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The bitter wind of life
swept in over a child in the prime of her life.
She sacrificed her life on the altar of aberration.
The coming of the new age has without mercy
swept in over our quiet corner of the world.
But what was the point of this sacrifice?
Only God knows.
He may have meant for it to be a warning.
He may have wanted to say:
Heavy is the price for ruthlessness...
...aberration and selfishness.
Heavy is the price for the seducer.
Truly I say unto you:
Whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me
it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck
and he were cast into the sea.
God's punishment is hard on man.
But it is better that one person should succumb
as a horrific warning
than that the entire people should perish. Amen.
It's so cold. And summer was just here.
It will never return.
Summer can't last, even if you would give your life for it.
Do you remember when everything was in bloom, Kerstin?
An eternity ago...
...where the beautiful girls all reside. Hurrah!
Hi! Congrats!
- So you made it. - Get up here.
We're proud of you, Göran.
It was an embarrassment that you only got a B in math
but we'll have to forgive you. You've earned some rest now.
Marianne was there, sweet as candy.
She said I'd come back with a tan and smelling of hay
and that she'd be waiting, faithful until death.
Four cheers for Göran!
Marianne won't wait that long.
Sing of the graduate's glorious day
Let us rejoice in the time of our youth
While all our hearts still are beating strong
And the bright, shining future is ours
There's no time for gloom in our hearts and minds
A few days later, when things had settled
I went to Uncle Anders's farm to relax.
Out in the sticks with the simple people, like my dad always said.
- Do we have to listen to that noise? - That coffee-grinder sounds worse.
It's easier to take with the smell of coffee.
You're up early today. It's only 8 o'clock.
When in Rome... Up with the lark.
- Be careful or he'll hear you. - All I do here is sleep.
- Shouldn't you get dressed? - Are you having a reception?
We're planting potatoes today. Care to come along?
No, but I'll plant some flowers if you want me to.
Good morning. Stendal.
Step up and say hello. Göran Stendal, my brother's son.
They got their last name from the farm.
They only liked the name and moved into town.
- And took the name with them. - They couldn't take the farm.
- I'm Kerstin. - Let's eat.
- Is that the help you're getting? - Yeah.
Do you have a coverall I can use, Sigrid? I'll tag along.
You changed your mind all of a sudden.
You won't plant flowers among the potatoes, right?
There you go.
Don't give Kerstin any ideas. She's from a decent home.
Mine isn't all that bad, either. And you said you wanted help.
- It's not all that warm. - Just wait until this afternoon.
Get these bags up there.
Knock it off! You're not big enough.
Get a better grip.
- Don't look so spiteful. - Do I?
How old are you? Fifteen?
Fourteen and a half. And you, sir?
Don't be so formal. We're all familiar around here.
Except with the minister. We call him "Reverend".
- I'll soon be twenty. - I'll have to call you "Uncle".
- Is your back hurting yet? - Don't you have machines for this?
Not when you only have 40 acres.
Don't get dirt on your fingers. We don't have much of that here.
You're doing well.
What do people do for fun around here?
- Fun? - Dancing and such.
I'll go stir crazy if I can't be around people.
People go dancing by the lake during summer.
What about the rest of the year? Do you hibernate?
You get so tired that you just go to bed.
There's a meeting at the school tomorrow.
I'll have to go and check it out.
- Do you find this boring? - Yeah, don't you?
Are you happy here?
Of course I'm happy.
- Are you helping me out? - Not at all.
- You think I can't keep up? - Of course you can.
- It's a lovely piece. - My hands are pretty useless.
Planting potatoes makes you stiff. Let Kerstin sing something.
- She's a real song-bird. - I can't.
You can't? She sings solo in church.
Come on. Which song?
- I don't know any songs like that. - You could do...
What's it called? "Just a day, and just a single moment..."
Do that one.
Uncle? How old is Kerstin?
Kerstin? Well... You're seventeen.
- What did she tell you? - Fourteen.
- She's been pulling your leg all day. - I have to get back home.
Maybe so. Goodbye and thank you.
- Will you go to the school tomorrow? - I don't know.
- I don't think they'll let me. - What? They won't let you?
Young people are funny, Sigrid. When he was singing...
...she wouldn't take her eyes off him and watched him with her whole face.
- She'll show up tomorrow. - That's all we need.
Hey there. You're going to the school, right?
I'll give you a ride.
