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of course not
there are left-right wing political...
great you make a wonderful pass
as far as Golden Dawn all media is the same
why did "rizospastis" (newspaper),Vima(newspaper) and Mega channel made a conspiracy
about arranging and saying the exact same things?
they have common interests its not about conspiracy
like they say we are their enemy
we are their common adversary
now what you say about hunt of the immigrants
it never happened from Golden Dawn
we have protected greek citizens from criminality
of illegal immigrants in some regions of Athens
and thats what happened indeed
by using violence?
when they attack you have to defend by using violence
if they try to rob you what are you gonna do?
wont you defend yourself?
when they pee inside church's sanctum will you let them do it?
what will you do?
you'll drive them away thats what you are gonna do
by using violence
yes how are you gonna get rid of them?
will you say please Mr Pakistani dont pee inside church's sanctum
its not good
yes but isnt it a vicious circle?
we did not decide the vicious circle
someone else created it
so if you think what someone does is bad and you have to drive him away by using violence
and if he thinks what you do is bad and he has to defend by using violence
means we will have to be equipped with knives?
violence is everywhere and its not a Golden's Dawn creature
tell me did Golden Dawn force the police to spray with chemicals
all these people in Syntagma Square?
or the others using bombs?
it is heard you've got many votes from the cops of special forces
i am not aware of these results
we've had conflicts with them
what about that they say you cooperate with the police?
just a second lets talk about violence
violence is a reality
Golden Dawn is not responsible for this
when time comes for Golden Dawn to take over the country
i guarantee there will be no violence
do you cooperate or conflict with the police?
we have had conflicts with the police many times
just like in 23 of december 2011
when we rallied against IMF
which was not shown from any channel
those great democratic media that always say the truth
if there were gathered any blue and red (political parties)
you would run there immediately to present them
when we were there fighting with the special forces
we were not displayed and they threw us chemicals
nationalist persistence mostly the one of germans
against jewish and gypsies
do you justify nazi crimes against jewish?
i dont justify any war crime but war brings crimes
germans did crimes and so did americans
Dresden was burnt entirely along with women and little children
in Auschwitz?
in Auschwitz what?
i havent been in Auschwitz
you know what happened there dont you?
what happened?were were you in Auschwitz?
no but i've read about like everyone
i've read many books which dispute the number of 6million jewish
it doesnt matter
were there furnaces?
no there was no furnace that is a lie
i believe it is a lie
nor gas chambers?
nor gas chambers
there were many dead people in concentration camps from many nations and thats a war crime
just like concentration camps in USA for japanese people
you try to balance them out
of course i do cause history is always written from winners
you are very sensitive about nazist war crimes
but for the rest of the war crimes you have an absolute certainty
its like saluting nazism
2 are singing and 3 are dancing.you are out of control
isnt greek someone who is born here and gets the greek citizenship?
based on what do you say it?
lets say Stefanopoulos said that
Stefanopoulos hasnt studied well Isokrates
do you deny that someone who is born and goes school in greece is a greek one?
no thats not a proof for me
DNA testing?
not DNA testing
if someone is greek it's in his blood,ancestry and consciousness
what does that mean?
another generation back?
maybe 2 and 3
what i believe.do i have the right for it?
if that means i am a racist no problem
say it to the greeks of canada or australia
the law is different there
Canada and Australia are 2countries created by invaders and what i want is
we Greeks not to become like those natives of Australia and Canada
say it to the Greeks of Germany then
yes of course
after years of living in Germany they become German citizens
they become indeed German citizens but i dont believe in that
thats my point of view
what about homosexuals?
is there something in your party about them?
homosexuals are a part of society
that i dont consider it as normal
question was a trap.i want to see any difference from german nazism
i will tell you in another way.i wouldnt be proud if i was gay
what else do you want me to say
you dont answer to me.cant someone be a Golden Dawn member if he is homosexual?
being openly homosexual and member of Golden Dawn no
so you care not to be openly homosexuals.only if they hide it?
if we dont know it how will we understand them?with testing?
of course
but you even said to make blood testing to check if we are Greeks
i didnt talk about such a testing
test their parent's parents...
we want them to be Greeks.Greeks who have a grandfather who fought in 1940
who joined the war in Sarantaporo
and who had his grandfather's brother died in war time just like mine
you served in the Greek Army right?
in borderland
my wishes and congratulations
in Didimoteiho
now in parliament will you swear to the Evangel?
didnt i in the town council?
