[sub] Nuki talks about Daigo. ep.02

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Nuki < Okay, let's begin "Marugeya episode". Includes our very first meeting, which went back more than that.
So "Ep.01"(Ep.02) "At Marugeya arcade."
Another title is "Angel Attack".
Decades ago.. um, you guys ready?? Okay.. another title is "A love supreme side:A".
Decades ago, Roku, you know... Err, mic volume is low?? Shall we begin now???
Decades ago, I played games just for casuals. Various fighting games incl ST.
It happened in Akihabara, virtually my home town, I used to live close, and I met Daigo first time.
I mained Chunli and played just for fun. At that time, Sega arcade in Akihabara was fighting gamer's Mecca.
I wonder how I could afford such moneys. I mean, it cost 100yen for every 1min, to play ST in turbo4 speed.
As soon as I got some allowance, I went there by my bicycle. Then played some Garou(Fatal Fury) SP etc.
Roku < How old were you. Nuki < 14 or 15, junior high.
Then, I had a "Chun-li friend" there, say, "Akihabara Chunli".
One day, Akiba Chun guy told me. "He is Umehara-kun, new comer but really strong."
Daigo was using Guile, Salty "Turle Guile", with spamming Sonics. I didn't agree that "he is strong" talks.
... Back in those youth days, our "strong" meant to be more "fair" fights. Be offensive, no turtle, no spam etc.
But even in that kind of "morals", all Daigo was doing is, sonic sonic c.HP, sonic sonic ....
And he made 100s of winning. I thought "Wtf is this guy doing... He might be strong but BORING!"
Then I didn't care him anymore, like "Ah, I see this kind of guy exist ..."
"But if this style is best, ST itself must be suck." You know, I was young. And I didn't know anything about ST.
After a while, I was into Alpha2. I wrote postcards to attend national tourney, and dreamed about other unknown contenders.
My Chun-li was dominating in local arcades, except a Rose player, Katokichi. He is my friend from our elementary school.
Me and Katokichi were always together, and good rivals in various games. Alpha2, FFsp, Darkstalkers, VF2 etc.
So we attended national A2 tourney. And surprise.... Katokichi won the tournament.
"Lolwut? Katokichi is best player in Japan? It means our casuals equal grandfinal." I was 1st grader of high school atm.
Months later. I became inactive about gaming. I preferred my school life, a band, karaoke etc.
Actually, I had some game related part jobs, thanks to my past Alpha2 perfomance. I didn't quit gaming, but kinda semi-retired.
When I was 2nd grader. Vampire Savior was announced. (Darkstalkers 3 in NA)
I went to its location test at Sugamo Carrot. (a famous arcade owned by Namco)
I 'enjoyed' its predecessor "Vampire Hunter". I was like "Lilith is new and so moe~" You know, I'm female character lover.
I dropped a coin and won 100ish times. I thought myself "Wow, I'm gdlk at gaming."
After 100 winning streak with Lilith, I felt disappointed at no one could defeat me. I was not interested in competitive scenes either.
You know, no matter what game it is, Only Katokichi can defeat me.
But while this location testing. I made a good amount of new "game friends". Old friends Roku doesn't know.
Sakamoto who mains Q-Bee, Sasunii who mains Sasquatch, or others.
They invited me to attend a tourament. 1st V.Savior's tourney at Marugeya Ikebukuro.
I agreed it without much thinking. "It's not bad to attend a tourney in good while"
Then I found "the dude" is there! The guy who spammed Sonicboom to death. That prim looking Guile!!!
"Whoa! 'Prim Guile' is there!!"
Though I had full of self-confidence, Daigo bodied me by only "guard cancel" techs.
I was struck by lightning. "Omg... he's gdlk, he's not only turtling." And realized that true genius existed.
I was deeply impressed by his every aspects. For the first time in my life. "He is definitely better than Katokichi!!"
I was excited and thought, "I'm so eager to defeat him!" from the bottom of my heart.
I switched my main to Morrigan, and attended every VS tourney. Daigo was also there everytime.
Usually they offered a console as 1st prize. But Daigo bodied everyone in every tourneys. He hunted all of those PlayStations...
He got a PSX and sold it, He got a PSX and sold it, He got a PSX and sold it.
Years later, he told me his past impression of me, "Nuki is just a Alpha2 champ after all." He had been fooling me in those days.
"Alpha is kiddy game. Real men play ST!!"
Also told me so, several years later.
While playing VS, I met Yokohama LeiLei(Hsien-Ko), and changed my main to LeiLei.
But I was still one of those victims. He was like "Huh? I never lose to A2 champ". I got bodied, again and again...
Actually, I was okay with my mains, enough strong to beat other players. Daigo is only one I couldn't defeat.
I had no idea what his strength is all about. It was such a mind-blowing, and turned me into his fanboy, and still I am.
He was the first and only person, I respected as a greatest player ever. Even today, after 10+ years later.
Roku < Did he play that good? Nuki < Beasty I say.
One day, I heard a rumor, says "Next Gamest Cup will be VS tourney". There I was, former champ of A2 Gamest Cup.
But I knew Daigo would attend this time. Also he changed his main to Bishamon, and trained well.
Meanwhile, I couldn't choose my main. Lilith? Morrigan? ... for Bishamon? Lei-Lei? ..No way! Worst matchup!
"Alright, I will defeat him by my own skills!" Finally, I ditched my policy and girls, and switched to Bishamon.
I had hard times even in arcade-trials. Only five months left to learn everything.
But I was so motivated, to defeat him under same condition.
It was the day before Gamest Cup. I was sure Daigo is in Akihabara. Yes He is. I sat down on his other side.
My Bishamon was almost completing. And yes! I defeated him three times in a row!
Daigo stood up and came to see his opponent.... His was in "WTF?! It was Nuki?" face. He dashed back and dropped his coin in 0.2 sec.
I was soooo thrilled to see that. I still remember those three games. So called "Manly re-coins of the soul"!
That was lightning fast!
Then the national tourney had began........ NEXT EPISODE!!!!! "Vampire Savior national tournament"!!
Roku < Noooooo!!!!! Crowds < Booo!!!! Roku < What a cliffhanger!
Nuki < The story is getting more interesting. like "All of best 8 joined at Onuki building." Roku < What? tell me naaaaw.
Nuki < "Hirai got mad angry"... or various episodes. So, don't miss next RokuNuki show!!
But as I said before, these episodes are only tiny bits, of countless numbers of our memories.
I hope I can put these stories into a book. Someday...
What about these 700 people coming here, to listen such silly episodes. I dunno if you guys have really amused.
When I think back those days, I believe Daigo changed my life. If he wasn't there, I don't play games today.
I really enjoyed my 'old' high school life. But it was changed to worst one.
I went to school and guessed how to beat Daigo. So as Daigo, he told me so. He was thinking about Q-Bee while class.
By the time 5 or 6PM, school is over, We gathered at arcade, in our school uniform. We weren't friends, but we were sure we'll be there.
Those who went there first started game. then another dropped a coin w/o hellos. "Ah, here you are, now let's begin!"
That's how my 'new' school life went on.
The national VS tourney was our next stage. We both aparted to the diffrent brackets. Then the legend started...
Anyways, today's Daigo episode is over. Next episode! "Gamest Cup Vampire Savior Tournament".
Thanks everyone! See you next time!!