So she didn't show up?
I just had a look around. Who's that strange fellow down there?
That's Torsten. He's been a bit slow since birth.
- The Fredriks took him in. - Are you spying on me?
No, I was going to the school to see what the youngsters are up to.
- What's the meeting about? - The youngsters have this club.
- Do they do anything in particular? - It's an amateur theater club...
...and they have a study circle. They just want to play together.
- The farms are far apart. - Will there be dancing tonight?
At the school? Are you insane?
The minister's already upset. He feels that the only union
that God has blessed is marriage.
- And people buy that? - The religious people support him.
What about you? Where do you stand?
Try to figure that one out. Are you coming to the school?
- It's a backwater place. - I don't really know.
Don't let the Fredriks hear you. They toe the line for the minister.
- Why don't we go inside? - Why are we out here?
- The school's locked. - Go get the key.
- Klas went to get it. - Did you get the key?
The meeting's off. The minister won't give up the key.
- But we got permission. - Let's break the door in.
Calm down!
There's no use getting all worked up.
- We'll have the meeting on Wednesday. - Hell no, let's show the minister.
We'll show him!
I think we should go home.
Don't let him pass. This road is closed.
- Please step aside. - No, no... Stay there.
Damn minister...
I told you to step aside.
Calm down!
- What are you doing? - The minister closed down the school.
I don't see how he can keep people out of a public building...
- ...but this won't solve anything. - There won't be any more meetings.
We can't just stand around here.
You can have my old barn. Fix it up and have your meetings there.
- Thank you. - Come. I have a suggestion for you.
Uncle Anders suggested that the club would take over his old barn
and turn it into a meeting place.
It was a brilliant idea. The youngsters needed a place
and here they had a roof and four walls that nobody really used.
I caught myself keeping an eye out for Kerstin.
But she never came.
- You can get started. - Thanks.
It'll take a lot of hard work...
...but we can make it work. We'll get started tomorrow
and you're more than welcome to lend an extra hand.
No Kerstin tonight, but Sylvia asked me to dance.
She was one of the soft-lipped local girls.
Giddy-up, lovely girl.
Excuse me.
- So you came. - Yes, I heard the music.
- What's all this? - Great things.
- Come dance. - No...
But Kerstin...
Sigrid... Are you listening to the music from the barn?
- Is that our old barn? - It's their barn now.
I wanted to do my part. What do you think?
You'll get in trouble with the minister.
They'll say that your father has betrayed the church.
But the minister has to come to his senses.
- Go up there and dance. - I've never had time for that.
- And now I'm too old. - Too old?
No, Sigrid.
- I was waiting for you to come. - You were?
- Don't tell me you're leaving. - I have to go home.
It's Saturday evening. No one will wonder when you get home.
How would you know?
- Can I walk you home? - No, I know the way. Good night.
Klasse? Shouldn't we invite the dandy?
- He's too good for that. - You're being silly.
Do you have enough people? Sign me up. Stendal.
- With an H? - No.
Isn't it nice here? I don't feel like sleeping tonight.
Shouldn't we rest for a while?
No, you're thinly dressed and it's chilly.
Did you see the girls staring? They're jealous of me.
- And why's that? - Because you danced with me.
Graduates are charming. It's a shame I've only met a few.
And the ones I've met have been stuck-up.
- Are you stuck-up? - Count on it.
Come get your coffee!
- You'll get proper windows. - And electric lighting.
Heat and hot water, right? Just get the roof fixed first.
We'll take care of the roof and get some benches.
And boards, for the stage.
You could get a part in a play we're putting on.
- What play? - "The Värmlanders".
It's not exactly new, but it should draw people at the opening this fall.
- You could be Erik. - I won't be here this fall.
But thanks anyway. Who do you have in mind as Anna?
It's a new girl. She's over there.
It's a gamble, but I think she'll be fine.
- Kerstin? - Kerstin?
Are you going to be in a play?
- Me? - That's right.
- But I can't. - Sure you can, if you get permission.
It's a really big part. - Convince her, Göran. I know she can do it.
Can you get away tomorrow afternoon?
- I'll try. - Great.
- Are you daydreaming? - I'm not daydreaming.
I'm thinking.
So you can think?
Yes, can you?
On days like this, you just want to think about poetry.
Make up poems...
It could be because it's so beautiful here, or because you're here.
- What do you think? - How should I know?
Are there crayfish in the stream? Should we try to catch a few?
