MasterChef USA S01E01 Full (Eng)

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(All) Masterchef! Masterchef!
(Gordon Ramsay) From coast to coast,
city to city,
and town to town...
Thousands upon thousands of talented amateur cooks
lined up...
I'm an insurance salesman.
I'm an at-home mom.
(Gordon) To take part
in the most intense culinary competition on earth,
as the smash hit from across the world
comes to America.
(Woman) If I got on the show,
it would be a fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me!
I'm so excited!
(Gordon) They'll compete to win a quarter-million dollars...
[All cheering]
Sear their name in culinary history
with their very own cookbook...
I'm ready to bring it.
Let's do it!
(Gordon) And become the first American ever
to go from amateur cook to masterchef.
At every step of the competition,
they'll be judged by three of the toughest figures
from the culinary world.
I'm Graham Elliot from Chicago.
At 27, I became America's youngest four-star chef.
Believe me, I know a thing or two about cooking
and eating.
My name is Joe bastianich.
I own 20 of America's best restaurants
and three award-winning Italian wineries.
I don't care if your roommate tells you you're a good cooking
your kids--we're gonna tell you how it really is.
And, of course, there's me,
Gordon Ramsay.
I've been in the restaurant business for 20 years
and have 28 restaurants worldwide.
Now I'm looking for the one person good enough
to become America's first masterchef.
This is such an honor
that you're eating my food right now.
I can't even tell you.
(Gordon) Let's go.
They'll compete under extraordinary pressure...
20 minutes left, folks!
Cook like your life depends on it!
Are you joking around? 'Cause if you're taking this serious,
you would have seasoned the food.
No, I'm taking it very serious.
(Gordon) All while facing challenges
designed to stretch their creativity...
Your future will be determined
on how well you cook just one stunning egg.
Test their palates.
Identify ingredients
inside that pot.
Cumin. Your guess is cumin.
(Gordon) And prove they can cook the meal of a lifetime.
(Man) I know how important this day is,
so I don't want to give them one dish
to complain about.
It's a wedding, guys. You can't just say,
"I don't know where the salmon is." Come on!
(Gordon) They'll learn how tough it is to feed an army.
You still got food in the ovens!
(Man) Oh, my God.
Oh, by the way. It's cooked perfectly.
And as the competition heats up...
Ah, [Bleep].
Most of them will go down in flames.
Boring, boring, boring.
Take off your apron. You're out of the competition.
Cook like you're cooking for the emperor.
(Gordon) And after weeks of sweating,
slicing, dicing...
Come on!
Glorious victories...
(Graham) That dish gives me hope.
It's inspiring.
(Gordon) And epic failures...
It's a bad dish. You know it, I know it.
Only one of them will become America's first...
Tonight, from the tens of thousands of hopefuls,
only a select few were invited to Los Angeles to compete.
Oh, my God! Aah!
We're going to Hollywood, baby!
I'm gonna be cookin' for Gordon Ramsay
in Los Angeles.
They come from every possible background.
I'm a software engineer.
I'm a mother of three children.
I'm an attorney. I'm a construction worker.
I'm a physician.
(Gordon) They will present a single dish...
Vietnamese chicken and rice.
Catfish arcadia.
It's our loaded baked potato.
It's called funeral potatoes.
For one chance to prove they have the skill...
That's out of control.
That's the best thing i've had today.
And the passion to make the final cut,
because of the 100 people in this room,
only 30 will earn one of these--
a Masterchef apron.
As thousands of amateur cooks compete...
(Gordon) To become America's first...
[Dramatic music]
(Female announcer) It's day one of the Masterchef competition.
We've traveled across the country
in search of America's greatest amateur cook.
In this room are the people that made a big impression
with their flair, passion, and potential.
But just 30 of them will win an apron
and stay in the competition.
I'm gonna be America's first masterchef
because I believe in myself.
People say there's people who cook to live,
and there's others who live to cook.
And, uh, I live to cook.
(Jake) I want to say to the other people in the competition
to bring it, because I am [Bleep] For real,
and it is on like Donkey Kong, you know?
I am definitely here to compete.
[Cheers and applause]
Welcome to Masterchef. I'm Gordon Ramsay.
I'm Joe bastianich.
And I'm Graham Elliot.
This is a unique opportunity.
For one of you, you're gonna be crowned
the first-ever American masterchef.
[Cheers and applause]
Cook the dish of your life.
Show us why you're here.
