Tarta Guinness

Uploaded by isasaweis on 16.03.2010

To make this delicious and original cake, we need
250 ml. of Guinness beer,
250 gr. of unsalted butter,
75 gr. of unsweetered cocoa,
400 gr. of sugar,
250 gr. of wheat flour,
2 and 1/2 baking soda teaspoons,
1 vanilla sugar teaspoon,
500 ml. of heavy cream,
2 eggs,
300 gr. of cream cheese
and 150 gr. of powdered sugar.
We start by putting a saucepan on heat,
we add the beer, and start heating at mid power
without boiling it.
Once it's hot we add the butter,
stiring until it dissolves.
then we set it aside.
In a bowl we will mix the dry ingredients:
a vanilla sugar teaspoon,
two and a half of baking soda,
and we mix everything together.
In another bowl we pour 140ml. of heavy cream
and the two eggs. We mix it until we get an homogeneus mixture.
We add the beer with the butter, that should be already warm,
and we continue mixing.
Now we add this mixture to the dry ingredients,
and we mix everything to get an uniform mixture.
With a bit of butter, we grease the sides and base of a collapsible baking pan.
We sprinkle a bit of flour,
spinning the pan so there are no gaps.
Now we pour the mixture,
and we put it in the preheat oven at 300ºF for 50 minutes.
Once done, we take it out and let it cool down.
And now for the frosting:
We put the cream cheese in a bowl,
with the powdered sugar, mixing them until we get a soft cream.
Aside, we put 360 ml. of heavy cream in a mixer container,
and with a mixer fitter with a whip attachment, we whip it.
We could use a manual one,
but it's quite harder.
Another option would be to but whipped cream directly.
In such case we should skip adding sugar to the cheese,
since whipped cream is already sweet.
The only tips I can give you are:
the cream should be just taken out of the fridge,
and the container must be very clean
and it helps if it's cold as well.
We add the whipped cream to the cheese,
and we mix everything with soft movements,
in order to keep the cream whipped.
and we got our frosting!
Once the cake is cold,
we coat it with the frosting.
With a spoon we spread it gently,
letting it slip slightly on the edge.
And we have our finished cake!
As you can see it's very nice, because it's almost black, as the beer,
and frosting simulates the froth.
Freshly made it will be soft,
but I recommend you keeping it in the fridge until the next day.
The texture will change, it will become thicker
It's delicious!
I hope you like it. See you on next video!
(Check description for unit equivalencies)