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Directed by LEE SANG-GI
Get out of here!
What's going on?
Osaka, Japan
I miss Tokyo, although it's already been a year since I left.
I'd like to join you for dinner, but I have plans.
- That's too bad. - We'll do it next time.
Help! It's a pickpocket!
What are you looking at?
Help me... Somebody... Help...
Fools. Every last one of you.
They're Korean pickpockets residing in Osaka.
They're wreaking havoc on the city.
Japanese authorities estimate they stole about 92 million yen
on 78 separate occasions dating back to 2000.
They're asking for ourfull cooperation.
Hurry up!
You will now face the wall, and ask yourselves why you've done this.
Turn! Turn!
Look at this mess.
Hold still. I'm taking pictures.
Did you forget to pay the artist? Where's the rest of this tattoo?
This is a work of art right here.
This costs 10 million won to make.
That's the down payment on my house.
Is this why you steal from people? So you can doodle on your back?
Hold still.
How's that?
Where's ouryoung cop?
Get me an iron and an ironing board.
Let's erase this mess calling itself a tattoo.
Look at you. You need to get out in the sun more.
- Hello. - Hello.
Let me introduce you.
This is Lieutenant Oh Yeon-su. He'll head the organized crime team.
Are you the new chief? Will we be going out to dinner?
Dae-young. It's good to see you.
Good work today.
Stop stuffing yourface like it's the last meal you'll ever have.
I'm not eating like this because I want to.
This is how I get rid of stress.
He must eat one pig a month at least.
He must be under a hell of a lot of stress.
Here. Have a drink.
Dae-young. Let's have a drink.
We should order some more.
What are you doing here?
I was doing fine without you.
You and I sure have a tetchy relationship.
It'll all blow over in Osaka soon.
I was thinking of going to Tokyo next.
It's obvious you studied under Fujimori.
Your work is exquisite.
Thanks for watching my back while I was in prison.
I don't know how I'll ever repay you.
I'm about to form a new gang. I thought you could be my Machine.
I know you just got out of jail, but I can't lose you to the competition.
Hand me the razor. I want to see how it feels.
I'm not going back to jail forthis.
The day I do is the day I die.
We've been afterthat guy in the red hat forthree months now.
We can't lose jurisdiction to another department.
You have no choice in the matter. The orders came from the top.
I hate catching pickpockets. They're the worst kind.
I hearthey knife anyone, even cops, if they feel threatened.
My colleague became a vegetable after a pickpocket stuck him in the back.
Red Hat Seen in Dongdaemun
Where are you going?
I'm going shopping in Dongdaemun. They're having a sale.
This will make you invisible if the cops arrive.
You'll make a good Wind. I look forward to working with you.
By the way, why did you name the gang the Samsung Gang?
Samsung is the richest company in Korea.
That makes sense.
That's actually a pretty good name.
Although, I'm not exactly the type to work for a woman.
I don't know why I should trust you to be my boss.
There was a man who said the same thing to my mom.
He almost lost his life.
There he is now.
Come on. That's ancient history.
What is Sook doing these days?
Should we hire her to be our Wind instead?
Sook went to jail after she messed up on a job.
I'll be your Wind. I'll live and die forthis gang.
We'll have to face the guys from rival gangs soon.
Is that kid good with his knife?
You sound scared.
I thought pickpockets were supposed to be fearless.
He can bring any Yakuza down with his knife.
- Really? - Don't worry about a thing.
Baek Jang-mi.
Welcome to Korea.
Long time no see.
You must be bored with yourtwin brother in jail.
What did you just say?
You should have talked to me first before coming into my territory.
He should be here somewhere.
I'll kill you if you try anything stupid.
Don't make this harder.
Stop it! Stop!
Get up. You're not fooling anyone.
You'll have to wait.
Get up.
Get up.
What's this?
I'm in the middle of important business.
I'm afraid you'll have to leave.
What are you? Some kind of moron?
