he often visited
I had waited for hours
Right then...!
Welcome to Burger King!
We're very well organized
Don't try to find out who my boss is
We just do our thing
Are you okay?
Please leave me alone
A communicator?
I need to make a report
I'm positive KIM has sold himself out
I need a communicator now
Where'd I put it?
I haven't used it for so long
Spies don't use that anymore
Right, there's the E-mail That would be easier
Spies don't use that
Let me see where did I put it
Oh, I might have sold it
How could you do that?
Have you forgotten your duty to reunify the nation?
You're green and completely clueless
It's not something you can achieve in a day
Take one step at a time
And reunification will come eventually
We're to build the road to reunification!
What are we, bulldozers?
Get inside and clean!
Answer the damn phone!
Who's this?
This is me
That was corny!
Put dad on the phone
Your daddy? What's his name?
I'm out of damn coins!
It's PARK Mu-soon, bitch!
Oh, you must be Hyo-jin
What the... How do you know my name?
Your dad told me about you
He's not home now
Only daughter is on the run from loan sharks
And he's hired a maid?
Thatjunk food business is going well, I see
Tell him I called, okay?
If you don't I'll kick your ass later!
If she called
why didn't you persuade her to come home?
She said what she had to say and hung up on me
She's such a headache!
Forget KIM
Kill those loan sharks instead
Yeah, kill them all!
Tell her to quit if she's going to work like that
Your usual?
Schoolgirl, why do you always order the biggest and the cheapest?
I'm not a schoolgirl
Then, a jobless?
This could be your lucky day
Why don't you work here?
How about $2.51 an hour?
That's great
Catch KIM and make money at the same time. Two birds!
What if it reveals my cover?
So naive!
Who would imagine you're a N. Korean spy?
That's true. I don't have ID, though
Didn't they make one for you?
They told me yu would
What am I a public servant?
Whether North or South, public officials are all same!
Your father is PARK Mu-soon and mother is OH Mi-ja
The part timers working here are called the Crew
I'm in charge of the crew all the part timers
I'm also the Angel
What are you doing?
When they want it to go
charge them 10 more cents
If they bring back cups reimburse them 10 cents
Got it?
Too many things at a te it's kind of confusing
If you're too stupid, quit now
Keep waiting for the man
How'd you know that?
You can't fool me
I know you got a job here so you can meet him
Does she know about me?
Who could it be?
You'd better find out who did this, otherwise...
We'll be called back home
and sent to the mines There goes our life
Who runs this website?
What are you doing?
Maybe we could find out who this person is
An answer maybe to my question
Thanks to your fans, sales have skyrocketed
If you welcome customers with a s bright mile
you will also have fans like Hyo-jin
Always keep that in mind.
Let's give her a big hand!
Anything to say?
It's thanks to you all
What do you take me for?
Sorry. I gotta go
'Bad money drives out the bad! '
I'm the Angel here
If you mess with me again
you'll lose all your hair
Got that?
We'll be watching you
I catch KIM, she's dead
Yeah, beat the crab out of her
Punch her in the chest and make her tits lopsided
That slut deserves it!
RE: We run the website~
Chungsol Institute?
Did you?
You put the pictures on the net?
- What pictures? - My pictures!
You put them on the net?
Should I tell her?
No way
Delete my pictures
Can't do that
Words didn't work with them
So I changed my strategy
On one condition
What's that?
Our friend has a crush on you
You be his comfort woman
A comfort woman?
Nonsense! I'm a well trained...
I'll report you to the police
To the police?
My old man is a sheriff
Go ahead Should I go with you?
A sheriff?
We can delete pictures that we uploaded
But not the ones put up by others
Unless we close the site
What do you say? Will you take our offer?
No way!
That means...
Not in a million years!
- Let's go, my friend - Alright
Miss. PARK Hyo-jin?
Turn your head a little bit
Like this?
Give yourself a bigger smile
A reporter? Do something about it
You're putting all of us at risk!
Those stupid bastards!
Why are they messing with a damn spy?
It hurts!
I'll meet him
Shut down the site first
I will, after you meet him
You put up my pictures?
Can you please tell them to close down the site?
I can delete the pictures
But I can't tell them to shut it down
You're studying for college
Not any more
What do you do now?
In fact...
I just had a crush on you
And I knew it was a mean thing to do
But they told me it'd work
God, he looks goofy
What's your name?
Funny name, isn't it?
My father loves climbing
You know Mt. Everest is 8,848 meters high
In English, my name means 'the highest peak.'
He named me after that
My father, after he saw me grab a pencil on my first birthday
He had high expectations for me
He was so disappointed when I failed the SAT
This is weird
I'm usually very shy with girls
But now with you
Let me ask you
How do you know so much about me?
Oh, Jin-ah told me
NAM Jin-ah...
I'll be back
This is punishment for exposing my identity
I'm so scared, Hyo-jin
You'll be sorry
How dare you challenge me!
Let me warn you
You're no match for me
There should be only one Angel
And that has to be me
The loser leaves, okay?
It'll be good exercise
What should I do with you?
I'll keep my end of the bargain.
I will leave Don't stop me!
You're not going anywhere
There should be one Angel
Two can't coexist!
It's impossible!
You know what?
I might quit soon
- Really? - Yeah
As long as I meet the guy I've been looking for
Let's be friends while we work together
Let me use your phone
Answer the phone
Okay, I'll ring until you answer the phone
I thought you told me to wait
So I can see you tomorrow?
Have a nice trip back home
Let us think about it
Thanks Give us a call
Why don't you defect?
In this country...
You can live on easy street as an actress
Shut up!
Forget about KIM You're going back
But I have to catch him
You might get busted before that!
Hyo-jin! You made the paper!
Those who don't know here are N. Korean spies!
Those who don't know her are N. Korean spies!
They read the paper too
A submarine is coming to take you home
How are you?
Hey, Hyo-jin
I saw the paper You look absolutely gorgeous
I'll have it laminated
Hyo-jin, you'll be better after the movie
I heard it was hilarious
It's a comedy