We've been doing this a lifetime.
I've opened up some of the greatest Italian restaurants
in this country.
You have a unique opportunity to make the transition
from home cook to masterchef.
If you absolutely commit
and let that passion show,
you guys'll make it.
The main goal today
is to win one of these--
the Masterchef apron.
Getting this means that you're gonna be moving forward.
And the way that you do that is to make a dish.
that is delicious and amazing
in one hour.
Becoming America's first-ever masterchef
comes with a unique prize.
First of all,
a quarter-million dollars.
[Cheers and applause]
He busts out and he says,
you know, "it's a quarter of a million dollars."
We're like...
"Holy moly, that's a lot of money."
Secondly, publish your very own cookbook.
[Cheers and applause]
You've come a long way to get here.
But this is where the rubber meets the road.
-I don't care
if your roommate tells you you're a good cook,
your kids, your moms.
We're gonna tell you how it really is.
Think of the best dish you've ever tasted
in your entire lives.
I'll guarantee you, I've tasted better.
Make this count.
As amateur chefs,
there can only be one masterchef.
Good luck.
[Cheers and applause]
If I was masterchef, all I can say is, "wow."
Being able to get up every single day
and know when you go to work that you're gonna love
doing whatever it is you're doing that day--
that's--that's what life's all about.
(Announcer) Our amateur cooks have just one hour
in the prep kitchen to cook the dish of a lifetime.
Whew! It's hot up here.
(Announcer) They'll be judged on taste and presentation.
Our first contestant, Chris, is in high spirits,
thanks to his signature ingredient, beer.
I am cooking some beer cheese soup for you.
Yes, I said beer cheese soup.
It's gonna be so good.
Cheese and beer pair so well together
that it's just-- it's a gimme.
(Announcer) Will it be the secret to success,
or will he be the first to have his dreams smashed?
Good afternoon, chef. How are you?
Hi. (Gordon) First name is...
Chris. From where?
I'm originally from Houston, Texas.
What are you cooking for us?
I brought beer cheese soup.
Beer cheese soup.
I put a lot of beer in my food.
I love to cook with beer.
I sautee shallots, green onions,
garlic, and celery,
flour and butter-- then beer.
Then beer, add some cream,
and then add the grated cheese,
let it just melt right in, and boom.
What's your fascination with beer?
Everything sounds like it's doused in beer.
I love--well, I love craft beer.
I really do.
There are some really amazing chefs
that are cooking with beer.
I mean, cooking with wine,
everybody knows people do that.
It's common. Everybody does it.
Cooking with beer, it's like,
"I don't know. It sounds kind of funny.
I don't know about that." -It might work.
Let's taste it. We'll see what it is.
-But I mean, i am not opposed
to using a good beer to make a good soup.
It's got a really nice consistency, actually.
This is what it's supposed to look like? Yes, sir.
It's kind of brown. -It's very brown.
Thank you.
Ay yi yi yi yi.
(Graham) You know, I think there's
definitely things that you can improve on that.
But I would have no problem
sitting down and eating a bowl of that.
It's a bad dish. You know it, I know it.
All right, chef, what do you think?
What do I think?
That has to be the most disgusting soup
I've ever tasted in my entire life.
Definitely no.
Sorry. I-- a guilty pleasure.
Say it. Yes.
Thank you.
L-leave that beer here.
(Gordon) Are you crazy?
You'll be dead if you ate a bowl of that.
You would be dead.
You can't eat a bowl of that [Bleep]. Crazy.
(Announcer) With two "no" votes,
Chris is officially out of the competition.
But there are many more hoping to get hold
of a Masterchef apron.
Love of food came from where? Uh, boyfriends.
I've always dated chefs.
I have a thing for chefs.
She's a chef groupie.
There's nothing wrong with that, Gordon.
I have a yucca and sweet potato encrusted snapper.
-My advice to you--
continue dating chefs,
cause you're never gonna be one.
I am making blackened catfish
over a bed of yellow rice. It's good.
Is that dish
worthy of that apron there?
For me, no, it's not.
[Melodramatic whimper] [all groan]
(Announcer) So far, nobody has done enough to win an apron.
Our next contestant, suzette,
a former professional soccer player,
is hoping to score the first apron
any way she can.
We're doing tilapia fish tacos
with a mango salsa.
I really like to eat healthy.
I played soccer professionally for Brazil.
[Laughing] Excuse me.
You played soccer for Brazil?
