The School of Rock (9/10) Movie CLIP - Learning in Song (2003) HD

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Uh-oh, you know what?
Miss lemmons must be on crack, right, kids?
Kids: Mm-hmm.
Well... Well... What's that?
Oh, that. Yeah.
Hmm... We were singing.
We were singing and we were learning.
We were learning
In sing-song.
Huh... One of your methods?
Mmm-hmm. Yeah.
I find that it's really helpful
When you're teaching the subjects
That are the boring subjects...
Well, you don't mind if I just sit in
On your class this afternoon, do you?
No. No.
Come on back this afternoon.
It is the afternoon. I meant now.
So, please, just continue with your method.
( strums guitar )
Math is a wonderful thing ♪
Math is a really cool thing ♪
So get off your ath, let's do some math ♪
Math, math, math, math, math ♪
Three minus four is... ♪
Negative one.
That's right.
And six times a billion is... ♪
Six billion?
Nailed it.
And 54 is 45 more then... What is the answer, marta? ♪
No, it's eight. ♪
No, it's nine. ♪
Yes, I was testing you ♪
It's nine. ♪
And that's a magic number. ♪