Interview with ceh9 after loss to Winfakt @ Copenhagen Games

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Apr 7, 2012

Hello ceh9. ñ hello.
You have just lost to WinFakt and have fallen into losers.
Obviously, why have you lost?
I think itís related to that some members of our team didnít sleep enough.
There was not enough concentration.
Weíve lost first map on the edge of luck, just one round behind.
We got very sad.
And WinFakt was taking its course,
performing their round well, taking back some rounds,
finished the first part on inferno very well.
Acted very rough and aggressively.
Overall, this team has nothing to lose.
They just played and didnít bother.
While we, of course, wanted to show more team play and some tactics,
do the stuff weíve been preparing on our trainings.
But, alas, it didnít work.
And this is a very pity loss, which unsettled us.
So, our further promotion will depend on our confidence,
which we will be growing throughout next game.
Respectively any team, even the weakest or middle class,
can be dangerous opponents for us.
But weíll try otherwise to gain a good shape.
But why havenít the players got enough sleep?
You are professionals and you should understand that
your condition is kind of half of the battle.
Yes, but Iíve already said lots of times in many interviews that
not all organizers care about such moments
and so they do odd marathons with 32 teams with best of 3 groups
when all four teams proceed to DE
and yesterday we were playing CS only for 15 hours,
or actually 12 hours of pure CS, and 16 hours we were awake.
Yesterday was a very hard day.
Weíve got Anexis team in the last tour,
the most powerful team from the second places,
which could be in our group.
An insanely intense match,
we drunk a lot of energy drinks, coffee.
So you canít just come back and fall asleep after such a match.
Thereafter when I came home yesterday at 11 p.m.,
I could hardly get asleep at 2 a.m., and had very bad sleep.
But again we can say that everybody is in equal conditions bla-bla-bla,
but I am talking about our team and reasons of our defeat.
I think a lot depends exactly on this.
Itís very difficult to work out a schedule when you are training till midnight or 1 a.m.
and wake up at noon or 1 p.m. Itís very difficult to wake up at 7 in the morning.
The championship lasts only two days and it is very difficult,
we knew where we were going. Actually, we still have a little chance.
During the game I saw you were posting all the time in the chat
ìremember about talk with Zeroî. What kind of talk was that?
And why are you reminding about that?
ZeroGravity just gathered all the team and talked to us in team and personally.
I wonít reveal the details of the conversation,
but it was just some motivating stuff to make everybody understand
that we have to cooperate and to play in team.
But it didnít help.
You are now in losers and most likely will play against Copenhagen Wolves
they are famous playersÖ
I donít think so, itís more likely that weíll play with the other team from Finland,
because these young guys have been training online for a long timeÖ
Did you play with them too?
Yes, sometimesÖ And Copenhagen Wolves is a kind of mix of old players
who havenít been training, so the score is already 8:5 in favor of Finnish players. So most likely it will be the other Finnish team.
But would you like to play with those famous players,
they had just finished playing CS when you were going to top.
Thereís absolutely no desire, Iíd rather say it doesnít make any difference whom to play with.
Itís important that right now we have a little chance to play by one map with opponent.
Weíve already looked through the grid and if everything does well, we are playing with that Finnish mix (MoD-eSport),
then with play with coloN and thenÖ- with Poles
no, Poles fell into upper loser bracket and we fell into lower.
And then we are playing with the loser of Alternate-fnatic
or not, we are playing with the loser of SK Gaming-WinFakt
I see. Ok Senya, thanks for the interview, good luck.