I heard you played soccer too at one point.
I figured we could chat about it or play afterwards.
Gordon, I'm ready!
I was a forward.
If you were a back, I'll take you on.
Can you tell me how to improve on it, please?
[Gordon coughing]
The show's not that long.
I really want to learn.
I'm really here to work hard, and I'm motivated.
I don't think there's a lot of discussion here, guys. Ahh.
One strong piece of advice--
your enthusiasm for flirting,
put it into your cooking.
It'll be a thousand times better.
Joe, yes or no?
Graham, yes or no? No.
Definitely not.
Okay. Thank you for coming.
So-- bye, now.
(Gordon) Oh, my God.
I thought i was gonna be sick.
This is ridiculous.
I mean, everything's just mediocre,
bland, and no one's seasoning anything.
Boring, boring, boring.
We need to raise the action.
Big-time. Crazy.
(Announcer) Coming up...
So far, this has been a disappointment.
And later...
Some people call me cocky. I prefer overconfident.
Overconfident--are you setting yourself up for a fall,
or are you just a bloody good chef?
You gonna bring it?
I'm gonna bring it.
(Announcer) From the thousands who auditioned,
only the top home cooks were invited here
to battle for the title of masterchef.
I'm done. We need to raise the action.
(Announcer) But so far,
not a single person has been given a Masterchef apron
and a place in the next stage of the competition.
[Cheers and applause]
-Right. Sit down, please.
Unfortunately, this is not good news.
So far,
this has been a disappointment,
and I'm getting somewhat upset.
You walk through those doors,
then blow us away.
I want to see you perfect that dish.
Got it?
(All) Yes, chef.
(Announcer) Can Mike, a server from California,
be the first to win an apron and make his brothers proud?
(Mike) What I'm gonna do is cook a pan-seared duck breast
with a little orange miso sauce.
(Man) I'm excited to be here for Michael.
He's put everything on the line for this.
And, to me, I admire it.
Let's do it!
First name. Uh, Michael.
How old are you, Michael?
I'm 34 years old.
What are you gonna cook for us?
I'm cooking a, uh, pan-seared duck breast.
Uh, it's called duck ssam.
(Graham) Grand marnier?
Uh, grand marnier. Yes, sir.
(Gordon) You're flambeing the pan?
(Graham) I love it. Beautiful.
And I'm burning off the alcohol.
I'm gonna add a little bit of fresh tangerine--
or tangelo.
He moves with such speed.
Actually, I'm smearing a little bit of--
this is a very classic korean-style ssamjang.
It's basically a soybean paste.
(Gordon) Fine.
Put it up. Put it up, put it up.
This is such an honor
that you're eating my food right now.
I can't even tell you.
The textures are mind-blowing.
They're absolutely phenomenal.
The balance is unique.
You move like a chef.
And, clearly, you cook like a chef.
Wow. Well done.
Thank you so much. Oh, my...
[Exhales deeply]
That is like sex in your mouth,
in the best possible way.
The acidity, the brightness,
the--the Spice, the miso actually really works.
The food is phenomenal.
I'm gonna do this the way it should be done, all right?
Beautiful balance.
(Gordon) Unbelievable.
All right, Joe, yes or no?
This guy's the man-- 100% yes.
Graham... For sure.
Best thing we've had today.
Absolutely brilliant. Well done.
Ohh! Congratulations.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Get that on there. Thank you, give me a--
[laughing] Thank you. Ohh!
(Gordon) Come on, now. Come with me.
[Cheers and applause]
Is exactly what we're looking for.
I hope you watched him cook,
'cause that has been the best dish so far.
Well done. Congratulations.
Thank you, chef. Unbelievable.
[All cheering]
This is the most amazing thing
that's happened to me.
All right, all right, all right, all right.
Every since I left home and ever since I was a little kid,
it's just the culmination of all these life experiences.
It's, like, falling down to this one moment,
and it's-- it's a blessing, man.
It's just--it's amazing.
Dude! Someone slap me right now.
(Announcer) Mike's success breathes new life into the kitchen.
I'm cooking a southwest seafood salad
with a chipotle-lime dressing.
(Graham) I think there's something in you that needs to come out.
I think that, uh...
That this apron's gonna help you do it.
Yes or no? Yes.
Excellent. Congratulations.
Tell me why I should vote yes.
I'm gonna work really hard for this.
Joe, you can't drink a 62-year-old lady's wine,
yeah, and not give her an apron.
