Romney & Obama vs Captain Americas 5.0 Election 2012 Debate

Uploaded by BlackAnimationNet on 21.10.2012

My people don't dispair.
Our time is growing near.
Shortly after the 2nd Presidential Debate...
An anonymous group of patriots conducted an historic political intervention:
Style vs Substance.
This event would change the 2012 election...FOREVER.
(Captain American) This is getting serious. (Romney) You'll have your chance in a moment I'm still speaking.
I'm warning you. I'm a letal killing machine. It was a secret government experiment that turned me into a dangerous tele-kinetic.
No I'm just a nervous actor, the deal is there's no where to run. We have to go back to work.
True that it is time to get back to work.
(Romney Laughs) I like African Americans and Blacks. Who let the dog out! (Crowd Boos)
Hummm..You just don't get it do you?
I don't care what you like. What my brother is trying to tell you Governor Used Car Salesman... that you're no Captain American and neither are we.
We're wearing the suits for STYLE Points. Just hoping to get some substance out of you.
If you don't respond well to it you can take some time off. Reset.
We're what you might call the 100 and 47% depending which day you wake-up on.
STYLE vs SUBSTANCE POINT #1: Bring the candidate back to reality.
I don't get it. No cables back there. No snaps, no buttons, flash drive...NO NOTHING!
I don't know what's up with this dude.
President Obama: In fact I agree with Mitt Romney.
(Singing) I'm so in love with you...
You're not helping. With all due respect sir, please have a seat.
STYLE vs SUBSTANCE POINT #2:Challenge any lingering false perception that they may have..
(Mitt Romney jokes) If had born of Mexican parents I'd have a better shot of winning this thing.
Unfornately for you Mitt you were cursed.
But the truth is: The reasons why latinos aren't voting for you is because you're policies SUCK.
Being latino wouldn't win you the election, but saying it jokingly...
STYLE vs SUBSTANCE POINT #3:Maintain your objectivity and find-out the facts.
Hey Brother this isn't working. Would you watch the kids for a minute?.
I have to findout what's going on. What did you see?