The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt. 07

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So, again, this is what they are using.
This is one of the main ones they are using.
"The Orion Cube", as they call it, or "The Cube".
And, also, it's being used with Looking-Glass.
But what's going on with 2012?
Well, here's another very interesting thing.
Dan Burisch, who I've had multiple discussions with
privately and we are actually going to have an event that we
are speaking at together at Cal Tech, which is later in March.
And I'm going to have that on my website if you're interested.
It's going to be local.
My website is:
And we're going to talk about all this stuff there to some
degree, but it's mostly going to be on his research with biology,
which we'll get into later.
Anyway, we have multiple parallel futures
that we can choose.
And what he [Dan Burisch] found was there was a treaty that they
were trying to do with the extraterrestrials that was
code-named "Tau-9"; and in the Tau-9 treaty,
they had a line item in the treaty that was intended to
share his biology technology with the ET's and that
technology was able to reproduce the original seed of all life on
earth -- which the ET's wanted to use to be able to heal their
own DNA because they believe that they are human lineage.
So what he found out was that these other beings apparently
had contacted him and said, "You cannot tamper with the Tree of
Life; you can look at it, you can admire it,
but you CAN'T mess with it".
The Tree of Life is the actual source code of our DNA.
So what was happening was they were looking into the future and
he took the negative visual that he got from the alien,
from the ascended being that came to him and warned him about
the Tree of Life.
He held that image in his mind about what would happen to the
Earth in 2012, if this were allowed to happen.
And the image inside the Looking Glass immediately shifted
to the apocalyptic vision.
So he was able to prove by doing this,
that you can determine the outcome of what this thing shows
you by your conscious focus.
2012 literally does represent "create your own reality" time.
It has everything to do with what do you expect
is going to happen.
This is where thoughts becoming reality really takes on a whole
new meaning in a way that you've never heard of before.
Now, again, I also had a contact with a man named "Daniel".
You can hear about him, about the story on the free Project
Camelot video that's on my website.
You can go look it up.
I met this guy in New York.
I was stranded at the airport because of the snow.
I ended up going to a Denny's.
It was the only place that was open.
I had brought the Montauk book with me for some reason,
even though I thought it was all just a bunch of crap.
And this dude walks by in, like, biker gear and
a big burly beard.
Big guy!
"So you like that stuff, huh?
You like that, Montauk"?
I said "Aw my gosh this is all a bunch of crap".
He says, "You know, I used to work for Preston Nichols".
Preston Nichols is one of the authors of the book.
And I just started laughing; I said, "Look,
there's no way that you worked at Montauk,
because Montauk is a joke.
It's fake".
Well he kept on talking and, the next thing you know,
he sat down and we stayed up all night.
And I had, like, scribbles all over the placemats.
I mean, this guy -- and it's a shame that he doesn't want to go
public -- because, I'll tell you,
he's got an amazing amount of information.
And I didn't go into it very much yesterday;
some people asked me to go into it a little bit more,
so I will do that.
You have to understand that there is a basic New World Order
and Illuminati, if you will, which is primarily run by the
Rothschilds family.
The Rothschilds means "red shield",
which is all kinds of esoteric symbolism,
which we could go into, but we don't have the time for.
The Rothschilds financed Stalin and the takeover of Russia,
the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917;
they financed the French Revolution;
they financed World War II; they financed Hitler
and they were financing the US.
They believe in "order out of chaos".
You fund both sides of a war and whichever side wins;
you've got their vote -- because you're their paymaster.
You've given them their money.
You control their financial supply,
which means you can control the government, okay?
And you profit, no matter what.
And, also, what happens is that the war stimulates the economy,
so you get much more infrastructure and much more
buildings coming out of it.
That's why, for example, Ford Motor Company was building tank
plants in Germany; which is why Hitler's Wehrmacht
had the tanks.
It was from Ford.
When American bombers bombed Ford's tank plants in Germany,
Ford personally repaid Hitler so he could rebuild
the tank plants faster.
Boeing actually was shipping -- this has been documented -- was
shipping passenger airliners to South America,
which were then sent to Africa, where they ripped the seats out
and turned them into Hitler's bomber fleet.
That was Boeing.
These are American corporations.
The whole idea of these big wars is a joke.
It's a set up.
It's a game that's played.
They play off the opposites against each other in the hopes
of synthesizing a New World Order where we all
kind of synthesize.
That's why Democrat and Republican is a joke.
They want certain aspects of the conservative Republican Party.
They want, for example, the cultish religious aspect --
but it's not Christianity.
That's why the Liberal side is all about: being open and being
free and not having any of these traditional shackles on you,
because what they ultimately want is a racist society.
They are very racist.
And they're interested in a New World Order,
which is run by a Luciferian philosophy.
Now this is very disturbing-sounding stuff,
but they actually believe that, since they have this secret
tradition that goes back to Atlantis and that they've been
persecuted for thousands and thousands of years
by various people.
Nobody persecuted them as badly as the Roman government through
the Catholic Christian Church.
They were tortured, they were killed,
so they came to the natural conclusion -- you can understand
that anybody would have done this under the circumstances.
What do you think they would choose?
They would say "Okay, whatever God these guys think is God,
that's not the right one, because he's stringing us out on
the rack, he's torturing us, he's killing us; therefore,
whoever the Christian Church says is the bad guy
is the good guy".
Okay, wait a minute.
Lucifer is the brightest light, the brightest angel
in heaven right?
And he's the one that got tossed out of heaven.
Well maybe he got tossed out of heaven because
he was too cool, right?
Because everybody else in there was a bunch of corrupt shysters;
well, this is actually what the most powerful people
in the world think.
And they are a fundamentalist
religion just like any of the others.
They still believe this weird stuff.
They follow these teachings.
They actually buy into this.
So that's why it's weird because you see these political parties
that are siding with religious fundamentalist Christianity and
they actually do have a fundamentalist religion,
but it's the mirror opposite, so their energy vibrates with each
other and that's why they work together so well.
Don't forget, of course, that Hitler was also running on a
Christian platform and who was Hitler's main ally in World War
II in Europe?
Italy is the Vatican; the Pope and all that stuff was
supporting Nazi Germany.
Okay, because it was in the Vatican, which was in Italy,
which was Mussolini.
So the reason why I am telling you all this is not for you to
have a fatalistic sense of doom.
It's to also enlighten you to the fact that this is going on.
That it's real and that the Nazis were very,
very proactive in rebuilding all of the ancient secrets
that had been lost.
Because, for the first time, they had a world-power
government that could go out and militarily by force invade
places that were being kept under lock and key with heavy
guard and go in and steal the artifacts and the technologies
that would allow them to rebuild their so-called master race and
all this stuff that they are so into.
What's that?
[Audience member]: Raiders of the Lost Ark?
Raiders of the Lost Ark -- exactly.
So what do you think happens when a UFO crashes in World War
II and the people who financed Nazi Germany once it collapsed?
They are looking for as much technology,
as much goodies as they can get their hands on.
So what do you think they are going to do
when these UFOs crash?
They are going to want to rip out everything from those UFOs
imaginable and reverse-engineer it and make it
into something they can use.
So what's the first thing that they go for?
They take out the chair.
Because [in] these UFOs, you're sitting there in the chair and
you say you want to go somewhere and you meditate on it and a
vortex opens up in front of the ship and you fly through it and
you pop through a wormhole and you end up somewhere else.