I'm gonna say yes. Whoo!
I'm cooking new orleans-style barbecue shrimp.
(Gordon) If you want this, you have to commit.
I really want this!
I really want this!
[Cheers and applause]
(Announcer) After a run of success,
the pressure was now on Tracy,
a doctor from Atlanta,
who hopes her mother's recipes
can help her start a new chapter
in her own life.
My name is Tracy nailor.
I have a four-year-old son.
Hey, bud!
What'd you get, huh?
My mom is the biggest inspiration
for my cooking.
She's the person who taught me when I was very young
to have an appreciation for food.
About a year before she died,
I asked my mother to write down the family recipes.
That cookbook, for me,
is probably one of my most cherished items.
My mother and I are very much alike--
don't have any formal training, just know how to cook.
That's my poppy right there.
[Laughs] Came all the way from Buffalo, New York,
to see me do this.
Want a taste?
I couldn't be more proud.
I could not be more proud.
Hello. Good afternoon.
Good to see you.
You as well.
(Gordon) And first name is...
Tracy. Right, and what do you do?
Uh, I am a physician.
Where did the love of food come from?
Well, my mom, um, is the person who, um,
taught me everything, really,
that I know about food.
in about four days, it's gonna be
the, um, anniversary of her-- um, of her death.
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
(Gordon) Sorry to hear. Please, take your time.
[Crying] Um, she died about three years ago,
very suddenly.
I'm sorry. And we were very close.
And, actually, I brought with me today,
um, just for inspiration, her, um, cookbook.
Little did I know
that, um, that would be, you know, sort of
the last remnants of our family recipes.
After she died,
what happened was I just started cooking,
'cause I just wanted to taste her food.
And I just started just to cook
and cook and try to create
those tastes and those flavors, you know?
(Gordon) What do you think your mum would say to you now,
presenting this dish in front of the three of us?
She would be beaming.
She would be busting at the seams.
She loved to talk about her daughter the doctor.
And I think she would be equally proud
to talk about her daughter the masterchef.
Okay, y'all eat up.
All right. Thank you.
I guess the-- the question for me...
Can you take it to the next level?
Can you cook outside of the cookbook?
I-I'm a learner by nature,
so I'm just here to say, "teach me."
Aprons are earned, yeah,
with more than just the home-cooked dish.
So we have to feel that passion
and that hunger and that determination
and that-- that will to succeed.
Yes or no?
The search for America's first masterchef continues,
as Tracy, a doctor from Atlanta,
waits to see if her mother's culinary influence
helps her make the cut.
Aprons are earned, yeah,
with more than just the home-cooked dish.
Yes or no?
I think that the, uh-- the food is delicious.
I think that a path in the culinary world
for someone like you would benefit a lot of people.
So I would give you a big...
[Whispering] Thank you.
Graham, yes or no?
I have to give an emphatic yes.
[Crying] Thank you.
(Gordon) You're the one reason
why masterchef, yeah,
was launched--
searching for individuals like you across America
that are so passionate,
amateur chefs that can cook really good.
What I want to see now
is the journey...
Because you have every potential
to be the first-ever masterchef.
Thank you.
And right now your mother's looking down
with the utmost excitement.
You've done her cookbook justice.
Thank you. Well done.
Here we are. Thank you
Brilliant. Up. Well done.
[Sobbing] Thank you, thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Whoo! Whoo-hoo!
[Cheers and applause]
They loved it, you know? They loved it.
I'm just overwhelmed.
[Cheers and applause]
Having this masterchef apron
it keeps my mom's spirit alive.
My mother would be proud.
They better watch out for me.
I'm ready to bring it. [laughs]
(Announcer) Masterchef traveled the country
in search of Americans who are passionate about cooking.
[Cheers and applause]
Unfortunately, some signature dishes
did not make the grade.
This is a Cuban picadillo
with a sofrito slaw.
It's very, very pedestrian. Definitely no.
I could taste desperation in that dish.
It is a wined tarragon chicken.
(Gordon) Chicken's way overcooked.
It's like rubber. okay
I don't think you've earned it this time.
What are you cooking?
Wheat-cracker-encrusted ahi tuna,
considered a derivation of the norm.
I can't think of a worse way
of cooking a stunning piece of ahi tuna.
Definitely no.
What a shame.
(Announcer) Our next contestant, David Miller from Boston,
has no problems talking the talk.
Today I'm making my signature dish,
new england-style bouillabaisse.