- You can't until the fall. - But I won't be here then.
No, you won't.
Why not daydream on a day like this?
Reality can never be as good as dreams.
Kerstin? Where are you?
What got into you?
Come here...
- Hello, Grandma. - What are you doing here, Kerstin?
- And who is this handsome boy? - This is Göran.
- Did Grandpa see you come? - He's down by the lake as usual.
He's waiting for the prize pike, and he's been waiting for so long
that the pike should be as old as that old fart.
Look who's talking. Little old lady...
- It's enough to feed the cat. - The cat has to eat, too.
It's hard to get anything but roach and ruffe
when the pike snatches all the fish.
- You should try bait casting. - Pikes won't fall for such novelties.
Not in Hellmo Parish. But...
If you want to know what a real Hellmo pike looks like
just have a look at Kerstin's aunt. But be careful because she bites.
- Johan... - Don't start.
Grandma and Grandpa...
Don't tell anyone that you saw us together.
Can't Aunt Anna stand that you've grown up and want a man?
- And why shouldn't she get one? - I'm old enough to speak my mind.
Be nice to her. She deserves it.
Who's that boy?
Do you know what I'm thinking about?
If I should feel really blue sometime
I'd visit the old folks. They'd know how to help me.
- What was that? - Pay attention!
I'll twist your nose if you don't tell me. Well?
Come to me when things are bad.
- Don't you want to play? - No, we're having coffee.
It's after-church coffee at the Fredriks.
I think we'll get something more substantial than coffee.
Why did they invite us when we didn't go to church?
- Don't you ever go there? - I can get scolded elsewhere.
The minister will be there and they're up to no good.
About the barn? He won't be happy about that.
People can be so dense and petty.
It's not like the Fredriks wanted any part of it.
- Sigrid won't like it, either. - She can't face the minister now.
Sigrid? We'll walk with you.
- Hello. - Hello, Reverend.
- No... - I insist, Miss Persson.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
I'll start here.
- Here you go, Mr. Persson. - Thank you, Reverend.
- Watch it, girl. - Oops.
Give me a splash, too. I don't mind some on the saucer.
Just make sure it's a lot.
- Have a bun, Reverend. - Thank you.
It looks good, but I'll stick to the biscuits.
It looks to be a good year for farming
with the right amounts of rain and warmth.
You could help me weed out turnips tomorrow.
It's hard work, but a good lesson for the future.
Some people weed things out and some should be weeded out.
What about the turnips, Reverend? The ones you leave in the ground?
It's for their sake that you weed things out.
Yes, but it takes care and knowledge.
I had a field-hand who weeded out the turnips and left all the weeds.
You have to get to know the plants.
- How much do you want? - Trade services with my uncle.
I've heard that Mr. Persson has been unusually generous lately.
You gave away some property and people work there on Sundays.
- For free? Can that pay off? - Most youngsters around here...
...are busy during the weeks and have to work on Sundays.
Sundays are for the church. One shouldn't neglect the spiritual.
Church attendance is poor among the youngsters.
We only had about half of the choir in church today.
Soon they'll want hymns on phonograph records.
Record the sermons instead. It's nice to see the youngsters sing.
How many youngsters did we have today?
- Two, not counting your children. - Three.
- They take time to play ball. - Perhaps it's more enjoyable.
Some of the older parishioners are setting a poor example... betraying the church.
The thing is that you have to deal with the corporeal, too.
- Like in Persson's barn. - A roof is nice when it's raining.
- Wouldn't you agree? - And you got the barn roof fixed.
- They'll fix up their place. - They'll put on theater plays...
- and show movies. - Is there something wrong with that?
The youngsters are misguided. They abandon the church...
...and refuse to listen to their elders.
They don't care about the sanctity of marriage.
I suppose it's in line with all the modern bustle.
Not even the countryside has been spared.
There are false prophets everywhere.
Listen to them. People engage in sports and desecrate the Sabbath.
They have club nights with dancing and obscene music.
It is ungodly and depraved!
What about Christian tolerance of the youth?
The youth issues have been talked to death now.
- It's about time something happens. - Today's youth has been corrupted.
Sensible people have to fight the rabble.
Rabble? I find that a bit inconsiderate.
- "Rabble" is a harsh word. - I judge people by what I see.
The youngsters' place is subject to God's punishment.
Punishment... Punishment...