Go away.
Are you out of your mind or something?
Boys. Show him what we're made of.
Yes, Boss.
Run now before anyone gets hurt.
Why doesn't anything go my way?
Ma'am? Are you okay?
No, thanks. I quit.
I know you're in pain, but I need to ask you a few questions.
Why are you so desperate to catch Red Hat?
The reward for him went up to 50 million won.
What will you do with that?
I'm going to quit my job and go abroad.
I'm being serious.
You know I can't stand jerks who mess with women.
Dae-young. We need you on ourtask force.
I've caught serial killers and organized crime gangs with you.
I've been stabbed, run over, and thrown off a bridge.
And not once did I complain.
You can't run from this forever.
I can't do pickpockets. Ljust can't.
Kang Man-ok was released from prison a week ago.
I know how you must feel.
You don't know anything!
Don't pretend to know how I feel.
I might kill you. I don't care if you're my superior.
You can't stay trapped in the past forever!
Let go of me!
- I told you it wasn't me! - This isn't yourfirst time.
You're not getting out of this.
- I'm telling you it wasn't me. - We can talk down at the station.
- Please... I'm begging you... - I said we can talk down at the station.
- Lieutenant? - We can talk there.
Hey. Good job.
Where's the rest of your gang?
If you go to jail this time, you'll be a grandma by the time you get out.
We both know pickpockets aren't the most loyal kind.
You don't want to go down like this.
Tell me where the others are.
Let's make a deal. I'll let you off easy.
You know I always work alone.
What about that bitch friend of yours who got hit by a car?
I don't know her.
I'm starting to lose my patience. I don't care if you are a woman.
I don't care what you are. You mean nothing to me.
Don't glare at me. I'll rip out those eyes of yours.
Detective! Dae-young!
You're wasting your smoke. May I have a drag?
You're hurt.
How's your sister?
You haven't come to see us in 20 years. You have no right to ask that.
Is this why you abandoned us? To steal people's wallets?
Dae-young... Your mom was...
My mom? My mom?
You're not my mom.
You're a felon that was charged with 16 counts of pickpocketing.
Don't you dare speak my name with that filthy mouth of yours.
- Your mom was... - You're not my mother!
My mother died 20 years ago.
I wish you had died.
Dae-young! Dae-young!
You're not welcome here.
If I see you here again, I'm going to gut you and use you as fish bait.
I'll rip out your eyes and stick them up your ass.
Get the fuck out of my face.
Bitch! I'll kill you!
Let go! Let go of me!
You need to eat something sugary if your blood sugar level goes down.
You could go into cerebral shock, and that could kill you.
I see...
All right...
Grandpa passed away.
Sir... Please give me back my wallet...
I'll give it back just as soon as you give me some.
This is sweet.
What the fuck?
Are you still teasing girls with that sorry racquet of yours?
Well, well, well... If it isn't Baek Jang-mi...
Who's he? Your knight in shining armor?
This is my Antenna. He'll make things interesting.
Teach that kid a lesson ortwo.
Yes, Boss.
Are you kidding me? Is that knife all you've got?
Stop him! Stop him!
Stop! Stop!
Go away! Go away!
Jang-mi... Let's talk about this...
- Jang-mi - Boss! Boss!
I'm not going out to the field anymore.
I'm going to stay behind. You can direct the operations.
Just don't trust Won-jong or Yong-su.
Will you fill out this credit form?
May I help myself to some candy?
Your loan has just been approved.
Thank you.
Here's your mortgage loan. Total of 100 million won.
Is this bus going to Euljiro?
- No. - No?
What bus do I have to take to get to Euljiro?
The signs are all there.
Where? There?
- Sir? What are you doing? - I can't see the letters.
They're too small.
Sir! Step off the bus!
All right. All right.
- You don't have to yell. - Hey! I'm going to be late!
What's the hurry? Your house on fire?
You had a long day today.
Here. I found this in your grandfather's things.
