H+ Episode 16: From Above

Uploaded by HplusDigitalSeries on 12.09.2012


MAN: We got plenty of water, we'll be fine.
JULIE: Brian.
How did you get here?
I-- I-- I biked.
Nick came over, and we set out together.
It started snowing last night, Mom,
just like you were saying.
Did you come with Nick?
No. His mom worked the night shift,
and the hospital was on the way.
We went there first, but she was...
She didn't make it.
He stayed with her.
KENNETH: Brian. We need your help with something.
Did you see anyone alive in the airport?
Um, yeah, like, some homeless and stuff.
But it's mostly dead people, everywhere.
The streets, the cars.
Nick and I were saying it's gotta be HPlus.
I mean, I don't think any kids died.
I passed a bunch on the way here.
JULIE: It is, Brian.
But you guys are okay, so it's gotta mean the--
Wait. Where's Dad?
Oh, Mom.
MAN: Wait, they know that kid?
He's too young to have an implant.
You think that's her boy?
Looks that way, doesn't it?
I wanna know what that piece of shit is saying.
JASON: We'll find out soon enough.
I don't get why we're waiting. Let's just go in and grab him.
Because he won't tell us the truth.
So I'm gonna figure it out on my own.
I wanna understand exactly what he did here.
Then when he's ready to leave, we'll be waiting.
ANDY: Hey, kid's driving off.