KBC 3 - Hilarious Contestant wid Shahrukh Khan (+subtitles!)

Uploaded by zubisid1988 on 22.05.2007

Vikas.. (baby crying on the phone) Ankur what happened to you?
Nothing Sir, Nothing
aite, are you ready now Ankur? >>Yeah, ready
Vikas, Ankur, your 30 second time limit starts now.
Who founded the Lodi Dynasty in 1451? Ibrahim Lodi, Bahlol Lodi, Sikandar Lodi, Daulat Khan Lodi.(4 times)
Sikandar Lodi >>Ibrahim Lodi, Bahlol Lodi, Sikandar Lodi, Daulat Khan Lodi.
Sikandar Lodi I'm damn sure.Just get it freezed.
Sikandar? Who founded the Lodi Dynasty in 1451? Ibrahim Lodi, Bahlol Lodi, Sikandar Lodi, Daulat Khan. (people laughing)
Ibrahim Lodi. >>100%? >>Yeah. Ibrahim Ibrahim...(call disconnected)
What did he say sir?
What kind of friend is he? First he said Sikandar Lodi and while leaving he said Ibrahim Lodi.. Is he a good friend?
(nods)Si.... Si.. Si... I think its Ibrahim. In 1456..
No no no, 1451
Sikandar Lodi or Daulat Khan. Its between Sikandar and Daulat Khan.
You think its between Sikandar and Daulat Khan?
Sikandar Lodi or Daulat Khan. Sikandar... (long pause)Or Daulat Khan. Daulat Khan (long pause) or Sikandar.
I'll tell you one thing? Its good you are not a doctor. I would come to you with malaria or diphtheria and you would ask me only. Malaria? Cholera? You are asking the patient!
Ibrahim Lodi was involved with the first battle of Panipat, it cant be him. Bahlol Lodi dint found the kingdom. Ive never read about him. Sikandar Lodi or Daulat Khan.I think its Sikandar Lodi Sir.
You think? You really think?
I do. Sikandar. Sikandar Lodi. Freeze it please
Freeze it? Well done. Smile and tell me to do that buddy. You are playing so well, you are enjoying yourself. C : Sikandar Lodi, I'll freeze it?
(hesitates, meanwhile SRK hand still up, and after long pause) Daulat Khan Lodi. Freeze Daulat Khan Lodi.
so to Daulat Khan Lodi, should I.. >>Freeze Sikandar only. Sikandar Lodi. Sikandar
(SRK goes mad) Ive become mad. Temme buddy. Just tell me. I dont wanna play.
Daulat Khan Lodi >>Daulat Khan Lodi? Confirmed?
(long pause) Sikandar Lodi. Just freeze Sikandar Lodi.
(quickly) Freeze Sikandar Lodi yeah? COMPAQ Computer, C: Sikander Lodi, please freeze it please. Why did you think it was Sikandar Lodi?
My friend also told me Sikandar
Your friend while leaving said Ibrahim Lodi also. But unfortunately, this answer is wrong. The correct Answer is B-Bahlol Lodi (oohhhhs from crowd) but cmon, 6 lakhs 40 thousand rupees. You werent even anywhere close to Bahlol Lodi