Mahabharat - Episode 34

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lt does not take long for the season to change... the arena of Politics
However, it does not take any orders...
...because change has its own speed...
...and direction
Every character chooses...
...his own brand of Politics...
...and its direction
Which is why, sometimes...
...the different brands of Politics...
...clash in the open field
For the moment, the open field is far away
So, l can only do one thing;
Walk along in any one direction...
...and wait for the season to change
Even Dhritirashtra is waiting for this change
He is hoping...
...that the Sun which rises on the Political horizon...
...will bring sunshine into the darkness of his life
What are you thinking, my lord?
How did you know l was thinking?
Had you not been thinking... would have reacted... the sound of my entering the room
What are you thinking?
What else can a person think of...
...But the marriage of his son?
l was thinking of Duryodhan's marriage
lf he wins the princess of Panchal, Draupadi...
...Hastinapur will also benefit from the alliance
lf Lord Shiva wishes it... will it be!
Draupadi's coming here...
...will enhance our prestige
We will be grateful if you could...
...have dinner with us
Looks like you have spent your life among warriors
You have forgotten the way Brahmins speak
However, we accept your invitation
Are you all going to Kampilya?
What is happening there?
Why did you ask that question
Draupadi will select her husband
All the kings and princes are going there
But surely the Princess is not old enough...
...for marriage
She is an unusual girl
How come?
lt is a long story. l'll tell you after dinner
You don't know but...
...the King of Panchal had a secret in his heart
What was l saying?
There was a secret in Dhrupad's heart
Draupadi's birth was a result of that
What was the secret?
You must have heard of Sage Drona
Who has not heard of him?
Sage Drona and King Dhrupad were friends...
...from childhood
ln an emotional moment...
...the king told the sage...
...that half the kingdom was his
Sage Drona believed this...
...oblivious that a Brahmin could not dabble in Politics
When Dhrupad became king he went to him
He did not ask for the kingdom
Did he?
Ego does not befit a Brahmin
To achieve that he has to renounce the world
Sage Drona forgot this and tried to equal the king
Warriors are egoists
Dhrupad did not like Drona's doing this
He said this openly
Drona kept this in his heart
Why did Fate side with Drona?
Only God can tell
He was asked to teach the Hastinapur Princes
After having taught them...
...he asked his students to conquer Panchal for him
Gandhari's sons failed...
...But Kunti's sons were successful
But l must admit that...
...Drona was a true friend
He told Dhrupad; You did not share...
...what you had
But l won't do that
So, l give back to you...
...half of Panchal which is now mine
A Brahmin is a Brahmin
Drona did not understand Strategy
A kingdom cannot be shared
Dhrupad's heart began to seek revenge
His life had only one aim!
To find a way to avenge himself
He began to hope for a son...
...who would kill Drona
Such a son can only be conceived...
...through mediation and prayer
Dhrupad began to search for Sages
When Revenge is the aim
lntelligence is destroyed
Dhrupad does not want a son
He is in search of a weapon
Greetings Sage
You did not bless me
No, because l do not have...
...what you want
l only want a son, O Sage
Why do you want this son?
You want a weapon not a son...
...So as to kill Drona
You are asking for a curse...
...and l cannot give it
O Sage you know that...
...Drona humiliated me
l am burning in that fire of hell
You have invited this Hell
Get out of this Hell Which you have created
Life is priceless
Revenge cannot be its only aim
You are a Brahmin
To bless me is your duty
lnstead of a blessing...
...l'll give you a name
Go to my elder brother, Sage Yaaj
He cannot distinguish between pure and impure
Knock at his door
l am grateful
Greetings O Sage
How did you get here?
l wish to meditate for a son...
...who will avenge Myself on Sage Drona
l will serve you in any way for that
l'll give you an unusual cow
Upyaaj must have shown you this path
Yes, O Sage
He thinks l accept everything
But who will decide what is...
...pure and impure
Will Upyaaj?
lf you are destined to get a killer for Drona then... will get such a son
l did not write your Fate
God has done that
Can God do something impure?
lf yes then...
...why haven't l done it?
lf no...
...then how can helping your Fate... wrong?
l'll definitely help you
Call the queen
Yes O Sage
Call the queen
The queen is bathing
The queen is bathing
Time cannot wait for anyone
ln this unusual fashion were born...
...and Draupadi
lt is this Draupadi Who is to be married
l suggest you, too, go there with your sons
You will get enough alms to last you a lifetime
She must be beautiful
She is not an eatable, Brother
The ceremony must be worth seeing
Of course
The selection ceremony will be...
Kings from all over lndia will be there
The Yadavs of Dwarka will be there
Then we must definitely go, mother
Yes, my son
l, too, want to see Draupadi
Come, Please sit
This gadget was installed with Arjun in mind
l only hope Draupadi does not remain unmarried
Why do you think like that?
All the noted warriors are here...
...including Sage Drona's disciples
Go and get Draupadi
Yes father
lt seems the Prince has gone... get the Princess
Look everyone is getting ready
Will you be taking part in the competition
How can l enter?
Draupadi is like my sister
-ls she our sister, too? -No
The king is my father's friend
l'm the family
lf you win this competition...
...l will be very happy
There can be no doubt...
...about my winning...
...this competition
Be alert
Princess Draupadi is on her way
This is a significant moment for Kampilya
l welcome all of you...
...on behalf of my father
Every brave warrior of lndia... present here today
Those who are absent cannot be brave
This is my sister Draupadi
That Brahmin seems well fed
He is not a Brahmin
Why did he bow to you?
l don't know
Why don't you give Straight answers?
Because your questions are not straight
Do you know him?
Even you know him
The one in front is Yudhishthir
The well fed one is Bhim
Behind him is Arjun...
...and then Nakul and Sahadev
That's what l was going to say
You cannot see anyone but the Pandavas
They were burned at Varnavat
Let me listen
My father has invited all of you
That is your aim
The eye of the revolving fish
You will have to look at the reflection of the eye...
...and hit the aim.
My sister will wed...
...whoever is successful... achieving this
So, warriors that is the target
Those five arrows...
...and that is the sacred bow
Draupadi you are lucky
The bravest warriors are here for your hand
l welcome all of you... begin your attempt
Look at his style
l am looking
Come on nephew
Did you see that?
Looks like Sage Drona has not...
...taught him to control his arrogance
Why are you dejected?
Hastinapur has been shamed
l will not allow...
...Hastinapur to be shamed
Long live King of Anga
l cannot wed a charioteer's son
lf that is so... will have a long wait ahead
Sages, rivers and warriors have no source
My friend has been insulted in this court
lf that was the condition...
...why did you not announce it... the beginning
Do not insult the host by...
...protesting loudly
Karna is our guest
He should know the traditional rules
As Sage Drona's disciple you should know...
...that a relationship is between equals
My divine born sister Draupadi...
...holds the garland
Surely it is her right to decide...
...who she'll wed
ln any case, Karna was...
...right about one thing
At a ceremony where the bravest warriors... Duryodhan, Sartaki, Jaivat, Jarasandh...
...are present, how can... one be successful?
l was sure someone would win my sister's hand
Looks like the art of archers...
...died out with Arjun
ls there none so brave...
...who can pierce the fish's eye?
The bow is not made of wards, Brahmin
Nor is the target easy
Will you be able to string the bow...
...which none of us...
...could string?
He doesn't seem to be a Brahmin
Look at his body
He has great strength
Look at those muscles
He looks like a winner to me
Long live the Brahmin
Time selects the winner
The brave select the weapon
Arjun aims at the fish's eye...
...eventually achieving his aim