Bouillabaisse, traditionally from provence
in France.
(Announcer) But his personality
is definitely an acquired taste.
[Laughing] Yes!
As I hit myself in the face with a towel.
I know you want some.
I'm confident as hell. Are you kidding?
You want to try it? It's right there.
[Laughs] Please do.
Here goes! [cheers and applause]
Here goes.
(Announcer) The question is,
can the judges stomach David and his dish?
How are you?
Could be a lot worse. Thank you.
Could be a lot worse. That sounds positive.
-Yeah, first name is? -Could be a lot worse! Dave.
Dave. From where?
I'm from Boston, Massachusetts, sir.
Boston, Massachusetts Are you acting, or are you trying to be normal?
I'm like this all the time.
Wow. What do you do for a living?
I'm a software engineer.
A what? A software engineer.
(Gordon) Software engineer.
Sir, yes. What are you making for us?
Today, I have a new england-style bouillabaisse.
It takes two days to make the perfect bouillabaisse.
You're doing this in one hour.
One hour, sir.
Love the confidence.
Some people call me cocky. I prefer overconfident.
Overconfident--are you setting yourself up for a fall,
or are you just a bloody good chef?
We'll find out, won't we?
So can you give us a preview? What do you got?
-Well, again, I'm heating up the bouillabaisse.
Right now I have a crouton.
Uh, and I'm working on my rouille.
Is this you normally?
This is really,honestly-- Or--or--
or is this a Christmas pantomime?
Am I missing the boat?
Where's my olive oil? I should have olive oil.
Is there olive oil, please?
[Bleep] Me. Have we just been punked?
(Joe) Here's the good news.
It smells good.
(Graham) Yeah.
There's one fundamental mistake with this dish.
That is definitely not a bouillabaisse.
Let's get that right.
Let me ask you one critical question.
Why did you come on Masterchef?
I put my heart and soul into food.
I'm stuck behind a desk all day.
And I'm good at it, but I don't love it.
I love this.
So my problem is...
When you're good at something, it creates a confidence.
When you're insecure about something,
it creates an arrogance.
A great bouillabaisse takes
two days to make, minimum.
And that is not a bouillabaisse.
Arrogant chefs are like blondes in Hollywood.
And I'm being serious now.
So pull back the smokescreen.
What--what is the real you?
Get the bravado,
yeah, in the oven.
What is you on a plate?
What is it?
-This isn't it. -Thank you.
Give me another chance.
Finally. Graham.
I mean, I don't know.
Maybe I'm crazy, but--but...
I'll say yes.
Is it the talent...
Or is it the--the joker?
I'm a no.
It's the joker.
What do you think, Joe?
Yes or no?
I dont know Maybe I'm crazy, but--but...
I'll say yes.
I'm a no.
What do you think, Joe?
I'm gonna bring it. I promise you.
Really? I--really.
Because if not, I have him to deal with.
Really. You're gonna bring it?
I'm gonna bring it.
You got it, man.
Do me a favor. Come here.
[Hoarsely] Thank you.
[Cheers and applause]
Good job!
Even when you think
you're not putting anything on for these guys,
they see right through what little facade you have.
I'll take every opportunity to learn from these guys.
It's a--it's a dream come true, really.
(Announcer) Bartender Lee, rancher Josh,
and homemaker Christina, all earned an apron
and are now one step closer to a quarter of a million dollars
and the title of America's first-ever masterchef.
Our next hopeful is a very big believer
in her Southern style of cooking.
Slap your mama.
Hello, my name is Avis. I'm from vacherie, Louisiana.
Sometimes imitated, but never duplicated.
Which one we want to do today?
I'm presently volunteering with those that are homebound,
elderly, sick, and shut-in.
My cooking style is the cajun cuisine,
the New Orleans style.
Once we put it all together, oh, my God.
Make your tongue slap your brain out.
Gordon Ramsay is the in-your-face, crazy chef.
Either you love him, or you hate him.
You can't but--do anything but have respect for him.
I love him already.
I'm looking forward to trading this in
for one of what you have out there for me.
[Laughter] I'm excited about it.
I'm serving for you today,
uh, catfish arcadia.
And it is, um
over angel hair pasta.
Season it with all types of seasoning.
Cut it up, make your tongue slap your brain out.
I kid you not.
I love to cook.
And I love it most when people enjoy my cooking.
I pray that this is pleasing to your palates.
