[582] Alaa Moralli Uncovers the Lies and Tricks of the Regime and State Media [EN,FR,RU]

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they were waiting for the security officer and the chief of the security branch to meet me and to prepare for the interview.
and whenever I made mistake or stammered while we were recording, they used to stop recording and make me repeat the very same words they wanted me to say.
I was dreaming to be a newscaster who works for one the international channels
they drag me to the detective with my eyes covered and he started to call me Banan
I told him that I'm not Banan, and he responded don't start your lies, I repeated : I'm not Banan
he said: no, you're Banan, so we argued for a while until I got tied
then he said: you have heard the sounds of torture that was going on down there, you still can hear it, don't you?
I said: yes, I can hear it.
he said: well, these sounds are for your brother who is being tortured down there.
he said: your name is Banan al-hassan; you will show up on al-Jazeera with this name.
they knew that I will try to deny, so they started to threaten to imprison me in the solitary.
they said: if you didn't confess, you'll be imprisoned in the solitary, and you know that it is infested with cockroaches and rats.
I told him: I already have confessed, so why you want to imprison me there? please untie my hands and remove that thing that covers up my eyes so that I can see.
they said: after every thing that happened, what did you understand? why did they assemble all these coordinations?
for one reason, which is to separate our homeland
after recording they said that I have to wait for one hour or two to complete the necessary papers to get back home
this "one or two hours" lasted for 13 days.
they tried to degenerate people of Lattakia throughout their coordinations
I dream to work in tv as a newscaster
in such a naive way and throughout forcing his hostages, the media state addresses people without any sense and sensibility.
speaking about what is happening in Syria, saying that things are normal in Syria, yes they use media
in an attempt to raise up the spirit of their Shabbiha every time
This is how it is for our detainees who show up on the state media marked with sequential numbers
Alaa Morelly is free now, free, free, after being arrested in here university.
Alaa Morelly who was presented by the Syrian media as Banan al-Hassan
who is an activist who is triggering and fabricating news, was set free after negotiation between regime and the free army.
in Jabal al-Akrad
in return for militant hostages arrested by the free army who worked as riot police and security forces.
when we're asked to free detainees, we ask for the girls in return for hostages
taking into consideration that girls should be freed first
hostages must be exchanged with officers arrested while trying to defect. ‎32 00:02:43,354 --> 00:02:45,659 they were preparing for an operation to cheat us
by taking hostages along with Alaa and her mother and her brothers
but –thanks to God- we ware alert, we didn't accept to give away any hostage
unless we get the whole family in return
the painful memories take her back to the experience that she had passed through
she had been transferred from one security branch to intelligence branch on the road between Damascus and Lattakia
through Homs resting point for security reasons.
how did she live in prison? what had she seen?
How did the regime launch psychological war against female patriots. 00:03:20,419 --> 00:03:24,164 in order to achieve his goal to confirm his favorite terms"misled" and "conspiracy"
Alaa Morelly is telling every detail in every minute that she had lived
we've been under big pressure.
they used to torture guys at the walls of the next room
they used to hit their heads against the walls
we used to hear a very disturbing sounds,beside the sounds of torturing young men.
they used to swear young men and ask them: where have you been? In demonstrations?
they were swearing them very impolitely without slightest respect to our being girls and we shouldn't hear such bad words
in al-Assad prisons every prisoner will be presented one day as a repentant terrorist
who show up on their TVs to advice, tell, and confess.
with whatever he is told by the resistance defender
under the motto " we don't confirm nor deny the news"
in regime media it is very likely that your name might be fabricated under the claim that this is necessary to defeat the conspiracy
and your story will be turned into a long action film
with the same traditional end: declaring victory against the conspiracy.
that they have been frustrating every time and all the time, and at the beginning of every newscast
And just for national purposes
some observers say: necessity justifies detention.
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