I'm a friend of your mother's. She's going abroad to work.
She might have to stay for about 10 years.
Be good to your sister. Your mom will be back with money.
Mom! Bring me back a watch! Don't forget my watch!
Today in Yeoido, a woman leaving the bank with money to pay
for her child's surgery was robbed of 100 million won in checks.
Her daughter needs the operation as soon as possible,
but the doctors'hands are tied.
On top of that
Two days ago, a man was injured while fighting off a pickpocket.
His wrist was slashed before the pickpocket took off.
They took my retirement pay. That's all I have in this world.
I told you to be careful.
You know the other gangs have eyes everywhere.
And yet you knifed someone in broad daylight?
I'm sorry, Boss.
Send 100 million won to the TV station.
Do we really have to do that?
We're not a charity organization. We even tipped our launderer.
How much do you make in a month?
A little girl is dying, and you can't part with 100 million?
Are you really quitting your job?
Is it because of mom?
Do you remember what you said to me the day you became a cop?
You said you wanted to make up
Dae-young Elementary Graduation March 2, 1980 for mom's past wrongs.
There's only one thing you can do to catch pickpockets.
You need to live out in the field for at least 6 months.
You need to go down to the subways and get on the buses.
Drug lords and cons lie all the time except when they're breathing.
With pickpockets, every breath they take is a lie.
Do not trust any of them. Do you understand?
Yes, sir!
Take care of yourselves. Let's go.
What about Dae-young?
He won't be here. He's not one of us anymore.
Lieutenant? What did you say?
I've just been through a funeral. Don't I get a break?
You gave the least condolence money out of all the chiefs, too.
I always knew you were cheap, but that's really low.
I thought you were going to quit and move abroad.
I'm still waiting for my visa.
I'm glad you're back. I'll take you out for pork rinds.
- Pork rinds? Again? - Make that with extra pork.
I've been collecting these files since after I started cracking down on pickpockets.
Set up a broad operation plan.
You can use your own discretion.
Baek Jang-mi... Five counts of pickpocketing...
Hong? Are you there yet?
Can you check on a Baek Jang-mi?
Check hertravel records forJapan.
She's been back and forth since 2000. She came back from Osaka a month ago.
Okay. That fits our profile.
What about her bank statements?
She's got a lot in her account, but nothing looks suspicious.
I'm not surprised. She probably did money laundering.
She wouldn't keep money in the bank. It's all in her house.
Baek Jang-mi...
You must have gotten yourself a new hobby.
How are you, Lieutenant?
I didn't know you shared the same hobby.
You know what my hobby is.
I hearyou've been out of the country.
I heard some things happened in Osaka while you were there.
A couple of Koreans staged a big pickpocket operation.
What were you doing in Japan?
You've got the wrong girl.
Here it is.
This is what I was doing in Japan.
You should come visit sometime.
This looks similarto the other case. It must be the same guy.
The ends are neat and clean. This guy is an expert.
She's already hired herself a decent Machine.
- Dae-young? - Yes?
Would you like to get a tattoo?
I'm sorry I kept you waiting.
Haven't we met?
I'm sure the Lieutenant told you, but I need to ask you a few questions.
You recently came to Pusan Harborfrom Osaka.
You guys must have a lot of free time to dig up my private life.
We don't dig up just anyone's lives. Just people we're wary of.
I went to Japan to study the art of tattooing.
That's just your hobby. We want to hear about your real job.
I can see the Lieutenant got to you.
Lieutenant Oh said you'll recognize who did this.
This is a wallet snatching skill.
Whoever did this did a good job. My guess is he's from Noryangjin.
I hearthose kids were all put behind bars.
How is your eye?
Good. Thanks to you.
Do you know theguys who attacked you?
They came out of nowhere. I have no idea who they are.
I'm thinking they might have been from another pickpocket gang.
I think you'd be better off as a mystery fiction writer.
You should come for a tattoo sometime.
