DRIVE CENTRAL -- July 30, 2012

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MIKE SPINELLI: Hey, welcome to Drive Central.
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RIP, C to the S.
Anyway, this week on Tuned, big ole Matt Farah finds out
what forms of holy hell D3 can rain down on a Cadillac CTSV.
D3, the tuning shop.
Here's the clip.
MATT FARAH: Sounds brilliant, doesn't it?
Now this car makes approximately 750 horsepower
at the crank, 650 horsepower at the wheels, and 640 pounds
of torque at the wheels, which is a ton of power to move
around the car.

MIKE SPINELLI: That's Tuned every Monday.
And on Tuesday on Live and Let Drive, Alex Roy and Matt Farah
go to Canada to buy an old beater.
Do they get it across the border?
I'm not sure, but here's the clip.
ALEX ROY: We are now gonna see the car for the first time and
hopefully drive it to New York City.
I could not be more excited.
MATT FARAH: Oh, there it is.
ALEX ROY: Dude, awesome.
MATT FARAH: Check out the CRX.
Yeah, buddy.
ALEX ROY: Not too must rust, and the paint looks good.
I'm so excited.
Dude, this is an amazing car.
MATT FARAH: Oh, this is--
this is kind of a mess.
See right now, in third gear, there's about nine inches of
play left to right while in gear.
ALEX ROY: Start the car and let's see what happens.

MATT FARAH: Sounds like a race car.
[INAUDIBLE] cams in it.
MIKE SPINELLI: That's Live and Let Drive every Tuesday.
And also on Tuesday, keep up with some of the best new
racing talent on track on a new installment of IMSA GT3
Cup Challenge.
That's this week on Tuesday on Drive.
And this Wednesday, on Chris Harris On Cars, Chris meets a
BAC Track Day car on what is a very wet racetrack.
And at least he's wearing a helmet.
Who wrote that?
I did.
I'll see you later.
Bye bye.
Check it out.

That's Chris Harris On Cars every Wednesday.
And its premiere week for Jalopnik On Drive.
That's the show where we track down the crazy and often
awesome characters featured in Jalopnik stories.
And this week, we find out how the guys from Classic Car Club
Manhattan keep a very cranky fleet of classic cars
roadworthy and drivable for hundreds of members to flog on
the weekends.
Here is a clip of that.

MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, people walk in here all the time and
say, how do you keep these things going?
It's pretty simple.
You're gonna drive them, you know.
You can get the best car out there, show-winning trophy
car, and you drive it 10 miles and it breaks down because it
never gets driven.
Everything's dried up and not working.
So you gotta drive it.
MIKE SPINELLI: That's Jalopnik on Drive every Thursday.
And also on Thursday, it's the best used cars in the world.
On Road Testament this week, its top grade [BLEEP]
Why buy a stripped Prius when you can have one of the best
used cars in the world?
I have no idea.
So put those $20,000 pics below or drop them into the
social media meat grinder of your choice.
That's the best used cars in the world for $20,000 this
Thursday on Road Testament.
And also don't forget to watch Shakedown this week.
Leo's back from Spa--
that's in Belgium--
with all the dirt on sports car racing as well as the
forked-tongue analysis of the world of motor sports.
That's what he does.
That's Shakedown, post-race and pre-race, every Monday and
Friday on Drive.
And the week may have just begun, but the weekend will be
here lickety [BLEEP]
damn split.
And you already know weekends are made for Drive Clean.
Larry Kosilla gives you all the pro tips you need to keep
your car looking just like a super car.
That's Drive Clean every Saturday on Drive.
And, that's it for Drive Central for this week.
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