The Supernatural | THE RABBIT HOLE with Deepak Chopra

Uploaded by TheChopraWell on 08.11.2012

Do you believe in the supernatural?
In order to answer this question we have to first understand what is the natural. How
do we experience anything subjective at all?
Even though we know we exist in our bodies, when we look inside the body, we donÕt find
an inner self Ð the so-called soul. So who is the ÔmeÕ who knows that it knows that
it knows? How can we even begin to ask the question regarding so-called out of body experiences
when actually we have no idea how we even have an in-body experience? There seems to
be no one there. The mystery is somewhat solved once we realize that we are not in the body,
but that the body is in us.
The world we experience Ð all of it, the universe, the mind, the body Ð arise and
subside in our inner most being. That inner most being experiences itself as an observer
in space and also in time.
Since the non-local is a domain where all is instantly connected and correlated, including
past, present, and future, but also a domain where all locations in space are also instantly
correlated, this is the realm of the so-called paranormal Ð instant communication or telepathy,
extra sensory perception, clairvoyance, clairaudience, perceptual experience of the past, prophecy,
visitation by ghosts, angels, divine entities, diabolical beings. If we realize that both
the normal and the so-called supernormal are projections of our own consciousness, they
become equally explicable or perhaps equally inexplicable. Imagine a beautiful red sunset
atop a mountain. You know, there is no picture of a sunset in your brain, but you experience
the image. And when you look out of your window and see New York City, only chemicals are
generated inside of your brain. You donÕt experience photons, electricity or chemicals
Ð you create that experience.
So too you create the world, and all its possible forms exist in consciousness in the most fundamental
ground of your being.
That is who you really are. If you find yourself, you wonÕt make a distinction between the
normal and the paranormal, because all that exists is conceived, constructed, created,
governed, and comes into manifestation in your own being.