One of the main ingredients of being a masterchef
is being able to be selfless
and giving and passionate and having faith.
And I think you scream all that.
Thank you.
Of course...
Things also have to be delicious.
I think that the pasta's a little heavy.
I think that there's definitely room for improvement on that.
But I'm very excited with--
with what i've seen here, yeah.
I hope it tastes better than it looks.
I'm concerned about the presentation.
How do we get you putting things on a plate
with a little bit more finesse?
Pasta-- way overcooked.
Catfish-- cooked perfectly.
(Graham) But the crispiness on the catfish, you know,
I think it's-- the catfish itself is moist.
The crust on the outside, the exterior's really delicious.
The pasta's the weak link.
It's a big weak link.
My vote's yes.
Okay, Joe. Yes or no?
Definitely no. Sorry.
(Gordon) Please, come over.
First of all...
Do me a favor. Yes?
Put that on.
Aah! Aah!
Oh, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
-Congratulation -Oh, thank you, thank you.
Congratulations. Well done.
Oh, my God.
I felt like you just crushed me.
[Cheers and applause]
I'm so proud of you.
(Announcer) Coming up... Mac and cheese--
doing something so simple, it has to be perfect.
Does the presentation on this improve?
What do you mean? Exactly what I said.
(Gordon) He's a walking [Bleep] Disaster.
(Announcer) For our contestants, masterchef
is the chance to fulfill a lifelong food dream.
Randy's down-home dish
is filled with heart-stopping ingredients.
It'll taste like the best
loaded baked potato you've ever had.
(Announcer) Farmer Randy keeps
too much of a good thing.
Oh, and I forgot one thing else--
nothing goes better than butter.
My name's Randy twyford.
Aren't you a bit old to be wearing dungarees?
No? This is normal? This is normal.
Right. Great.
Explain to us what this contraption is.
It's our loaded baked potato. This came from my mother.
My mother used to make-- it was called funeral potatoes.
Holy hell.
When somebody in the neighborhood
around the farm area would pass away,
you'd take a dish over there to 'em.
It's got cheddar cheese. It's got mayonnaise.
It's got sour cream.
And you put it all together--
and bake it. And--and bake it.
Funeral wakes. Funeral wake catering.
Funeral catering.
And then I present it to you on our pig plate.
Is it normally that runny? No.
Does the presentation on this improve or...?
What do you mean? Exactly what I said.
It is what it is.
(Gordon) [sighs] It's dated.
As a nation, we've moved forward
100 years.
It's definitely caveman food.
A resounding no. I'm sorry.
Absolutely not.
So sorry.
[All groan]
Oh, my God.
(Joe) Uh, he's out to hurt people with that dish.
(Gordon) He 's a walking [Bleep] Disaster
a culinary heart attack.
I-I weep for the future. I'm crying on the inside.
He's from a farm, right?
So it looks like cow dung topped with cheese.
There you go.
(Announcer) With almost half our aprons gone,
the mood in the prep kitchen is tense,
but not for everyone.
Let's get some dancin' up in here.
None of y'all are dancin'.
None of y'all like clubs and dancin' and all that?
(Announcer) For faruq, masterchef is a chance
to finally pursue a dream he put on the back burner
for the sake of his young family.
I mean, I ain't even playing with it no more.
Just go ahead and do what you do, baby.
And then I got this bacon here.
Just gonna mix in this-- this is crumb topping.
He has put things aside.
You do with family.
And he wanted to go to school for it,
and he just couldn't-- just when you have a family.
And this is what he wants to do.
This is his dream.
(Boy) Daddy made "macar" cheese.
"Macarmoni" and cheese.
My passion for cooking definitely comes from family.
It brings people together. It brings family together.
You want some too? Uh-huh.
Chef, gentlemen, how we doing?
Perfect. How are you?
I doin' real good.
Great voice. First name is?
First name is faruq. Faruq, good to see you.
Now, what are you cooking?
I am cooking, uh, chic macaroni and cheese.
I call it "chic," because i jazz it up a little bit.
Made it a little more classy, a little more sexy.
What I'm doing right now
is I'm gonna be actually making some parmesan crisps.
I'm gonna be making them in the shape of butterflies.
What? [laughter]
What! This is masterchef.
Yes, it's-- parmesan butterflies.
It probably needs about one more minute.
That's the last thing
I think I ever would have expected to hear from you.
When you come in with this voice that's, like,
shakin' the room, and it's like,
[deep voice] "I'm gonna make you some parmesan butterflies."
