Crank Call

Uploaded by TheTNPFBI on 27.02.2011

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Hello uh again this is for *censored*
This is Richard down at Interactive Life Forms
I'm calling to confirm your order with a confirmation number
of one Eva Angelina mouth shaped male masturbator - 79.95
One 32 ounce bottle of astro glide personal lubricant
*phone picks up*
Hey, you got the wrong number, dickweed
is this *censored*
who are you, who are you?
I am richard jenkins from Interactive Life Forms
we're also known as, we've had an order placed with us
what do you sell?
is this *censored*
no, what do you sell?
well I can only discuss that with the person on the credit card
That's me, yes I'm *censored*
ok, I have an order for one Eva Angelina mouth shaped male masturbator
I never ordered anything like that someone's stolen my identity
So cancel the order, effective immediately, this is an order from *censored*
Sir it's in care of a *censored*
Silence (it's his son's name)
Do you know a *censored*
Cancel the order, buddy
Well, unfortunately the order has already gone through
I'm calling with the confirmation of order
Well I'm not paying one dime-one bit for it
Well it's already been ordered, if you didn't order it
Maybe you should speak with this *censored*
Um you know I'll talk to him
But you need to cancel it, I won't pay one penny
And when it arrives in the mail I can keep it euh guh-you can't do squat about it
Sir I should advice you that this call is being recorded for quality training purposes
Oh that's ok, I get it, you were harassing us last night
With the recorder did you get that?, the gentlemen called twice last night
And called us twice today
That actually wasn't myself, I'm in a management position
Sir, understand I'm just doing my job
The order is cancelled, cancel the order, ok I don't care what it does
If it comes here, I will throw it in the trash
Alright Well sir here's the problem with that
We've-alrighty got, I'm trying to explain that to you sir
I ask you, please calm down
Why don't you take me to court and try to get money from me?
I'm sorry sir
I realize there's obviously been a mix up and I'm trying to work that out with you
I'm telling you, just cancel the order
I'm trying to explain how this works to you sir
-These are sensually related products, correct?
What's that?
These are sensually related products, correct?
Uh, Yes sir
Ok cancel the order
Ok well I'm trying to explain to you how this is gonna to work
Oh yeah you can cancel it, you can cancel anything
Well, the problem is the order has been shipped today
Ok, so it's already enroute
So? That's not my problem that's your problem.
No, that's your problem because we have your credit card number.
No it's not because you don't have my credit card number-
Yes we do.
*awkward pause*
Alright, give me your company name, I'm gonna put a stop on that right now.
Yes it's Interactive Life Forms,
What is it
Flesh light F-L-E-S-H-L-I-G-H-T dot com
And uh the total is $163.65
We did give free shipping because the order was over-
I don't care about that, what credit card do you have?
I'm not able to view that
Yes you have my credit card you can legally tell me that
No, I'm not legally allowed to view that
no one is allowed to legally allowed to view your credit card information after it's been entered
Tell me which one so I can put a stop on it, I won't be returning it I'll be throwing it away
*something about return to sender*
Again sir, yes if you return to sender it, then we will not charge you that's what I was trying to explain to you a few minutes ago
That's fine, it'll be return to sender
About the machine, the recorder that you're recording with, besides
that's illegal you have to tell me ahead of time
before you start to record
No, no not when I'm calling to confirm an order
Do you have this correct? You called the wrong place, My wife is an attorney and so is my father-in-law
Well unfortunately sir, California state law does not apply where I am
*some weird arrogant noise*
I'm going to return to sender, I'm also going to put a stop on that credit card and we're done
I'd would advice you to talk to whoever *censored* is and make sure he doesn't place anymore orders with our company
He's all worked up he hung up.