Everyone does it nowadays. So can you.
Well, then I might do that.
You're welcome anytime.
Especially you. I owe you my life.
'Especially you. I owe you my life.'
She's a complete tease!
What do you think I should get?
- For what? - For my tattoo. It's free.
You should get one of Frankenstein.
You can show it to the bad guys.
I am Franken of WAIS! Hear me roar!
Are you mad at me? Are you?
You're the one who's ugly.
It's true.
Marilyn Monroe came to Korea
during the Korean War to meet the U.S. Troops.
The soldiers went wild for her.
My dad was working at the U.S. Base as a shoeshine boy.
He waded through the crowd of soldiers, and he used
a razorto snip the strands of her panties.
He took it with him.
- And? - His father passed it on to him.
He wears it for every job. He claims it's his good luck charm.
- Really? - Yeah!
Should we get the party started? Why don't we bring in the girls?
Anyone out there?
Hey. Come here.
Yong-su. Did you recently steal a wallet from a guy's shirt?
I didn't have a dad, so I'll talk about my mom.
My mom had a gang of her own.
Her Machine would steal from people on the way home forfun.
My mom was sent to jail because he slipped up.
What happened then?
I told Seong-su to cut off a finger.
Wow. That must have ended the Machine's career.
Not him. His son's.
Let's take a few days off. We need to get Yadang's permission.
He's here.
How's business going?
It's going well, thanks to you. I'll talk to you later.
Baek Jang-mi.
I hearyou formed a gang.
Gwang-seob. Are you still working in Myeongdong?
I haven't worked in a while.
Be careful, Jang-mi. Don't venture onto my turf.
I think you're the one who should be careful.
You don't want to lose your good eye.
That bitch!
Your son is handsome, just like you.
If you're here to ask me about my turf, you can forget it.
I met Lieutenant Oh the other day. He asked me about you.
Are you threatening me?
Of course not. I want to make a business proposal.
Seven years ago, the Twins gave us up to the police.
I heard you were behind that.
I wonder if your in-laws know what you do for a living.
You're all grown up.
Let's talk about this later.
Today is a good day for my family.
Detective Cho?
What are you doing?
Are you moonlighting as a wedding photographer?
Let's talk outside.
What are you doing here? At a pickpocket's son's wedding?
Don't I get to congratulate a good friend on a good day?
Are you here to offer congratulations? Or are you here for something else?
You look great in a suit.
People might mistake you forthe groom.
We should have a drink sometime. I owe you.
Keep it. It's a gift.
I told you I quit smoking.
Atiger would look great on you.
I'll draw it on myself.
- Hello? - Hello?
I'm calling because I lost my phone.
Detective. It's me. Baek Jang-mi.
Are you stealing from cops now?
Of course not.
I found it on the floor at the wedding.
I thought you'd thank me.
You can come pick it up. I have to talk to you anyway.
This is my favorite liquor. I hope you like it.
What is it you wanted to tell me?
We've already met fourtimes. That's pretty impressive.
What is it you wanted to tell me?
Slow down.
I hear Myeongdong Gang is active in the underground area.
They were the ones who stole the little kid's hospital money.
It's run by Kim Gwang-seob. He's blind in one eye.
Is this for real?
Nothing's everfor real in this biz,
but you've got nothing to lose.
You should still check it out.
Your cellphone's on top of the cabinet.
It's my dream to own a yacht.
It'll cost about 3 billion won.
How will you afford that by sketching tattoos?
It's my yacht operating license.
I got it in Osaka. Don't I look pretty in this picture?
I should get going.
Didn't you come here foryour cellphone?
He's cute. I like that.
Come out.
I thought I was raising a tiger. Now I see I was keeping a rat.
Do you really have to do that with a cop?
What's the big deal?
Auntie Manok used to flirt with cops, too. It's a technique.
Men are so annoying.
Don't turn me into a bitch, Auntie.
You need to be treated for diabetes. You can't be begging in the street.
