Computer Aided Product Design with Justin

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>> Hello. My name is Justin Weaver.
I'm from Hanover, PA.
And my major is Computer-Aided Product and Design.
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>> Well it's definitely more interesting than what it sounds.
What we do is we are at the beginning stages
of the manufacturing process, creating something from scratch,
coming up with the ideas, the concepts.
How is this part going to work?
How is this going to fit in with parts already being used?
It's very much a, of a product design major.
The part I'm actually doing,
I'm actually making a part now in Inventor.
Inventor is an online 3D modeling program
that you can create parts or objects in a 3D format.
And you can manipulate it, turn it around all different degrees
and pretty much create any parts within the computer.
The majority of my major it does focus
on mechanical drafting and engineering.
So you kind of make us well rounded,
we do get some experience in civil drafting
and also electronics drafting.
I do spend a lot of time in front
of the computer screen manipulating
and designing in a virtual world.
It's a lot of problem solving,
and sometimes the problems are hard.
Those days can be kind of challenging for me to work
through it and to figure out the right path and the right things
that I need to do to make this part work.
Yeah, there is lecture time.
And there's times where we have to really be digging into notes
and those sorts of things.
But they really do, when we get to the lab,
we get to have some fun while doing it.
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>> Lab time is when we get to work on our assignments,
and they're very worldly assignments.
Definitely things that you can see out in industry, from,
you know, doing different drawings,
from actually designing something from scratch.
Whatever the assignment might be,
it's very much what we would probably end
up doing out in the industry.
I found Penn College through my tech courses back
in high school.
People from Penn College came and visited us.
And one of the biggest things
that struck my interest was the fact that the entire philosophy
of the school was hands-on learning.
It was something different you don't hear
from a lot of colleges nowadays.
Then I came for an open house.
I was really enjoying how modern the campus is.
It's not like many colleges around.
It was very modern, very,
everything's top of the line stuff.
And they're always in there upgrading,
that's the coolest part.
And it's small class sizes, so I actually can get
to interact with my professors.
It's not like I'm in a class with 300 other people.
It's much more of a personal way of learning.
It's much more personal.
That's what this drill bushing, you can order it in.
You can order it today.
You can use from 1/2 inch to 21/32s in this hole.
My favorite class so far has to be production
and design last semester with Dave Probst.
We learned a lot about how a part moves through
the manufacturing process from concept the whole way
up to production, to assembly, to testing, to application,
and their final project was kind of an unofficial contest.
There was four groups
with different trebuchets and catapults.
A catapult uses a force that's high up
and you're pulling it down.
And from the force, launch it that way.
And a trebuchet takes your weight up in the air
and drops a weight to toss your objects.
So you got to shoot a projectile
out across the field and, and test our concept.
From scratch we got to work out all the parts of it,
work out all the physics behind it, how something's going,
how this thing's going to work, to designing it,
to passing our designs off to machinists and what not,
for them to create it, which tests our drawings to make sure
that they're going to work.
And our final project was to see
who can make the furthest distance while keeping
within our constraints that we set at the very beginning.
And I don't mean to boast, but our, my group did win that.
So. Through career services and my professors,
they're so many opportunities that actually come
through the school of different companies looking for people.
And I know with the skills that I'm learning,
and what I'm doing here, I'm definitely gonna walk away
with an awesome job someday.
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