The Bohemian Infinity Twist "Natural Hair"

Uploaded by Naptural85 on 04.02.2012

Hey Guys! Before I get into the tutorial, I want to show you the results of my twist out done on old flex rod hair!
One of the reasons I love doing flex rod and Curlformer sets, besides the curls,
is that it stretches the hair and creates a blow dry look without heat!
So when I do a twist out on it, the hair is smoother, longer, and more defined.
Okay, so on to the tutorial!
I'm starting out with my hair in a twist out state
This style looks best in a twist out state, or if you use heat,
a blown out, or flat ironed state.
Either way, make sure the hair is nice and stretched to get good length and definition.
Currently, my hair is parted down the middle, but this style looks best when parted on the side.
Separate the front section, all the hair in front of the ear,
and clip it out of the way.
I'm smoothing a bit of my hair oil mixture onto the roots of my hair to smooth down any flyways.
Then starting on the side of the part with the least amount of hair,
grab two large sections and begin twisting.
Add more hair to the bottom section with each twist.
Make sure to grab sections in order, working from bottom to top, front to back.
Once you've twisted more than half the head, bring the twist to the opposite side,
and keep twisting in the same direction.
Adding more hair with each twist
It doesn't have to be perfect, you can pull on some sections to make it look looser, and more bohemian.
Twist to the end, and secure with a hair tie.
Release the top section.
Again, adding the oil to tame flyways.
And we're going to do the same thing,
Grab two sections and begin twisting, adding more hair in the bottom twists as you go.
When there's only a bit left to add, twist the hair for a bit, without adding any additional hair,
Then continue adding the hair,
This is so that the hair has the appearance of being loose and hanging free.
Then remove the hair tie from the previous twist, and untwist the hair a bit.
Then grab that twist in front, and twist them both together.
Twist all the way down, and secure the end with a hair tie.
And you're done!
A cute, simple, and laid-back bohemian infinity twist.
If you want to deconstruct it even more, leave some hair out in the front to really play up the boho factor. Twisting loosely
I like it both ways, just depends on your mood!
So I hope this helps guys! Bye!