Can you get out later? I just have to play the organ a little bit.
We'll meet up by the barn.
We're rehearsing the play tonight and we can't do it without you.
Promise me you'll come.
- I don't know. - Kerstin...
What's the matter?
- I stepped out for a drink. - Offer Master Stendal a glass.
The scoop is fine.
Play something solemn now, Göran.
I got to know the countryside. It was like crawling through a quagmire.
It hurt your back and knees and you'd wonder why you were there.
But you stayed there. Something kept pulling you forward.
The land seemed to beckon and ask to be touched.
You had the summer sun and then there was Kerstin.
What's wrong, Göran?
It's nothing. I just got dizzy.
I'm fine now.
- Don't force yourself on girls! - I'll show you!
Will there be anything else?
- No. - Good.
I see you got it started again.
- What was the problem? - Someone put something in the tank.
- The nozzle was clogged. - Someone was out to get you.
It's a good thing it was downhill coming home.
I guess Kerstin helped?
Turn that thing off! Do you want supper?
No, it's Midsummer Eve and you have no heart.
- Bye. - Get going.
Give the girls my best.
What are you waiting for, Sigrid?
What do I have to wait for?
You shouldn't stay home on a night like this.
You get the urge to walk around and take in all the smells.
There's mischief in the air on a night like this.
You should be out having fun with the other youngsters.
- You're still young. - Am I?
It takes my own father to say that.
- Will you have coffee waiting? - I usually do.
You're closing the wrong eye, Kerstin. Just like that dog.
- I want that. - Try it again.
- I won't hit anything like this. - Then close both your eyes.
Well done, Kerstin!
Do I get the dog?
- It's so cute! Look, Göran! - Come on.
Shall we dance?
I don't want to, Göran.
- Why are you afraid to dance? - Afraid?
I can tell that you want to. Don't you know how to dance?
Sure, I dance sometimes during recess in school.
Come on.
Could I give you a few flowers A few roses just for you
There can be no room for sadness, my precious
The roses were all plucked from the garden of a king
And you need swords just to get within reach
One of them is white and other one is red
But the third one is the one I would give you
It's not in bloom just now It won't until I'm dead
But it stays in bloom a while, my precious
- What flower is it? - Memories.
Everything you have left when you lose the one you love.
That memory could make for a beautiful fairy-tale.
Perhaps. What if I could take you to the end of the world tonight?
I'd let you. Would you?
- I have to get home. - Kerstin...
Midsummer only comes around once every year.
- Did you have fun tonight? - Yes.
But don't tell anyone that I danced.
Don't even tell Sigrid.
- Would that get you a maiden's bower? - Yes.
You have to pick seven different flowers to put under your pillow.
No, it's too late for that.
- The night is almost over. - Kerstin...
Fool! Why did you have to ruin everything when it was so beautiful?
Kerstin! Wait, Kerstin!
Can I see you tomorrow?
I didn't see Kerstin at all that weekend
and she continued to stay out of sight.
The days passed. When July came around we were bringing in hay.
That's fine.
That's good.
The minister's a speedster now.
- Are you okay? - I've sprained my foot.
Pull on it.
- Is it that bad? - Don't blame me for screaming. Pull!
Wait! The leg's getting longer. I must have broken it.
Give me a hand and I'll try to get home.
We'll pass by the rectory. I'll show that minister.
Really? I see. Thank you.
- He'll stay at the hospital. - For how long?
How would I know? The leg's broken. That's the punishment.
Don't be so pessimistic. It was just an accident.
Why are you crying?
It's nothing. But who'll work the farm while he's gone?
That's it.
I'll help you.
Good day.
Good day, nurse.
- Nothing but rain. - It never stops when it's this bad.
- Your fields will wash away. - Shut your trap!
- Take it easy. - Move him over here, Håkansson.
Don't laugh. I wonder why you haven't dislocated your mouth.
A strong farmer shouldn't be stuck here in plaster in July...
- ...when the hay is ready. - Farmers are never happy.
You complain if it's too dry and if you get a few drops of rain.
How has that hurt you?
Even God has trouble keeping you farmers happy.
Why are you laughing?
I'd like to introduce you to the minister back home.
- Knock it off! - Hit him with the blanket.
Do you have a barometer? I'm curious about tomorrow's weather.
- It'll rain tomorrow, too. - I could break your other arm.
Go check the barometer, nurse. I'll put you on your motorcycle...
