Don Was - Jill Sobule - Dance Party II

Uploaded by MyDamnChannel on Sep 27, 2007

DAN WAS: Thank you everybody.
Thank you, and welcome to the Wasmopolitan Dance Party,
broadcasting live today from the grand showroom of our
sponsor, The Furniture Outlet located right here at 13054
Sherman Way, in the heart of North Hollywood.
If you're in the neighborhood, come on over, because Jack's
got some great deals on sofas, and love seats, six piece
dinettes and bedroom sets.
And if that's not enough to motivation you, we've got some
great music today from our special guest, one of
America's greatest living singer-songwriters.
Give it up for Jill Sobule.

DAN WAS: Jill Sobule.

DAN WAS: Jill, how you doing?
JILL SOBULE: I'm good, Don.
DAN WAS: It's so nice to have you here.
This is your first appearance on the Wasmopolitan Dance
Party, isn't it?
JILL SOBULE: This is my first appearance
and I need some furniture.
I'm going to go shopping afterwards.
DAN WAS: Could you see yourself playing in more
furniture stores?
JILL SOBULE: It's better than the most the
places I've played at.
And that's true.
DAN WAS: So you've got a new single out,
it's called San Francisco.
JILL SOBULE: San Francisco.
And if people go on MyDamnChannel.
JILL SOBULE: They can see us recording it.
DAN WAS: They can indeed, can't they?
JILL SOBULE: And you're playing bass.
And looking badass.
And it's really, it's fantastic.
It's one of the most exciting recordings.
DAN WAS: And it's a great song, too.
You want to tell us a little bit about the subject matter?
JILL SOBULE: I almost hate to because, I noticed on the
site, people were saying it was kind of an enigma.
And that sounds way more interesting than what I was
writing it about.
DAN WAS: All right.
Well why don't you just play it for us instead?
Jill Sobule, everybody.

DAN WAS: That'S beautiful, Jilly.
Thank you, so much.
Thank you, for coming to the show today.
JILL SOBULE: Thank you, Don.
DAN WAS: And Thank you all for being here.
Thank you to Jack, and everyone here at Furniture
Outlet, 13054 Sherman Way, in North Hollywood, California.
Great furniture deals.
We'll see you next week.
The Wasmopolitan Dance Party.
Thank you for coming.