Smash - Episode 4 - The Cost of Art - Luan Legacy Recap

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The scene opens up on the first day of the Marilyn
workshop, and things aren't going too well
for our beloved Karen.
Seems as though she's not used to being in the background.
As an actual performer, her singing and dancing is over
the top and amazing.
However, when you are a part of the ensemble, it's better
to look together than to stick out.
And this causes a problem between her and Ivy which
results in her actually getting
pulled from the number.
Seems pretty unfair to me.
If you're going to let somebody outshine you, maybe
you should take a seat in the audience instead.
After the rehearsal, Derek invites Ivy to the birthday
party of a young TV star by the name of Lyle West whom he
helped become famous, and Ivy is ecstatic because she feels
like she's getting closer to Derek.
We find out that Eileen is facing some financial issues
funding the workshop because she's going through a divorce,
and she resorts to trying to find a buyer for a famous
painting hanging in her office.
She turns to Lyle.
Meanwhile, after being removed from another number for the
second time, Karen is completely frustrated and
blows up on another member of the ensemble.
Seeing her emotions, a few of the ensemble members decide to
take her under their wings and give her a lesson on how to be
a part of the chorus.
What I learned--
don't stick out.
Be the same.
Go with the flow.
Don't shine.
How can you be a star when you don't shine?
Lyle West is revealed at the party, and he's being played
by no other than Nick Jonas.
Excuse me while I swoon and imagine how our
babies would look like.
He declines Eileen's offer to buy the painting but decides
to negotiate to take a stake in the Marilyn show instead.
So an impromptu show is put on for him, and he's completely
won over by Ivy's playful sex appeal and talent in a number
called "I've Never Met a Wolf Who Didn't Like to Howl." Was
I the only one who notices that Lyle was only 15 and
trying to pull a move on Ivy?
By the end of the number, he sure was howling.
The episode ends with Karen onstage with a few of the
ensemble members, dancing in sync and proving that she can
learn and that she can fit it.
However, she also does get her spotlight in a powerful
rendition of Adele's "Rumor Has It."
It was great episode, but I was really taken aback when I
found out that Tom was going on a date that was
set up by his mom.
So the question to the viewers is how awkward, on a scale of
1 to 10, is going on a date set up by your mom?
And would you actually do it?
With that being said, my name is Luan Legacy.
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