...and then we'll see how you'll end up. No... Göran!
- Good day, Uncle. How are you? - Not bad.
- This is my nephew Göran. - Stendal.
- I brought you some newspapers. - How about this weather?
Don't worry about the hay. It's all been brought in.
- Sigrid took care of it. - By herself?
No, your tenants helped. They stopped working on the barn.
- You've made quite an investment. - Viberg and the rest?
Olle and few others. And to some extent... Look.
Three blisters on my left hand and two on my right. It burns like hell.
- Put some butter on that. - No, sulfa.
- Penicillin, that's the ticket. - Use sulfa.
Have you seen Kerstin lately?
No, I haven't. I haven't had the time.
- What's this? - I'm stuck here in plaster.
- But your mouth works fine. - You don't have to get up early.
We'll get started on the fallow fields now.
- What is it? - I'm just so fond of you.
- You can take it easy. - Here? I don't think so.
I have to deal with this tub of lard
and my leg is stuck up there.
- It itches really bad underneath. - I guess that's your fault, too.
Uncle? Do you think that I could run a farm?
- No, I don't think so. - Why not?
Grandpa was a farmer and you're a farmer.
You're a city person and it takes a lot to run a farm.
- How long does it take to learn it? - Twenty to thirty years.
And some never learn. You can start by spreading manure.
So some people never learn?
- Right... - Just shut...
Hi there!
Are you driving around, Göran? Are you hauling manure?
- Hi, Marianne! - You look amazing.
Did you win a plowing contest? And you're so tanned.
- That's just manure. - Hi!
- What are you doing here? - We're taking you to the mountains.
- Are we interrupting you? - No, I'm on my way home.
Drive up there. I'll follow you with the wagon.
You can't be serious about staying. Go get your things.
- No, I can't. - Would you rather stay here?
- Is there anything keeping you here? - I have to help my uncle out.
He won't be back for some time. And I can't leave my friends.
We're rehearsing a play. And there's something else...
Are you in a play with yokels? How will that matter in 100 years?
Not at all, but it matters a lot right now.
- And I'm happy here. - Göran's fallen in love.
- He's fallen head over heels. - Don't be silly.
- What's her name? - Kerstin.
What a precious homespun name.
But you'll come if I ask you. Won't you, darling?
- Oh, is that her? - Pretty little thing.
I'll bet she smells like a cow.
It's getting late. I have to let the horses out to graze.
Stop working now. We have to rehearse.
- Do you know your part, Olle? - Yeah, yeah.
Just don't talk so formal, but as a normal person.
- Come here, Sylvia. - Hi, Göran. Where's Kerstin?
- Why isn't she here? - Go get her.
We'll start with the second scene.
Does it sound bad? Didn't you tell my father that I was good enough...
No, Sylvia! You have to show some emotion.
You have a heart, right? Then use it.
Hush, girl. You can't let Sven and Lisa hear that kind of talk.
But you told me when the tailor proposed to me...
No! The audience has to hear you. Do it again.
But you told me when the tailor proposed to me
that I should get a true gentleman or a wealthy farmer!
Shut up, Nisse!
I'm sorry to bother you. Could I see Miss Kerstin?
That would be fine. She's out by the barn.
Thank you.
- I want to talk to you, Kerstin. - Ouch!
I don't want to hurt you, but you'll just run away.
- I don't want to see you again. - We have to talk.
Really? Then let me go.
- I won't run for you. - Tell me why you're hiding.
- That's my business. - We didn't think you'd desert us.
And for no reason. What's with you, Kerstin?
Listen... Do you think that I like yelling at you?
- It seems like it. - Kerstin...
Have you forgotten how close friends we were?
- A long time ago. - What about the others?
I didn't want to let them down, but I didn't have a choice.
- It's all your fault. - My fault?
Which of the two girls are you in love with?
- In love? - One of them called you "darling".
Oh, you fool. That doesn't mean anything.
We were all friends at school.
Göran? When I saw you with those three
it felt like it ruined everything.
They're the same as you, and you were so different.
You seemed more real.
If you had called for me, I couldn't have said a word.
- That's no reason to hide. - Yes.
I didn't want to see you again.
I knew that I would just melt if I did.
- Like wax. - Kerstin...
- Can I have that flower? - No.
- Then I'll take it. - What's so special about it?
- Can't you pick your own? - Sure, but that wouldn't be the same.