We just take, and we put this on the side here.
And let it do, so it'll, like, fold up.
(Graham) You totally bake this au gratin style?
Yes, yeah. Straight baked it.
That's actually holding together very, very well.
(Joe) All right, let's taste it.
A confident grin, faruq.
Yes, sir.
Nice browning, beautiful--
even all the way across.
That shows attention to detail, shows technique.
You're gonna get a nice crunch,
breaking through that top.
And then you have that nice--let's hope--
perfectly cooked al dente pasta underneath.
Thank you.
(Gordon) Okay.
Here's the--the issue
i have with this dish before I even start tasting it.
It has to be perfect.
Doing something so simple, Mac and cheese--
one of the most commonly known dishes anywhere in the States.
So if you're gonna do it, make sure it's the best.
Mac and cheese--
one of the most commonly known dishes anywhere in the States.
So if you're gonna do it, make sure it's the best.
Taste that.
What does it need?
What a shame.
An amazing potential,
great crust,
and you forgot the most important thing--
So are you joking around, or are you taking it serious?
'Cause if you're taking it serious,
you would have seasoned the food.
No, I'm taking it very serious.
Who you with today?
I'm with my wife and my son.
Get them in here. Yes.
Yes, chef.
Jennifer. Silas.
I need you, baby.
Hi. Good to see you. Chef, my family.
Silas. Jennifer.
Jennifer, nice to see you.
Silas, dude... How cool are you?
Is he the chef at home?
And what does it mean to him to be here today?
[Crying] Everything.
He's made a lot of sacrifices
to be a husband, to be a father,
to be there for us.
And I've been doing things for me, and...
He's put his own dreams aside.
(Gordon) You have the balls
to do a Mac and cheese.
The topping's delicious, fantastic.
I was--I was
--I was-- -and then you forget the most important thing.
standing in front of you.
Just a little bit goes a long way--small amounts.
(Graham) As you taste your food,
you look at salt as a magnifying glass.
You apply it to something,
and it makes it taste that much more
like that ingredient.
(Gordon) Okay, time to vote.
(Joe) I want to like this as a Mac and cheese,
and I think that you, maybe to your own detriment,
have put this in,
at least for me,
in the category of a baked pasta.
And as a baked pasta,
I'm gonna have to say no.
(Graham) While the dish was missing
the seasoning, the salt and pepper,
there was one key ingredient that I did taste in it
that came through--love.
And I think, sometimes more than seasoning,
people forget to put that into their cooking.
I'm gonna give you a yes.
[Whispering] Thank you.
I'm on that "t" junction. I'm stuck...
Between a rock and a hard place.
You don't need butterflies.
You don't need bushes of parsley.
Can I just have a quick word with you?
Yes. Please, come over.
Do me a favor.
You pick that salt mill up.
And, dude, give that to your dad,
[Sniffles] Take the salt mill.
Use it.
A small amount goes a long way.
Well done.
[Crying] Yes, chef. Thank you, chef.
Take the salt mill.
Thank you
Thank you (Gordon) Well done.
Thank you very much.
[Giggling tearfully]
(Faruq) I was so overcome.
Just them accepting me
and giving me that opportunity...
To grow, to get better...
Is what I was overcome with.
I really think that, you know,
he's gonna learn from that.
I think that that was something
he's gonna take with him forever.
[Crying] Chef faruq, to me,
seems like a fairy tale.
Once upon a time starts right now.
(Announcer) With over half our aprons gone,
the heat is on for those contestants
still left to face our masterchef judges.
Whoo! Bring it!
As the search for America's
greatest amateur cook continues.
Next on masterchef...
The final auditions, as more amateur cooks
from across the country battle it out.
(Gordon) You got two hours to get home and cook something authentic.
Get out of here.
Let's go. We got two hours.
(Announcer) Obstacles will be overcome...
I was born with a very rare birth defect,
where I only have three fingers on each hand.
It's difficult because you've got three fingers.
How do you manage?
For me, I have cooking.
(Announcer) Hopes dashed...
Maybe I made the wrong call.
If you've got any balls,
you'd go out there and give her an apron.
She does not deserve to go home.
(Announcer) And for some, dreams will become a reality...
I've been waiting for this all my life.
Come here. Oh, my God!
I will vouch for him.
Joe, I will make this guy better.
(Announcer) As the search continues for America's
first-ever masterchef.