Interview with Edward after 1st game (against SK) @ IEM6 WC

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 6, 2012

- Hello Edward.
- Hi.
- You have just completed your match with SK which ended with a tie.
Why did it happen so?
You were dominating in the first half so what happened?
- Yeah and we were leading 3-0 or even 4-1 in the second half
as well so overall score was 14-6...
But than we started to do silly mistakes and
SK was like waiting for us to do so.
They got shape...
this situation resembles me ESWC 2011
a lot when we won 1st half 12-3
and lost 2nd half 3-12 and lost the final eventually.
This is almost the same.
We didn't know what to do,
did stupid mistakes and that's why it's a tie.
Well, thanks god it's a tie
becuase we got lucky in the final round
to get a rush at A-plant where we had famases.
- Tell me, it's very noisy in the hall,
does it disturb? You are almost shouting.
- Yes, it disturbs a little because you don't hear in-game sounds
like steppes and you get info
only with what you can actually see.
You can't count that you may hear someone
getting into the spot like you would normally do
in your usual game.
So it disturbs.
- Did you think SK to be the strongest team
in the group?
Will this result motivate you for other matches?
- Actually it will,
but I hope we manage to calm down
and start to play like we are used to do.
If we do so, we will pass the groupstage but I don't know the final placing.
SK is one of the strongest team in the group,
yet I can't name them the best because there are
a lot of World Champions in this group:
Poles, we are, SK.
Moreover there is mousesports
with new lineup and new motivation
- Who are we going to play now and what map?
- I don't really know.
- Ok Edward, thanks, good luck to you!
- Thanks you too!