Poor thing. It's already wilted.
Poor little flower. It'll never bloom again.
Why did I have to pick you?
There'll be new flowers next summer.
Poor flower. It only got to live for one summer.
Summer is so short.
It's getting closer. There'll be thunder tonight.
I'm so sleepy.
They'll be mad when I get home late.
They can't know that I'm in a play. They'd never allow it.
Maybe you should go home and get some sleep.
It doesn't matter.
I get to sleep during winter.
It's raining too much. Come on in.
- But... - Come on!
We have to be quiet.
I don't mind the thunder when you're here.
What would they say if they saw me here?
What if they found out?
They'd put me in a enormous prison, where you couldn't get to me.
I'd climb over the wall. Over any wall...
She was nowhere to be seen after that night.
I waited for her and didn't know what to do.
Everything felt like an empty wasteland.
I stafted to understand the pressure she had to live with.
You could feel the tension over by the Fredriks by day.
I stayed away to avoid making things worse for her.
Weeks passed and my chest was aching with longing.
No one said anything, until one day...
You must think that you've done something shameful.
- What do you know? - They say that you've ruined Kerstin.
- Are the crones saying that? - Don't badmouth decent people.
You'll leave, but she'll be stuck with her reputation.
It's hard to clear your name.
You sound just like the minister. You're so damn sanctimonious.
- You have no shame. - Shame?
Is that just something for religious spinsters?
Try being human instead.
If you'd gotten a man, you wouldn't think like this.
Sigrid? I'm sorry, Sigrid.
I didn't mean anything by that. Forget about it.
I've had to fill my mother's shoes with three younger siblings.
I wanted to get away, but there was so much to do.
I always thought that I'd be free next year.
But look at me now.
You've trapped yourself. You can break free if you want to.
No, life treats you however it wants to.
Yes, because you can't work up the nerve.
Do you think that Kerstin is hiding from you?
They've sent her from the farm. Try to change that.
Where did they send her? Sigrid!
You came!
I've longed for you.
I care for you. I care for all of you.
I want to hide with you somewhere.
Kerstin... We'll always be together.
There will never be anyone else.
When I have you all to myself, everything is just fine.
- Nothing could make me leave. - But you'll have to.
I don't have to. No one can make me.
I like it when you look at me like that. No one else can do that.
Look at the water, Göran. It's full of silver.
Do you want to go swimming?
Don't you want to?
I don't feel shy with you. It's as if you are a part of me.
Like we've always belonged together.
I'll race you in.
Göran... Don't forget me.
Never. I'll never forget you, darling Kerstin.
But you'll be leaving soon.
I'm staying here. I'll stay with you forever.
- Would that make you happy? - Yes, more than I can tell you.
Do you know what we're getting into?
I care so much for you.
You didn't have to come. I've made up my mind.
Wouldn't it be better if you left, Göran?
Why ruin your future? We've worked to give you a good life.
- Don't be ungrateful. - You won't let me find my own path.
You've chosen a silly path. There are enough farmers.
Then we wouldn't have 24 derelict farms here.
The countryside needs people!
The land is still being farmed.
Fine fields are left uncultivated. Your father would turn in his grave.
- Don't make my son a field-hand. - Göran is free to come and go.
- I have things left to do. - Play-acting with youngsters.
And you're prepared to throw away your future.
You don't seem to appreciate the area where you grew up.
Fate allowed me to escape and I don't want my son here.
- There's plenty to discuss. - But you'd better leave, Göran.
Think about it during winter.
You might not want to stake your life on 40 acres.
It'll give you time to think.
You're always welcome here. Now you won't have to rise early.
- Will Göran be staying? - No.
Mountains or manure... It's nice to have things back to normal.
You feel like a new person when you wash off all the dust.
What will you do after roll-call tomorrow?
I don't know. I've planned on going out to the country.
Haven't you had enough of what's her name?
- That homespun thing. - A summer infatuation?
- I suspected as much. - It'll last past summer.
So it's true love? An eternity that lasts a few weeks.
I thought better of you. She must be some farmgirl with rotten teeth.
I've always admired you. Don't ruin it by being tacky.
- Did girls look like that before? - How old is she?
- Seventeen. - Just a child.
Will you throw your life away for that?
- Wait until you meet Kerstin. - I don't want to see her.
- Lennart Mattsson? - Here.
You're so far away, Göran. Along with everything we have...
