F1 car drives on sand! - Logistics behind the Red Bull Beach Run

Uploaded by redbull on 10.06.2010

The primary function of the support team at Red Bull is to develop the current formula one car, the RB6.
we get the chance to take one of their formula one cars around the world to give people a taste of what formula one is about.
main problem will be actually getting traction; being able to drive the car forwards.
um this is a problem we had when we ran on ice even though we had sturdy tires
for a formula one car
it was very difficult just to get the car moving.
we going to try to use the slick tire uh the non-treaded tire because we feel we
need the biggest footprint possible, by footprint I mean the amount of tire that is
actually in contact with the ground
uh with the rain tire because you have the nodules
They will dig into the sand and you haven't got as much rubber actually touching
the surface
ah pretty much what we've done is just raise the car as much as we can
um, we have and we're going to let the tire pressures down.
Just to make the
contact patch as big as possible. I mean this has never been done before so uh
It’s all new territory to us so we’ll give it a go
It’s quite exciting actually. It’s a bit scary because you know we come into this beautiful place and I
just hope we can do it now
[radio] turn left and go down the coast
It’s unbelievable isn’t it?
And I was just so surprised on how well the car performed on sand.
when I get to know I have to drive in the Dominican republic especially
when I was going to the beach or I knew I was going in the avenue to make a show, I
accepted completely because I think
it was a new experience for everybody
especially because it was the first time formula one was coming to the Dominican republic and it was also a
good idea to promote me, to promote Red Bull
and it’s always cool to do things like this. I think
its was a really
nice experience and hopefully we can do much more.