Debate Tips & Advice : Debate Tips: Recording Thoughts

Uploaded by expertvillage on 01.10.2008

Alright. Now let's talk about what we're going to do on the other side of the paper. We have
outlined the speaker's main points. Now, we're going to put our thoughts, and what we're
talking about is our thoughts to refute what the person says. So, let's say they're giving
a speech about slaughterhouses and how they're bad. And we're going to refute this. We're
not totally on board with this, Ok? So they give a speech and one of their points is about
cruelty in the slaughterhouse. Ok, we need more information on that. So over here in
our thoughts, we're going to write "Need more info". So, that's one of the reasons that
it's really important that you take real clear, concise notes of their outline. So that you
can just look here and write your thought here. And look here and write your thought
here. And your thoughts will come to you as you go down this outline. Your thoughts --
"Well, I don't believe that." Or, "Well, you didn't prove that to be true." Or, "I
need some examples." Whatever your thought is on what they said, whatever you're going
to refute, that's what you write on the other side of the paper.