Nothing has been the same since you left.
I'm back on the farm, but I'm so lonely.
Everything has gone against me.
I wish that I was with you, or that you were here.
When I'm writing you, and not just thinking of you
you feel a bit closer. Klas has asked about you.
What about the play? Our play...
Göran Stendal?
Göran... I'm so sad. Your Kerstin.
I kissed the letter where I put the X.
It's for you.
- Gösta Muller? - Here.
- Ivar Berg? - Here.
- Torsten Gren? - Here.
- Bertil Dahlgren? - Here.
- Oskar Viktorsson? - Here.
- Is Göran Stendal not present? - No.
I've learned to hate God and want to tear down heaven and earth.
I just want to follow my own path in life.
They said that I had sinned and that I was lost.
When I'm awake at night, it's like they're all there to scold me.
How can love be something foul and filthy?
Humans are created good, so how can it be foul?
Help me, Göran. I want to live while I'm young enough to live.
I'll help you be happy.
Fire and damnation are upon you!
The farm is subject to God's punishment!
It's a shame, Sigrid. They were finished.
- It's God's punishment. - Don't give me that nonsense.
I don't know why I speak so formal.
You sound like a book. Be happy with that.
But you told me when the tailor proposed to me
that I should get a true gentleman or a wealthy farmer!
Shut your trap! They're up on stage.
He said hello and asked if I was Nils Jonsson from Fryksdalen.
Then he asked me to come along and clear a path for him.
I got myself a lever and we headed up the mountain
where I started breaking and cracking... that the sparks...
- Stone splinters and sparks. - They were flying by my ears.
- Feet. - Then he showed up...
"And then Dundrapart shook my hand..."
He said that he'd been in a lot of countries
but that he'd never come across anyone from Fryksdalen.
"Then he went to the cabinet..."
He went to the cabinet and got bread, herring and butter...
- Cheese! - Cheese...
He made me a large nip and some sandwiches...
No! "Gave me a large nip."
He gave me a nip and I had a merry time for days.
- And I was well paid. - Can you shut up?
I'm too nervous for this! I'm going home now.
- Are you happy? - I've never been this happy.
Erik! Anna! Erik! Anna!
Take a bow.
Could this get any better?
You couldn't ask for a happier ending.
How are we back there?
We're fine back here.
We're imagining going to the end of the world.
- What was that? - Going to the end of the world.
- Would you come home with me? - Yes, but they won't like me.
Sure they will. They'll be nuts about you.
- What are you doing? - I'm kissing your back.
I can feel you scratching. Just wait and I'll give you a proper kiss.
I can't wait.
Kerstin? Kerstin?
Can you hear me?
I must have hurt myself.
It feels like my back is broken.
- You're in a bad place. I'll help. - No...!
How are you, Kerstin?!
It's not that bad.
If I can just be still.
Don't be afraid, Kerstin. I'll go get help.
Don't leave me. Stay here.
I have to, Kerstin. I'll run as fast as I can.
Stop! Help us!
- Isn't that Bernt's little girl? - I can't leave her. Get an ambulance!
Come and lay down next to me.
Why is it so cold?
It's not winter yet.
It was summer today.
Are you alive?
Why is it so dark?
The bitter wind of life
swept in over a child in the prime of her life.
She sacrificed her life on the altar of aberration.
The coming of the new age has without mercy
swept in over our quiet corner of the world.
But what was the point of this sacrifice?
Only God knows.
He may have meant for it to be a warning.
He may have wanted to say:
Heavy is the price for ruthlessness...
...aberration and selfishness.
Heavy is the price for the seducer.
Truly I say unto you:
Whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me
it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck
and he were cast into the sea.
God's punishment is hard on man.
But it is better that one person should succumb
as a horrific warning...
than that the entire people should perish. Amen.
From dust you came... dust you shall return.
Jesus Christ, our savior...
...shall raise you up on the last day.
Beloved Kerstin...
We, your friends who have gathered here...
...will remember you as the ray of light you were for all of us.
No one can know why you had to sacrifice your life...
...but we know that no person has the right to judge.
Those who judge will one day be judged by the same law.
The only true thing in life... that humans love each other.
For the greatest thing of all is love.
If you should be punished for being yourself
and for having the courage to live...
...then life wouldn't be worth living.
You've left a gap behind you.
We will miss you...
...and remember you.
Göran... Don't forget me.
My name is Kerstin.