You could have asked me for help.
I don't need your money.
Why? Because it's stolen?
It's me. They're here.
Here's where you've been hiding. I've been looking foryou everywhere.
Aren't you that loser who was eating Chinese noodles?
What the hell do you want?
Why else would a cop be here?
Lieutenant Oh is my superior officer.
Give us a break, Detective.
We're just trying to make a living.
You must be the Myeongdong boss.
You could have told us you were a detective.
Can you see with that eye?
Be careful. You'll break an arm.
Go easy on those guys!
We have to take this secret to our graves.
Let's put the past behind us. We'll make a great team.
Only if you promise not to stab us in the back again.
Do we get the same amount we talked about?
Yes. We'll give 30 million in cash to the five elders in your gang.
You stole all of these. Don't think you can lie to me.
I swear I'm not lying to you.
Ljust can't rememberthem all.
You can't remember because you stole from so many people?
Too many to remember...
No! Don't write that in!
Is this your address? Dohwadong 223?
I... I...
We got Myeongdong. Let's start with Dongdaemun.
Yes, Boss.
We got here without a fight.
Bless this food we're about to eat!
Look at this crowd! I can barely move!
Does this come in any other color?
No. Just that one.
What about the size? Is this all you've got?
I don't think I like the design.
I'm going to the bathroom. Don't touch the money.
Terajima? How is it looking in Tokyo?
Yes. Get everything ready. Don't forget the money.
I'll have to call you back.
Jang-mi? Are you going to Japan soon?
I didn't know you spoke Japanese.
I studied it a little to pass the time in prison.
I hope you're not thinking of leaving us.
Of course not.
By the way, I heard you bought land on Kanghwa Island.
I hope you're not stealing from me.
Don't be ridiculous. You know I wouldn't do that.
Take it. Use it to pay foryour grandfather's service.
You don't have to do this. We're fine.
I've never done anything for him. Take it.
Give that dirty money back to her right now!
We can't use that filthy money over our grandfather's grave.
Dae-young! Don't do this!
Take it, Su-hyeon.
Take it! At least let me do my duty as a daughter!
Get out!
Dae-young! She's our mother!
Don't do that to her! She's our mother!
What's happening to her? She wasn't like this before!
When did this happen?
Suddenly curious, are you? Because she's your daughter?
She hung herself the day she found out you were a pickpocket.
Don't come back.
The second you step through my door, we're all dead.
She's called Pig Lady. She comes from Pusan.
She gets her diamonds polished and set on Sundays when stores are closed.
I heard she's coming this week. I need you to get that for me.
Those rocks would be worth about 800 million.
Pig Lady's in. Get ready.
The Twins are behind you. Be careful.
How did Jang-mi find out about Pig Lady?
We need to get those rocks. Our lives depend on this.
Yes, Boss.
Get ready, Yong-su.
I already told you! He left hours ago!
Forget it! I'm hanging up!
You thought you'd get something out of this?
These are all fake!
I know betterthan to trust smuggled stuff,
but I thought I could trust them because they came from Man-bok.
Sir, I really have to go upstairs.
You're the asshole who begged me to get those off my hands.
Asshole? Did you just call me an asshole?
You heard me. Asshole.
Move! I have to go!
How can Yadang betray us? How can they work with Jang-mi?
Does this look like the right time to be chowing on noodles?
Hello? Mr. Han? Yes?
I see.
I'll see you at your law offices.
Boys. Yong-taek is being released on bail.
What? Really?
How does that feel?
Your muscles are all tense.
That's because you kept refusing to meet with me.
Give me those sweet lips, Ji-hee.
Yong-su. I hearyou're working forthat bitch Jang-mi now.
You turned my brother into a cripple.
Are you really that good with the razor? Are you?
I'm really sorry... I'm sorry...
Such pretty hands... I'm not surprised...
A good pickpocket needs to have pretty hands.
Although, what the fuck happened to your pinky?
