The Atheist Asshole's brett miller|FREE WILL

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Hi. I'm Brett Miller. How are you doing?
I'm an atheist, as you might've guessed being
on Atheist Asshole,
a little redundant if you ask me.
But anyway,
I was asked to relate this story to you.
There was a Catholic fellow I used to work with.
We ran into each other
because he was working a little late one night.
I already knew him of course.
We started having discussions
because we were working a little late one night.
And somehow, the subject of God came up.
I kind of pushed it a little bit.
At the time, I was reading
books like The God Delusion,
Godless, a couple of apologetics books,
a little bit more of the Bible.
I guess you could say I was
looking for a fight.
I wanted to get into it with someone.
And the first thing I did
was shoot myself in the foot right off the bat.
He said, what do you think about Catholicism?
I pointed out how they'd abandoned
so many things over the years, like Purgatory.
Technically, they let go of Limbo.
I said Purgatory.
I kept pushing Purgatory.
It wasn't until I went home after work
and looked it up and thought,
son of a bitch.
I am an idiot.
I was pushing.
I wanted to confront this.
And I fucked it up.
It actually turned out all right.
Over the course of many, many months,
we started exchanging books with each other.
I gave him Godless by Dan Barker.
He gave me The Essential Catholic's Survival Guide,
the Compendium of the Catechism,
and eventually Lee Strobel's The Case for Christ,
and a bunch of other books.
He came back from Godless
and he had this look on his face.
He said, this is a very good book.
I came back with
The Essential Catholic's Survival Guide
with pages of notes of what was wrong
with the Immaculate Conception for example.
This as something that made Catholicism
fall on its ass because they wanted Mary
to be worthy of having a virgin birth,
so she was immaculately conceived as well.
And this was something the pope wanted.
There's video of this, I wanna say in the 50s.
And he supposedly said, yes,
Mary was immaculately conceived.
And this became new doctrine for them.
And I'm like, that seems to be something
coming out of their butts.
And they talk about transubstantiation and relics.
They can't really show that there really are relics.
Keep calling them relics just for safety's sake.
Here's a pepper shaker.
It might be a relic.
I'd hate to mock a relic.
And he more or less agreed
with a lot of my points.
He came back from Godless
saying it was a really good book.
He had hardly anything bad to say about it.
In fact, he was like,
you mentioned this book The God Delusion.
I gave him my mp3 player.
It had a copy of The God Delusion,
read by Richard Dawkins and his wife,
I had Julia Sweeney's Letting Go of God,
and one or two episodes of The Non-Prophets.
We would have these hour-long discussions.
We actually had this one talk
that went almost two hours.
That was when we were discussing free will.
It was interesting because a lot of it
was just trying to nail down
what he believed about it.
That's sometimes the hardest thing
about dealing with a believer,
is nailing down what specifically their personal-
there's supposedly two billion Christians,
so there's two billion Christianities.
So I said, so you think God knows
everything that's ever going to happen?
He knows everything that will ever be?
He said, yes.
So how can you say you have free will?
What's the point of our existence?
We kept going back and forth on this.
He was like, it's a test to see-
I'm like, no, no, no, you just said
He knows exactly what's going to happen.
He's not seeing anything.
So what is the point of this?
Well, it's He wants to see-
No, no, no.
He's not gaining any new knowledge.
Everything is exactly how He saw it to be.
Like a teacher, we have a test tomorrow.
You failed, you failed, you failed.
You got a B.
Here's the test. Now fill out the answers.
He already knows exactly what's going to happen.
I eventually focused on that.
If He already knows the outcome of the test,
what is the purpose of the test?
He kept going to the, it's to see,
but he always did it
with a little less force each time.
He had these odd moments where
the indoctrination snuck in there.
He's a smart guy.
He got to this point where his eyes would get-
you could almost hear the priest speaking.
He said it with a little less conviction each time,
until finally, after two hours, he goes,
what is the point of the test?
He goes, I don't know.
Can you think of an answer?
If I could think of an answer,
I wouldn't be asking the question.
At that point, when he asks me if I can
think of a justification for what he believes,
I hate to say winning or losing,
but at that point, pretty much, I'd won.
At least that discussion.
When they ask you,
can you think of a justification because I cannot.
That's a win as far as I'm concerned.