Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandfather : Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandfathers: Cigars

Uploaded by expertvillage on 04.04.2008

Hi, this is Ashley with Expert Village. I'll be discussing different gifts for your grandfather.
After a long day your grandfather likes to go and sit in his chair read the newspaper.
Well there is really one thing missing, his cigar. So a great gift would be a cigar box
full of cigars of course it would be good if he likes to smoke cigars make sure he does
before you buy them. If he doesn't you can still buy him anyways just because it would
be a very cute gift for him. Or if he just likes to collect them maybe he doesn't smoke
them or if he wants to hide his Cuban cigars then he got illegally. Then you can get him
his cigar box to put them inside and also if he needs to keep them in a safe place out
of moist areas. So maybe he has all his cigars he just doesn't have his place to put them
in so a cigar box would be a great gift for your grandfather.