How to Decorate with Stencils : Stencils: Food Items

Uploaded by expertvillage on 08.10.2007

Hi this is Brenda and we are working on our stenciling of cakes today. Like I said earlier,
stenciling is more than stenciling on walls or projects. You can actually stencil on food
items such as cakes. Now this cake we have decided to use a Christmas tree. I stenciled
them on and I am going to place this over the cake and instead of using confectioner
sugar, we are going to use icing. This icing you can even buy in the store in a little
container or you can make your own. You can make it by using confectioner sugar, a little
milk and a little butter and try to make it of a thin consistency. I am just going to
spread it on like this. Spread it all around, getting in the corners of our template that
we made of the tree. It gets a little messy so you might want to have some paper towels
handy. It doesn’t have to be exactly perfect. Just try to get in all the little corners
of your template like this. When you are finished, you just lift it off like this and you have
an icing Christmas tree.