Learn English in the USA and Canada with Kaplan International Colleges

Uploaded by kaplaninternational on 09.05.2011

Kaplan International Colleges has over 20 schools throughout the US and Canada.
In Canada we are located in Toronto and in Vancouver.
On the East coast of the US from Boston and New York down to Miami, and on the West Coast
from Seattle down to South California, Los Angeles and San Diego.
We are very proud of our teachers at Kaplan International Colleges, we got lots of positive
feedback on how passionate, dedicated and fun they make our classes for our students.
We hire our teachers really carefully, we make sure that they have a lot of experience
and are well qualified and that they have a lot of personality as well.
The lessons are great because the atmosphere is very friendly. You learn a lot of things,
not only about the academic English but also about the American culture.
We have a very experienced staff. Many have worked here for 10 years or longer. They like
to keep things fun and we always treat students like they were part of our family here.
I think that all the staff here in Kaplan is so friendly. Always they will help you
when you want to ask something.
In my opinion we have wonderful teachers, we have teachers that really care about the
students, really want to do the best job they possibly can to help the students learn.
I love the way that they teacher here in Kaplan because they can teach you and you can have
fun at the same time. They treat you like you’re a unique student in the classroom,
they are really nice person.
The facilities there’s a lot to offer, we have computer labs where students can check
their email, have access to internet of course, there’s also an extensive librarys for students
to check out resources to study before or after class.
There’s a nice lounge where you can get lunch in the lounge. There’s a Wii station
to play Wii games there, so whenever there’s a break in between of the classes you can
go there and you can be sure that you will find somebody playing there, it’s really
Some of our schools are located directly on American University campuses. This is a great
opportunity for students to have access to a wide range of facilities including sports
grounds, gyms and swimming pools and also to interact and mix with US University students.
I like to play soccer so they’ve got a soccer field next to the gym
I don’t know how to play but I love watching my friends playing because it’s so much
fun. Go Felix!
The learning experience doesn’t stop inside the classroom, we also take our students on
social activities outside the classroom, this gives our students the opportunity to explore
American culture, make some new friends and discover the city they live in.
We have so many wonderful activities. One of our activities is called the amazing race,
where students form teams of 4 to 5 people and they go around the city looking for
clues that we give them. The team that is able to complete all of these tasks first
and come back to our centre will receive a prize.
In terms of accommodation options we offer two distinct choices, one of which is living
with a host family. Hey welcome to my homestay!
My homestay is actually quite close to Kaplan College. This is the living room, I really
like chilling out here and watching some DVDs and stuff like that.
This is my room check it out.
Students there get to experience American culture, an American way of life and interact
with US family.
It’s really great because you really have the atmosphere of a family, you get to speak
English everyday.
The other option is to live in a student residence, this tends to be preferred by our more independent
I’m living in an apartment here, it’s really comfortable place, really clean, the
kitchen is full of all the stuff that you need, you have everything.
I worked at Kaplan for many years now and I’ve seen a lot of students who come on
their first day and they’re feeling a little bit nervous and it’s really exciting for
me to have the opportunity to see them, you know, grow so much and become more independent
over time, and really exciting to see them improve their English sometimes even over
a short period of time.
Before I come here actually I couldn’t speak English very much but my English is getting
better and better.
If I had to take the decision again, I would absolutely decide the same way and come back
to Kaplan. Studying at Kaplan is really fun, you really learn a lot of things and get to
know many people.
I’m still learning English, but I think it has improved a lot. Oh yes I’m so happy,
I think I’ll never regret to come here. This is one of the greatest experiences of
my life.
I am very happy with the English that I have learnt, with the people I have known and with
the experience, I will remember it for my whole life.
My experience here has been wonderful, I’ve improved a lot my English since I came here and I’m
sure that the knowledge will help me to get a great job when I return to my country.
I feel I get a lot of confidence and I’m becoming more fluent than before. I’ll never
forget about this memory, its amazing!
My English has improved in a big way because when I arrived here I couldn’t make a conversation
with somebody, but now I can speak as well, I can listen very well so it’s awesome!
You can improve a lot.
I feel great to be here. I am enjoying the school. To come here at Kaplan, I feel like
it’s the best thing I ever did!