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jbjb{x{x Welcome to What the Flick everybody. It s Justin Beiber time. Ben Mankiewicz here,
Christy Lemire with the associated press, and Matt Atchity from Rotten Tomatoes, and
like I said: Hoo-hah. re really excited about this, and I m not even being ironic when I
say that, we re really excited about this. Haven t had as much fun at the screening since
Snakes on a Plane? Actually, Snakes on a Plane, not bad. Had a lot of fun at Snakes on a Plane.
So was Justin Beiber. Hello. It s my birthday. And this is how I drum. There s this kid named
Justin Beiber, and he sings. He s from a small town in Canada, and he had a dream We saw
it together. We saw the screening with a bunch of girls between, what? Ten? Twelve? They
were contest winners. There were four seats marked as reserved for Paramount Pictures.
We walk in, we get mobbed Oh my God, do you know Justin Beiber? I need his phone number!
Give me his phone number! They were very cute by the way, and Ben handled it very well.
I love talking to kids, and I m good at it actually. That s me there with twelve-year-olds.
That s Sara there in the front, with her red hair parted in the middle. And she actually
pointed out unless it s an action movie, 3D is worthless. She essentially said it was
a gimmick. Right. She said it was okay because she demanded we all give the movie five stars
to which, you said five out of ten? To which they screamed, Nooo! But Sara said, Well,
you can give it four out of five, because it doesn t need to be in 3D. But we can say
though, and we should mention the director John M. Chu who directed Step Up 3D, which
was not a horrible use of 3D. And it s Justin Beiber reaching out to touch you while he
s singing a song to you. And the 3D was only relevant for the concert footage. Yeah, and
I thought it was okay in the concert footage. Unnecessary, sure, but it didn t bother me
that much the way it bothers me in other films. So I thought that was okay. The Jonas Brothers
movie was unwatchable. I don t remember what I gave it back when I was doing At the Movies
but whatever I gave it was too good. It was horrible. It s an F minus. I think the Jonas
movie and the Miley movie were both infomercials like this was as well. This is too, though.
I don there s something different about this movie. I think it s better. It s on a different
level. Those are failures, no one should watch those movies this was better. This movie doesn
t blow. There s some storytelling in this. And the people who surround Justin Beiber
in his life his mother, his grandparents, his father who s in it a little I don t know,
you learn something about his life. Those other movies, you don t learn a lot about
the people in their lives. But you don t learn a lot about Justin Beiber himself. You see
him perform. You see how gifted he is from a very young age, but we don t know who he
is. What his fears are. What does he think about these mobs of girls. Right, but in this
movie s defense it s a concert movie. It s not a documentary about Justin Beiber. You
don t think it s both? I think it s a concert movie that goes into some of the background
about his life. It s like the extra 30 or 40 minutes of Teen Beat magazine. This movie
is definitely made to appeal to certain demographic. The Justin Beiber fans. The early teen and
pre-teen girls, but this movie is actually better than anyone expected given that it
was made for that audience. It could have been just an hour and a half of him performing
at the concert, but it wasn t that. It was more than that. But even from the Manager
Scooter Braun and some of the guys he hangs out with, the security guys I agree, we didn
t hear much about his fears. Right. Snakes, spiders, beestings, the dark Girls, Nazis,
right. But we did hear some about the people around him, and that told us about him. A
little. s hugely likable. He works his ass off. I mean, you see he s been very gifted
since age two and he s very likeable. It s hard to attack him or say you don t like him.
That they could fool us on, because you see from this movie they re trying to make him
seem likeable. But because we got to learn about the people around him, I think he might
actually be liekable. I think the movie does what it s trying to do in appealing to the
fans, and for those who aren t fans it well, I came away from the movie not even with a
grudging respect. I ve got a real respect for his musical abilities. There were no boys
at this concert. There were no guys at all. It s 100% to nothing, except for dads. Really
nice dads who took their kids. There are no thirteen year old boys. None. It s remarkable.
When Miley Cyrus came out to sing a song, the girls in the audience booed. It was great!
If you decide to see this movie, and I m sure there s a lot of people in our audience who
aren t going to see it, but if you see it bring ear plugs because the girls will scream
the whole time. Shriek the whole time. Shockingly, we didn t hate this movie. Matt, what would
you give it? ll have to admit I have a touch of Beaver Fever, it really impressed me. I
ll give it a 7. I, too, am a belieber. I give it a 7, too. Did you read that somewhere?
No, it s a real world: belieber. Good stuff. I give it a 6 1/2. Hater! Contain yourselves.
You trying to be so cool. Tear down the wall. Totally. Yeah, so that pulls the overall grade,
did I say that already? Six point eight. So, we have a recommendation for Never Say Never.
So we also want to ask this question because we want audience participation. Who s cuter?
Justin Beiber? He s adorable, c mon, girls love him. Or Rookie Mankiewicz? That s the
question. I don t think it s close, man, They re both really soft and innocent and cuddly.
Totally. One of them has a beautiful singing voice, but the other one There other one has
this hair flip that is Totally. The other one will scoot around on the carpet and doesn
t say shit. You can vote on our website. I recommend it highly. The vote is already one
to nothing, Rookie, I m just saying So, a recommendation for Never Say Never. Shocking.
Totally. Welcome to What the Flick everybody Elijah Trichon Normal Elijah Trichon Microsoft
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