Eric Saade, People's Choice/Winner at the ESC 2011 - Gomorron Sverige (May 16, 2011)

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Eric Saade, third place, a bronze medal in Eurovision Song Contest! Welcome!
Thank you very much!
You just told me that you feel beaten up, so you are tired now?
Yes I'm very tired.. but I'm allowed to be that.
2 weeks in Germany. We just saw the performance and what was going through your mind when you were standing there in the big final and the semi finals were over and you just needed to give everything you've got after almost 2 weeks in Germany.
uuhm.. when I got to the final I stopped thinking about the result...or I can't say that I stopped thinking about the results cause I wanted to be there in the top and fight.. but at the same time I was so focused on giving every thing I got for the 170 million viewers and 37.000 people in the arena.. It was magical, I got a little goosebumps so I didn't really have to think about doing my best cause with that rush you get of a big thing like that you give your best no matter what.
You got a question in the chat and they asked you "Do you ever get nervous?"
I get crazy nervous, but I need that to be able to do my best.
How does it feel when you get nervous, what happens?
I don't really notice that I'm nervous when I'm on stage and doing my best, but I notice afterwards that I was feeling nervous. There are many journalists that have been complaining about me during the rehearsals, cause they think that I haven't been giving all I got. I read that in a few newspapers, but I'm that kind of person that always gives everything I got when I get the "feeling" and when I'm doing something that I love or when it's for real, like if I'm giving a concert or if it's live TV... but it's not real in a rehearsal cause that's just for practice.
Yes and maybe to save the energy and the voice?
Well, it's not so "dangerous" cause you don't get a sour throat from singing, you get a sour throat from talking actually. Cause if you get a soar throat from singing you have a really bad singing technique and then you have to work on that allot. I worked on that allot this last year, cause I had never taken one song class before Manboy.
Yes, really.
But did you expect after last year that you would sit here now with a third place in Eurovision, back then?
Yes. (Me - Eric, did I tell you that I like the way you laugh? )
Ha ha, you have made yourself famous as a bit cocky, have you believed the hole time that you would make it?
Yes, that's the thing.. I'm quite honest when it comes to saying what I think and feel ... and the problem in Sweden is that when I do that people think I'm being when I entered the competition again my only goal was to win.
But that's how it's suppose to be right?
Yes I think so. But it really depends from person to person. But that's how I work anyway. And I really don't think that you can compete in music cause people have different taste so the result was not very important for me really before the competition started. But it IS a competition after all, and now I've done that and I see it as a chapter in my career, that this is where I started, and it was fantastic, but now I want to move on without having to compete in music.
So you don't want to compete anymore?
No, cause those nerves don't really work for me.
In the chat you wrote "Never again, will I enter Melodifestivalen (Swedish Eurovision)"
No, well you should never say never. Maybe in 20 years..but my goal was to begin my career with being at the top of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision. And now I have done that, and I'm really happy and grateful to the Swedish people for giving me the chance to do that but now that's a chapter in my life as I said and I have to move on now, and I want to just develop in pop music.
What's the plans for the summer? Will you go on tour?
I will release my album on the 29th of June and I go on tour the 17th of June. And it will be an awesome concert. It will be allot of me with dancers and show... like people are used to see me and I hope they will like it and it will be called "Made of pop". [Me - Hope to see you live in a concert in Canada!]
"Made of Pop". Are you tired of singing 'Popular' now? Do you want to sing it again? Because you have to do it the whole summer.
Of course, right now it's the best song to sing, but it's not like I listen to it in my Ipod.
What do you listen to?
I listen to everything that's good.
What is your taste in music? Is it Pop?
Absolutely, pop is closest to my heart. But I listen to everything that's good, there is good pop and bad pop and good hip-hop and bad hip-hop.
What song did you like the most in Eurovision? Was it 'Popular'?
Well, as I said it's about taste, you can never be best in music. But the one that won was good. Azerbaijan, they won and it was a good song with Swedish songwriters, so it's fun that they won.
Here we can see the winning performance from Saturday, why do you think they won?
Wow, I don't know. Hopefully it was because it was a good song and people liked it. Because that's what I hope people voted for and not anything else.
But for a really long time it looked like you were going to win. Did you feel like "Yeah, I'm going to win" during that time?
No, I don't really think I felt that. Because even if we were at the top I knew that it was just after the half part of the votes and allot of the east European countries were left and I know how they work. So I was just being focused and nervous.
What did you feel there, when she interviewed you?
I was so nervous and I really had to pee and they didn't let me go to the bathroom so I had to keep it in.
So, you were nervous and you had to pee and you didn't think that you would win.
No, you shouldn't expect to win... I just wanted Europe to like me and that this would be the start for a European career, cause that's been my dream since I was a little kid. And now I have gotten the chance to show Europe what I know and now I hope that the chance will continue because now I want to release my upcoming album as my debut album in Europe.
And you are satisfied with the third place?
YES! Absolutely , I'm more then satisfied! (Congrats again, Eric!)
You are going on tour now and releasing a new album, but where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I wish the same thing that many other artists wish and that is that I will be able to keep spreading my music as much as possible, maybe Europe or the whole world or nothing at all. I just want to spread it as much as I can and do what I love even in 5 years or 10 years..
Are you still down to earth? Because everybody wants you. You had to get hidden ID and not just from the media but from the fans as well.
Well, of course, because the day when you are not down to earth anymore you should just stop being an artist cause that day you will probably stop working for it. I had to fight since I was 15 to get signed and I've realized that it's a long way so if you don't keep fighting for it you will never stay. Cause no one will do it for you, you have to do it yourself. And I've learned that so I will always be down to earth and keep my feet on the ground. If I would lose it one day and not keep my feet on the ground my mom would kick my ass so I don't have a choice. [Me - Thanks, Eric's Mom!]
So your mom is keeping an eye on you?
Are you going to do more interviews today after this?
Yes, I will do one more today.
But you are tired!
Yes, I am tired. But I've asked for to just go home and stay low as much as I can and just rest for a few days now..
Thank you so much Eric for coming here! And congratulations!