Zombie Survival 101

Uploaded by foredaddy on 28.01.2010

Hello, folks.
My name is Dr. Lucious Killjoy. I’ve spent my entire life and most of my family
fortune to create this informative piece of work.
I’m here to tell you all about the real ultimate danger to mankind.
Zombie infestation of the entire planet.
many people out there in a few of the stress ltd point fancy hollywood films
they're sadly mistaken
the undergoing a major threat to mankind for thousands of years
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zombie infestation of the entire planet
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before they follow these simple instructions not to kill a debate zombie
they probably would still be alive today
number one
remove the zombies head and the zombies dot
do it as quietly as possible
use common sense
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what can remove a siamese had fast
that's using your nineteen ten
number two
if you can't do it quite late
do it loudly
plus you've got it to him
feel free to try father non conventional techniques as well
and members free
when the sunday loses the head get out of there or your dead
noise attracts more zombies
the results
the basic knowledge you need to survive the zombie throughout
if you follow these instructions and remember what happens to those who are
will be ready to fight the good fight together against
saudi investigation of the entire planet