Kites (2010) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 1

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Kites.. fly in the sky..
dancing in the wind..
with no worries..
like two lovers.. they meet, they fight..
..they embrace..
they almost become one..
but it is not the will of the kites.. that makes them dance..
'cause someone else.. always holds the strings..
May God be with you, son..
Thank you.
Mr. J..
I hope you find..
the love of your life.
Las Vegas. City of dreams.
Here, you'll find a lot of taxi drivers who were once millionaires..
and lot of millionaires.. who were once taxi drivers..
Everyone here is looking for the same thing.
That one life changing roll of dice!
One lucky break.
So am I.
Can I have a beer, please? - Okay.
Often people fear God..
but I don't..
- One beer and change for 100. - Thanks.
'cause my God is.. money!
As of now, however, I'm earning only 100 dollars per week..
teaching at the Leko Dance Academy..
I might have already been rich..
but my timing sucked.
Every time Lady Luck came knocking..
I'd be in the shower.
The things I did, to earn a Iiving..
sold popcorn..
performed death defying stunts..
resorted to piracy..
and when things got really tough..
I got hitched.
Yup.. fake marriages..
Green card scam!
They got their citizenship..
and I got hard cash.
How much this time?
Poor littIe thing, she can't afford to pay.
1000 dollars..
and extra for the honeymoon.
And, Robin had a knack of finding..
these women, over and over.
I found you a husband.
He wants 700 dollars..
and I want 250 dollars as advance.
Who is he?
She can't speak English..
and you can't speak Spanish.
How exactly did you fall in love?
WeIl, love and music, sir..
have no language.
Our love..
it's more than words.
Happy Valentine's Day.
Where did you.. how did you?
One second.
What are you doing here? How did you get in?
I stole the key from your locker..
and made a duplicate of it.
Where do I keep this?
What are you doing?
Tidying up your pIace.
l can't live in a dirty house, right?
Okay, Iook. You're freaking me out now. Alright?
Sit here. Come.
Are you crazy or something?
I love you, J.
Okay, that's it!
You got to go. Get the helI out of here. - J.. J..
- You gotta go now! - J.. listen!
I know you love me, J.
The way you touch me, I can feel it.
You've Iost your mind! Just Ieave!
Or I'll inform the cops on you. Just get the hell out of here.
- J.. - Just go!
I.. I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have been so rude. I'm really sorry.
But the thing is..
I don't love you.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Go home, I'll hail a cab. - I don't need a cab.
I'll calI a cab. It wilI take a second. - I have a car waiting.
I am sorry!
I'll never bother you again.
There.. like l said..
Lady Luck knocked..
but the shower drowned out the sounds.
I had missed one vital piece of information.
Gina was the daughter of Bob Grover.
Owner of one of the biggest casino's in Vegas.
Look, I just want to say sorry again.
May I ask you something?
Would you like to be my partner?
I mean, in the dance competition next week.
It wasn't difficult convincing Gina.
We kept getting closer. I think we made a great couple.
And I knew..
that I was about to hit the jackpot!
Come on, J!
Come on, man!
Come on, J!
"Love and lust can make you go blind."
"DeviI pIaying with your mind."
"Yeah fire.. fire love is hell got to sell."
"SeIl your soul! Sell your soul! SeIl your soul."
"Fire.. fire love is hell got to sell."
"SeIl your soul! Sell your soul! SeIl your soul."
"Love and lust can make you go blind."
"DeviI pIaying with your mind."
"Love is the game you play."
"And pain is the price you pay."
"If you want to go all the way."
"You got to go for it today."
"Don't listen to the words they say."
"Forever is an old clich."
"No matter how hard you pray.. is never going to stay."
"Fire.. fire.. love is heIl got to sell."
"SelI your soul."
"Love and lust can make you go blind."
"DeviI pIaying with your mind yeah.. fire, fire."
"Love is hell got to sell."
"SelI your soul.. fire.. fire."
"Love is hell got to sell."
"SelI your soul.. seIl your soul.."
"Love is hell got to sell."