Recipe - Green Mango Juice Recipe With English Subtitles

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Green Mango Juice
Ingredients required to make Green Mango Juice
Green Mangoes, Sugar, Cumin Seeds, Cardamom, Salt & Ginger
First, peel the mango
Slice the mango into small pieces
Take a pan and pour some water
Place the mango slices in a steel pan and put the whole thing in the boiling water
Add a few mint leaves to the mango slices
Once cooked, keep the mango aside
Take another pan and add 4 cups of sugar into it
Pour some water into it to make syrup
Boil the sugar water till the sugar dissolves completely
Now, grind the mango slices after adding some cumin seeds and cardamom
Also, add some chopped ginger and a little salt
Add the ground mango paste into the sugar syrup
Use this as a juice concentrate
Now, strain the juice
Pour a little concentrated juice in a glass and add cold water