СтопХам,9-Разборки на Петровке/ Nightmare on Petrovka str.

Uploaded by StopXAM on Oct 24, 2011

like a conveyor belt
Hello, we are to you. Do not do it
Please park in another location
Why did you shoot at the camera?
What do you want?
It was allowed to park me Who gave you permission? security guard
here is sidewalk , I have to go on the road?
she stands on the sidewalk, it is obstacle for people
I do, what i want
you're going to beat someone?
Yes, I'm going .... Take off your camera
Park your car in a different place I won`t
Then I stick you sticker
hands off
Idiot! You don`t understand?
Of course annoying, such a situation, when people are parked .... and .... in several rows and thus create problems for the movement in Moscow I like going to the center not to drop
May be there ....
If you do not leave I'll have to stick the sticker on the glass you
not difficult to leave, there is more space