Don't do this... Please...
Tell Jang-mi and your Antenna.
Give Dongdaemun and Myeongdong back to us
if you don't want a slow death.
I've known him for a while.
I met him while I was there to buy this.
I see.
What were you whispering about?
I asked him if he was working in Myeongdong, but he wasn't.
I was only trying to help you.
You came here all alone in the middle of the night.
Was there something else you wanted to say to me?
Actually, I'm done talking to you.
I have something to show you.
It's Indian ink. It's the color of midnight.
You can't make a tattoo even with all the inks in the world
unless you have this.
You need it to make the lines.
I made these myself foryou. I thought you might like them.
I'm a cop. I don't need tattoos.
It's the Thousand Hands Sutra. It has 1,000 hands and 1,000 eyes.
It can see the pain of mankind through its eyes,
and it uses its thousand hands to rescue us from our pain.
Your eyes are full of sorrow.
Auntie Man-ok?
This is delicious. Where'd you learn to do this?
I have you to thank. I was a prison chef for 20 years.
We've known each otherfor a long time. It must be fate.
I wouldn't call it fate. I'd call it a twist of fate.
It's up to you to break the bad karma.
This is to congratulate you on your store opening.
All it needs is a little water.
Let me read your palm.
Your luck is going to come to you in your lateryears, Auntie.
Dae-young's grown up to be a fine young man.
Thank you forthe food.
I should call you Mrs. Cho from now on.
I knew this was going to happen.
This is why I never work with women.
Yong-taek is out of prison. What are we going to do?
I'll go overthere right now. I'll kill all those sons of bitches.
Don't be so hasty to jump into anything.
That's when things go to hell. That's how Korea went to hell.
The police are afteryou, so you in particular have to lie low.
You seem to have found out a lot in just one night.
What are you doing? Are we giving up the gang?
Let's talk tomorrow. We're done here.
That's it. Thank you.
- Thank you. Come again. - The Twins are threatening
to come after me now.
We could lose everything if we give up our turf to them.
You need to secure Myeongdong.
Mom. Come home for grandpa's service.
I'll talk to Dae-young. He'll be fine.
It's his birthday that day, so you really have to come.
I heard this place has the best hagfish.
It's really good, Auntie.
Yong-taek got to Yong-su. He can't use his hand anymore.
I really need your help. Just this once.
In fact, I'm leaving forJapan afterthis is over.
I already gave the money to the guys at Yadang.
If I don't do this job, I'll go broke.
Do you want me to lose my wrist, too?
I didn't take care of you forthe last 7 years for nothing.
Why won't you help me out?
Is this about your cop son?
What? What did you say?
Is this because your son is a cop?
You know I don't have a son.
He's really something. No wonder he's your son.
He's great in bed, too.
You can give it back to him. He left it at my place.
No. You must be joking.
My son would never do that.
Are you sure? After all, he's a guy, too.
They're all the same.
Did you know?
He has a burn mark on his shoulder.
He burned himself when he was little.
Fuck you, Jang-mi! I'll kill you!
Calm down. I learned this from you.
You slept with quite a few cops in your day.
You ruined their lives.
This doesn't have to be hard.
I'm asking you to help me once. You. Me. Your son.
We'll all be happy.
Don't tell your son I gave you the money to start up this place.
He's got quite the temper. We don't want to cross him.
I knew Jang-mi was up to no good.
The Japanese authorities just sent word that Jang-mi took part in the heist.
The Yakuza is refusing to say anything. To protect her.
We'll have to bring her in.
I used this little toy of mine to fuck Jang-mi's little hole.
She had the tightest pussy ever.
Get up.
Work is work and revenge is revenge,
but ljust couldn't forget the taste of that sweet pussy.
I'm here for a little reunion.
Baek Jang-mi.
You and I are in the same boat now.
We both have to take this to our graves.
Hello? Terajima?
There's been a slight change in plans. You'll have to hurry.
