СтопХам,14-Девочки, драка, Петровка...

Uploaded by StopXAM on Nov 27, 2011

*Writing on the poster* “I don’t care about everyone and park wherever I want”
-Get out of her, for good…
-What does it mean “park somewhere else”, get out of here, you get me?
-Get off the car, for fuck sake.
-No fucking way.
-You are standing on the pedestrian passage. -So what?! Cad?
-Yeah, I’m a cad!
-Do you know that you’ve parked wrongly? -Could you replace your car?
- We will put you the sticker, then…
*Random guy*: Get out of the second row.
-Or you’ll get the sticker.
-Whatup, Vasya?!
-But you are wrong standing in the second row. -Yes, I am wrong. -So move aside.
-When you touch the car again, know that I will break your arms -Ok
-Take it off, what are you doing?! -Remove the car.
-If you don’t replace your car right now, I will put on the sticker.
-I will put it on you afterwards.
-I am replacing the car.
-Replace your car, please.
-Because of people like you, all the cars are going in just one row instead of two available.
Subtitles made by Nikita Fisunov