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Pottery barn Kids Crib Assembly Kendall Crib
congratulations on the purchase of your Kendall Crib.
The Kendall Crib is one of our most versatile designs with the classic craftsman style detailing
and exclusive hand-applied finishes. this expertly crafted crib will give your baby a safe and comfortable place to sleep and grow.
Make sure you have plenty of space to unpack and assemble the crib.
Carefully unpack the box, unwrap and set aside the large components.Locate the instructions, mounted to the mattress base and the hardware package identified with a red ribbon
and lay out all of the hardware components.
Place all of the packaging back into the larger box and set aside so you have a clear working space.
One at a time, attache the crib ends to the stationary crib side.
Use bolts and an Allen key to secure the pieces together.
Do not fully tighten the bolts yet in order to make the next few steps easier.
Next prepare the mattress base,
use the flat head bolts and the allen key to attach the base brackets to each corner.
The top of each bracket should point away from the base and the bottom should wrap underneath.
Choose your desired height for the mattress base before attaching.
Using bolts and the Allen key, attach the mattress base to the crib ends.
Do not fully tighten the bolts yet in order to make the next step easier.
Using bolts and the Allen key, attach the remaining crib side to the crib ends.
Now tighten all connections to secure the pieces together.
Assembly is now complete.
Place the instructions back into the envelope mounted on the mattress base for safe keeping.
Now you can dress your crib with a skirt mattress bumper, and blanket.
Place your crib skirt over the base,
making sure the skirt nicely hangs below all four sides of the crib.
Next, place a crib mattress down, cover it with a sheet that will be soft against your baby's skin.
Attach a coordinating bumper around the inside of the crib,
making sure you securely tie the bumper, so that it stays perfectly in place.
To complete the look of your nursery, decorate the room with a beautiful quilt.
The Kendall Crib is a wonderful addition to the nursery
and will offer a safe, stylish and comfortable place for your baby to sleep and grow.