Greek state was founded in the name of Agia Triada
they say many things about you and you know it
of course i do
yeah sure nor ancient greeks were gentile this is all false
i have a deep respect for the ancient greek civilization
Greek state is not and should not be atheistic
and i had told to Mr Kaminis in the town council
that as far as i know there is no demotic country
unless there is any Roviesperre in here
what i remember about you in the town council is that you saluted the same way as nazists
that was in a town council time break
i was provoked by Mr Konstantinou
who started screaming he is a fascist he is a fascist
and i answered him that way
that salutation is not a nazist one
i've seen you saluting like that
not that way
we saluted like that in 4th of August
some people do it and its not Golden Dawn formal salutation
what about "Blood,Honour Golden Dawn" (Golden Dawn slogan)
it means country,honour,Golden Dawn
no the slogan is Blood,Honour Golden Dawn
Blood doesnt mean that we'll get out in the streets like zombies sucking blood
with the word blood we mean our race
i'm saying because there is a similar slogan of Hitlerism youth
i dont know about that
i can even sing to you Mani's funeral song about blood
and in there we say that we have the same blood
what will you do in the parliament?do you respect the rules?
of course i do respect them but if they start talking again
all these stupidities about Hitler that when i was born there was no Hitler
i can talk about people that when they were alive
some were paid by Funds of the Soviet Union
and some others from the other "democratic" leader
i have to say a lot of things
political and ideological terrorism of the left wing parties is breaking
and there will be heard another word
even if you say a truth about left wing parties
doesnt mean that what they say about you is a lie
what do you mean?
you say if they tell me about hitler...
i was never paid by Hitler
you have called him great leader of 20th century
i never got any money compared to them
"we raise our right hand and shout Heil Hitler"
that doesnt have an effect
it is in a Golden Dawn's text of 1987
its just not valid
do you believe it?
i believe he was a great personality of 20th century
dont you say Heil Hitler?
of course we dont for the simple reason that you say Heil for someone who is alive
since he is dead what will you say?Heil?
is it true that many of your members have issues with justice?
there is a perjury that someone got attacked and our member was nearby
and they stole his identity card
thats what they mean robbery
do you renounce anything from the action of the Golden Dawn?
about beatings...
there have been cases in the law court
but i never abandon my "soldiers"
i defend them even in their mistakes
because indeed people came by my side
that they may have participated in fights and be accused for that
are you rich?
no i'm not rich
i am not an owner of any house which is a porn hotel like they said
yes thats what i wanted to ask you
there is a house which was my wife's father
who died 15yrs ago
and who had rent it to some Greeks of north Epirus
and my wife has the 15%
i have nothing of it
is it indeed what they say about?
i honestly dont know what it is
what i can say is that we have nothing to do with company nor management
and who is talking about all this?
those newspapers that if you check their last pages they have hotline numbers
if needs to be we "dirty" our hands?
if we have to we are not democratic?
does it justify violence?
we mean that we dont make democratic protestations
political correct for the system
when we say we are not democratics we mean we are not with this kind of democracy
which exists in our country the last 38years
and which works in the worst way possible
do we have democracy?
no we dont have democracy
we dont even have Constitutional Court
isnt it a clue of democracy considering you will be in the parliament?
its a clue of democracy's weakness
so we should have declared you illegal?
thats what they pretty much do
they always had us in the border cause they didnt believe
that through their disgrace one part of the citizenship would wake up
and vote for us and thank god they are 440.000 Greeks
they are 30-40 divisions
you count your power in military terms
yes i love the army
i dont know if thats bad
its like you're telling us that when you want that army will move where you'll say
no its not an army but if you want it like that then no problem
is it true that you make business of protection in Athens?