Dove Hunting

Uploaded by slowbowvideo on 09.09.2011

we're up here today on this public dove field
chris is back from florida and michael
we're going to hang out.. oh wow thats a buch
we think we got a good spot we'll do our best to get some hot
dove shooting action on film for you
we have a few hours...what
three hours we had to get up here early to get a good spot
try and get the best footage possible
but we got it done and we'll sit around and wait for the opening bell to ring
this is something a lot of people overlook, we shoot these birds to eat them
Federal Laws say that if you leave migratory birds in someone else's custody
the birds have to be tagged
fill out a ziplock bag with your name, date, hunting license number and bird species
and add slashes to increase the number as we place birds in the bag, otherwise you can be ticketed
how much longer?
eight minutes
here come a bunch!!! b (and much gunfire in the following segment)
we just had
a little rain shower, the birds kind of slacked off
and I went back looking in the woods
for wounded birds and found two
one thing folks don't think about is
the mess left behind, these shells are every bit as much
litter as a
pile of worm containers and fishing string on the bank of a pristine stream
so when your done
take a minute and pick up you shells please
het chris it was good having you up from florida to hunt with us
lay it on me you all police up your shells and trash
and everything
well we got twenty four birds here
for the
afternoon that's not bad
all that's left is to pick up the gear
head on out
we'll get to cleaning these birds
looks like a good feast right there
have fun cleaning them see you later
thanks thanks
when you get home from the field
a dove is the easiest bird
there is to clean
we're going to breast these out
what you want to do
with a pair of shears separate the wings from the body
that's the first step
take them off
right at the joint
then feather
the belly
right down at the tip
of the breast bone
and with a sharp knife
underneath the tip
of the breast bone making a slit
then with two thumbs
simply pull the body
away from the bird
and strip the skin off
once you get a few feathers off
this is ready to go
now i know a lot of people celebrate New Years in January and thats OK
for me the new year starts when hunting season begins
and here that happens in september with the opening of the dove season
gives me a chance
to invite friends over and grill out on Labor Day weekend
clean the deer ducks and other game out of the ice box, making room for the game we're
going to take this year
and these doves we shot
are just icing on the cake
now I want to prep these doves a day in advance
of my New Years party
to do that we want to marinade them
we're going to start with a bottle
of this stuff here
worchestershire sauce
yeah a bottle of this stuff
we'll pour that in a bowl
then take this soy sauce
go ahead
pop off the silly little drip cap
adding a third of a cup
to the other liquid
two tablespoons of black pepper
a tablesppon of cayenne pepper
a little bit of garlic powder
stir it well
and then the fresh dove breasts
mix it up
so the breasts are all covered
and let it chill in the ice box overnight
until your ready to cook
tomorrow afternoon
the final step
in preparing the doves
is removing the medallions from the keel bone
with a good sharp knife
slice right along the
edge of the keel bone
taking the medallion off
then what were going to do
take a slice of pineapple
to help keep the breast moist
and a nice piece of bacon
wrap the breast
and secure with a toothpick
to keep it together
you could cook these right on a grill
but I have found
the bacon drips fat down onto the flames leaving you with
some right crispy food so I'll put these on a sheet tray
and cook them in the oven for twenty minute to a half hour
until the bacon is almost done
and then take them out back
and place them on the grill for five or ten minutes for that nice
grilled flavor