The Charming Mr. Lee - Ep: 11

Uploaded by LizzieBennet on 14.05.2012

Lizzie: If one good thing came out of dinner at Bing’s the other day -- and I’m not convinced that anything did --
it’s that I can say with authority that Bing is definitely into my sister.
And not in a creepy stalker way, either.
I know, I kind of pre-judged the guy, right?
But I have to admit, he is a nice, sensitive guy.
My name is Lizzie Bennet and Bing Lee just charmed the pants off everybody. Not literally.
That Bing? Man, one cool customer. Even my mother trying to invite herself in didn’t phase him.
Oh, Mr. Lee, you remember us from the wedding. We were so delighted to receive your invitation.
She does that all the time, barges in like she’s invited. Mostly, people feel so awkward about telling her "no" that they just let her.
She did that at the White House during my Model UN field trip.
We had Diet Coke with the Bush twins.
Actually, kind of amazing.
Though scary, from a national security standpoint.
And I’m still not sure why my Model UN class was on a field trip to Washington DC in the first place.
Anyway, where the Secret Service faltered, Bing Lee didn’t miss a beat.
Oh, it is so nice of you and Lydia to come drop off Jane and Lizzie.
And then, I’m not sure how he did it, but suddenly Mom was out the door, having invited Bing and Caroline,
oh, and Darcy, ugh,
over to visit our house, which meant she couldn’t stay around his house because she had to go home and have a good panic.
It was amazing.
Lydia: Amazing for you, maybe. We had to stop for Xanax on the way home.
Lizzie: And how much of that Xanax ended up in your purse?
Lydia: Gotta go!
Lizzie: Dinner was fine, I guess. Bing had a bunch of people over, like Charlotte.
But the whole time, he was talking to Jane every chance he got.
Jane, as usual, played it cool, though, which is great.
There is nothing more pathetic than a girl who throws herself at a guy the minute he starts to show the tiniest bit of interest.
Charlotte: (cough cough)
Lizzie: Something to share with the class, Charlotte?
Charlotte: I just think that Jane might have been playing it a little too cool.
Lizzie: You don’t think she’s into him?
Charlotte: Oh, no. I think it’s obvious she really likes him. I just think we’re the only two people who can tell.
See, this is what Jane says when she sees someone she really likes...
Oh, hi! It’s so good to see you!
Her mortal enemy...
Oh, hi! It’s so good to see you!
And the mailman...
Oh, hi! It’s so good to see you!
And we, as life-long scholars of the many moods of Jane Bennet, can tell the difference. I’m not sure Bing can.
Lizzie: Well, he’s a smart guy. He’ll figure it out.
Charlotte: I’m sure he could, if he put his mind to it. The question is, will he put in the effort if he’s not getting any encouragement?
Lizzie: Well, if he’s not going to put in the effort, he’s not worth her time.
Speaking of things that aren’t worth anyone’s time, can we go back to talking about Darcy?
Cuz I feel like I’m getting some traction.
Charlotte: Save it for next time. Too many subjects in one video and it feels unfocused.