She's not coming. I knew it.
She will! I said so!
Jang-mi. It's only fortoday. That's the deal.
What are you waiting for? Aren't you going after her?
Lieutenant Oh. It's me.
Baek Jang-mi says a gang is planning an operation in Myeongdong today.
We can't trust her, but we still have to move on this.
Let's do our best. Pay close attention.
I don't want you boys getting hurt while going afterthose guys.
Yes, sir. They're here.
Auntie! Run!
Stop it! Help!
Kang Man-ok.
Here we are again.
And you thought you could be a mother?
Not anyone can be a mom. Certainly not you.
Do you miss the glory days? Now that you're old and sick?
Is that why you're back to doing this?
Auntie! Are you out of your mind?
Let go! You'll get yourself killed!
- Don't hurt my son... - Let go! Let go!
You'll Die. Let go!
Stop! Hey! Stop!
- Dae-young? Are you okay? - Dae-young? Are you okay?
Mrs. Cho! Mrs. Cho!
Wait here. Wait here.
We need an ambulance! Quick!
I'm sorry... I'm sorry...
This is a news update.
A WAIS detective was injured while trying to arrest pickpockets
near a Myeongdong shopping mall at 9 p.m. Yesterday.
He was stabbed by a knife wielded by Choi, a member of the gang.
Another member, Kang, was killed on the scene by Choi.
Choi was shot while trying to flee. He's undergoing surgery now.
The police have issued a warrant for the arrest of Baek,
who is thought to have been behind the operation.
I'm a victim, too! I'm a victim!
Shut up!
You're not making any sense. Where is Baek Jang-mi?
I told you I don't know.
She betrayed me, too. I've been trying to find her.
She must have turned invisible or something.
No one knows where she is.
Dae-young. This is from Lieutenant Oh.
He said he found it with mom's things.
She must have wanted to give it to you on your birthday.
Mom! Bring me back a watch! Don't forget my watch!
Dae-young? What is it?
Where did they find it?
A crane operatorfound it in the river while dredging mud
to use in a construction project.
Are you okay?
Cause of death is loss of blood due to a wound in the carotid artery.
There's one strange thing, though.
I found traces of titanium and Indian ink nearthe wound.
It's Indian ink. It's the color of midnight.
- What? - You were right.
I checked Suyeongman Dock like you said.
There are three yachts leaving for Osaka this afternoon.
It's my yacht operating license.
I got it in Osaka.
Don't I look pretty in this picture?
One's registered under a Japanese.
The owner's name is Terajima.
What do you want with a yacht anyway?
What's going on?
It took me a while to find a yacht you'd like.
Thank you. And the money?
It's in a private safe at the Citibank in Shinjuku.
Thank you. I'll see you in Tokyo soon.
Titanium and Indian ink were found on Hong Yong-taek's body.
You know betterthan I do where those are used.
Ljust wanted to live.
What about Kang Man-ok?
Did you use her so you could live? Is that it?
Not everything goes as planned.
I didn't expect that to happen.
Is that why you came to me? So you could live?
What do you want me to say?
Every breath we take is a lie!
Is anything going to change if I do?
I'll end up with a life sentence. I don't want to die in jail.
Either let me go, or end this right here.
Baek Jang-mi.
You're under arrest forthe crimes of pickpocketing and grand theft.
Seong-su! Take this. And be careful.
You too, Jang-mi.
Let go of me! I told you it wasn't me!
This isn't yourfirst time. You can't get out of this.
You still haven't learned your lesson.
I mean it. It wasn't me.
How do you explain this?
- I'm really sorry. - How many times has it been?
I'm sorry.
We can discuss this down at the police station.
- I'm sorry. - Hurry up!
Come on. I said I was sorry.
You haven't learned your lesson yet.
- I mean it. I'm sorry. - I said we can talk at the station.
- Lieutenant? - We can talk there.
Hey. Good job.
Over here!
Mom... Wake up...
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